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“Krypton” Season 2 – What Motivates Zod?

Syfy has released a new video giving us a behind-the-scenes look at what motivates Zod in Season 2 of “Krypton”. Zod’s somebody with a lot of layers. Once you peel those back, he’s… still a […]

Television News

General Zod TV Spot for “Krypton” Season 2

Syfy has released a new TV spot focusing on General Zod for Season 2 of “Krypton”. For the love of Zod, just kneel. Zod! Brainiac! Doomsday! Lobo! Seg-El’s enemies are closing in, and the future […]

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Thank Zod It’s Friday! – Final Edition

MORTALS. Zod is victorious. Having answered all of your questions, and defeated them all with the expected ability and strength, Zod has succeeded in his efforts to better understand the people of Houston. To that […]