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Superman’s Most Popular Eras Ranked

In 2023 Superman will celebrate his 85th anniversary. So let’s look back at the various periods of Superman history since 1938 and see if we can determine which era of Superman content has been the […]

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The Death of Superman

Doomsday. A creature with single-minded purpose of death and destruction. He has landed on Earth, laying waste to anything – and anyone – who dares stand in his way. The Justice League makes a valiant, […]

Movie News

Video – “The Death of Superman” – The Final Battle

The DC YouTube channel has uploaded a Super Scenes video from “The Death of Superman” animated movie. Superman vs Doomsday. What more needs to be said? Purchase “The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special” as […]

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Enough with the Black Superman Costume Already!

If you haven’t watched “Black Adam” yet or you’re unaware of the end credits scene from that movie, then you’re going to want to stop reading this now. Okay, moving on… I can’t believe there […]

Comic Book News

“The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special” Comic Trailer

DC Comics has released a comic book trailer for the upcoming “The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1”. The creative teams behind the original “Death of Superman” discuss reuniting for four all-new stories in […]