Taylor and Byrne Talk “Justice League/Power Rangers” Crossover

Inverse.com caught up with writer Tom Taylor to discuss his six-issue crossover “Justice League/Power Rangers”, with issue #1 being released on January 11. Here’s part of what Taylor had to say…

“I’m always motivated to show exactly why something is great,” Taylor explains to Inverse in an email. “The Power Rangers are no exception. There will be a lot of very big moments for the Power Rangers [in the comic]. Moments of triumph and general awesomeness. Yes, they have to have to stand beside the Justice League and the League casts a big shadow. But Zords cast a bigger one.”

“Lots of fun dynamics will be explored, but some I can’t spoil. There’s one meeting involving Alpha 5 and a DC character who we haven’t even named yet, which I think makes a lot of sense, but no one would see coming.”

Working alongside Taylor is artist Stephen Byrne…

“I try to use body language if there is an effective pose to convey mood or emotions,” Byrne tells Inverse, which mirrors how stunt performers do “dialogue” in costume. “Sometimes the grand poses aren’t appropriate, but Tom’s writing is doing all the heavy lifting anyway.”

“There are some contrasting darker moments,” Bryne explains. “When the Rangers first get transported to another universe, I used darker colors to show danger.” For the League, Byrne referenced Ed McGuiness’s Superman/Batman, which was known for its balanced tone. “He did versions of the Justice League that were very fun and a little cartoon-ish, and though I don’t think my work looks like his, I wanted to imitate that overall.”

Read the complete report at Inverse.com

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January 6, 2017 5:43 pm

As a fan of Super Sentai and tokusatsu in general I’ve often imagined Superman and other American heroes teaming up with the Japanese heroes I was getting into. (I still think a team-up with Captain America and the original Kamen Rider 1 would be awesome!). This isn’t exactly that but Power Rangers are what Sentai exists as in America so I’ll take it. Besides, I think the Mighty Morphin team is a fun one to bounce off of the Justice League.