Superman Takes on Atom Man in Filming for Season 3 of “Superman & Lois”


Fans were able to watch on-location filming for the first episode of Season 3 of “Superman & Lois” in Vancouver yesterday, with photos and video captured showing Superman confronting Atom Man.

First seen in a flashback sequence in the episode titled “A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events” (Season 1, Episode 11), Atom Man is the name given to Henry Miller, a nazi who wears a metal mask and an SS-marked costume, while armed with various weapons, including a flamethrower.

Images and video captured show Tyler Hoechlin as Superman, in what appears to be an updated costume for Season 3. The new costume appears to have a raised/bevelled “S” shield rather than the flatter version seen in previous versions. In the streets of Metropolis, with bystanders running for cover, Atom Man rips the door off a nearby taxi and appears to charge at Superman with it.

Titled “Closer,” the first episode of Season 3 of “Superman & Lois” is directed by Tom Cavanagh from a script written by Brent Fletcher and Todd Helbing.

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September 14, 2022 2:06 am

Interesting. Superman’s insignia does look a bit bigger than the one that he’s been wearing from the start of the series. And it looks like it’s not a design that’s part of the fabric, that it’s attached rather than fabric that’s been sewn in. I’m not sure about the coloring of the suit. I would need to see how it looks in the show compared to the behind the scenes images.The blues look darker, but that might not how it will look in the series. The reds look like they’re either brighter or darker depending on the cape,shield,belt or boots.… Read more »

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