“Superman: The Animated Series” Green Screen Error Corrected in Blu-ray Release

Back in March, “Superman: The Animated Series” debuted on HBO Max in high-definition. However, sharp-eyed fans noticed there was a problem with the remastered footage. In “The Last Son of Krypton – Part 3”, in the scene where Superman confronts Lex Luthor about the Lexcorp armor. Instead of seeing Superman appearing over Lex’s shoulder outside the highrise building’s window, all we see is a “green screen” background.

Fans concerned that this error may have made its way over to the Blu-ray release of “Superman: The Complete Animated Series” can have their fears put to rest, as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has confirmed that the problem was rectified for the Blu-ray release.

“Superman: The Animated Series” made its debut on the Kids’ WB television network with 13 episodes in the first season. It started as a 90-minute primetime movie special on September 6, 1996 showing the first 3 episodes.

Tim Daly (Wings) voices Superman. Dana Delany (China Beach and Batman: Mask of Phantasm) is the voice of Lois Lane. Clancy Brown (Highlander) is Lex Luthor. Malcolm McDowell as Metallo. Michael York plays Kanto. Michael Ironside plays Darkseid. Gilbert Gottfried is Mr. Mxyzptlk.

Bruce Timm and Paul Dini (from Batman: The Animated Series) worked on character designs and stories. Timm acted as Animator, while Dini and Alan Burnett (story editor for the Super Friends in 1985) joined Timm as Producers.

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