This Year’s April Fools Day Pranks

Yesterday we posted the following April Fools Day prank news stories for a bit of fun, catching out quite a few people…

Henry Cavill Returns as Superman Villain

Superman fans have been calling for Warner Bros. to bring back Henry Cavill in a new Superman movie… but I don’t think they were expecting this twist.

In a surprise casting twist, Henry Cavill has been cast in the role of Lex Luthor for the HBO Max series focusing on Val-Zod.

As previously reported, Michael B. Jordan and his production company Outlier Society are working to produce a TV series about Val-Zod, a black Superman from a different reality. With Jordan reportedly in the lead role as Val-Zod, Henry Cavill has been chosen to take on the role of that earth’s Lex Luthor.

Sources say that Outlier Society has hired a writer who is currently working on the script, though we were unable to ascertain their identity. The Val-Zod project is being written as a limited series that Jordan will also produce.

This is a different project to the black Superman film JJ Abrams is putting together for Warner Bros. from a script being written by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Watch the video showing Cavill’s transformation from HBO Max.

A New Baby on the Way for Kent Family on “Superman & Lois”

A new behind-the-scenes photo has confirmed what a number of recent rumors have been pointing to… a new baby on the way for Lois and Clark on the TV series “Superman & Lois”!

The photo in question shows us a pregnant Lois Lane, who will be shown to be expecting a new addition to the Kent family in the final episode of Season 2 of The CW series.

With the show renewed for a third season, Jordan and Jonathan Kent will find themselves the big brothers of a new baby in Season 3. Whether it will be a boy or girl – or even another pair of twins – is unknown at this point in time.

Check out another photo showing Clark’s reaction to Lois’ news.

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April 3, 2022 11:48 pm

The joke about Henry playing Lex was funny. I do think the prank about Superman and Lois having another baby could actually work for the show. Not right away of course, but maybe around season 4 or 5. I can just picture Clark and Lois having to worry about their two sons starting college but at the same time having to worry about taking care of a newborn with super powers. I think it could be very interesting if the writers ever decide to go down that route.