Movie News

Superman and Supergirl Films Included in WB 100th 25-Film Collection

“Superman: The Movie,” “Supergirl,” “Man of Steel” and “Justice League” are all included in the third volume Blu-ray collection celebrating Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary. Warner Bros. 100th 25-Film Collection: Volume Three – Fantasy, Action & […]

Merchandise/Miscellaneous News

Queen Studios Superman Life-Size Bust

Queen Studios is now taking pre-orders for their Henry Cavill as Superman Life-Size Bust. Queen Studios has created and designed two versions of the life-size 1/1 Superman bust. One is from “Man of Steel” (2013) […]

Merchandise/Miscellaneous News

Henry Cavill’s Superman Merchandise

The Superman of a generation, we celebrate Henry Cavill’s version of the Man of Steel. Buy these items and more at the Superman Homepage Online Shopping page. Like us on Facebook too!