Comic Book News

The Mystery Behind the LL Initials

By Steve Younis Lois Lane. Lex Luthor. Lana Lang. Lori Lemaris. Lyla Lerrol. Linda Lee. These are just a small selection of characters from within the Superman universe who share the LL initials. But why? […]

Television News

Will We See More of Titus Welliver as Lex Luthor in “Titans”?

SPOILER WARNING! caught up with “Titans” showrunner Greg Walker to discuss the first two episodes of Season 4 of “Titans” in which he discusses Lex Luthor’s fate. “If you wanted more Titus, you should […]

Movie News

Gene Hackman Autograph Signing

Official Pix has teamed up with to bring Superman fans the largest autograph pre-order and send-in ever offered for two-time Academy Award winning actor, Gene Hackman, with 180+ photo options in multiple sizes that […]

Television News

“Titans” Season 4 Panel at New York Comic Con

Warner Bros. Discovery will present a special panel for Season 4 of “Titans” during New York Comic Con on Sunday, October 9 at 4:15pm. In the upcoming fourth season, debuting this November on HBO Max, […]