Superman, Supergirl & The Flash Takeover Cap’n Crunch

Superman Cereal

Quaker has a new flavors of their Cap’n Crunch breakfast cereal available in grocery stores and Target stores across the USA, featuring Superman, Supergirl and The Flash on the packaging.

The “Strong Berry” flavor features both Superman and Supergirl on the packaging, with berry flavored cereal pieces in “S” shield shapes in red, yellow and blue colors.

The “Cinnamon Bolts” flavor features The Flash, with lightning bolt shaped cereal within.

Priced at between US$3.29-$3.59 per pack, you can find these at your local Target, select Kroger stores, Albertson’s, and Region Grocery.

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June 18, 2022 6:24 pm

These have to be for a limited time, so I sure wouldn’t mind buying this type of cereal.