Superman Statue Brick Fundraiser for Metropolis, Illinois

Superman Statue

Superman fans once again have an opportunity to be a part of history in Metropolis, IL. The Metropolis Chamber of Commerce is re-launching a popular fundraiser of engraved bricks on Superman Square which surrounds the 15 foot bronze statue of Superman. After standing watch for 27 years over the Home of Superman, harsh weather and layers of paint have taken their toll on the Man of Steel. With the cancellation of the Metropolis Superman Celebration and diminished tourism traffic due to COVID-19, it seemed the appropriate time to do the needed work.

The engraved bricks were originally sold to fund the purchase of the statue and build the shield shaped base brick foundation. Approximately 750 bricks were sold and the completed Superman statue was unveiled during the 1993 Metropolis Superman Celebration. Though the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce has through the years received numerous inquiries about brick purchases, the bricks were “set in stone” and unavailable. Until now!

Because of repairs that need to be made to the existing mortar, 700 new bricks will be available for engraving! Existing engraved bricks will receive a touch-up to the lettering and repairs to the mortar. The newly engraved bricks will be installed in the foundation while the mortar repairs are completed, and the shield shape will receive a facelift as well. The funds will be used to remove the existing paint from Superman and will be repainted with the traditional red, blue and yellow suit. All repairs will be completed in time for the rededication ceremony during the annual Metropolis Superman Celebration which will be held June 10-13, 2021.

Superman fans will need to act faster than a speeding bullet! Bricks will be sold on a first come, first serve basis and will be available until repairs on the foundation begin. The 4″ x 8″ clay bricks will sell for US$100 each. The bricks may be engraved with up to three lines of text and each line may have up to 13 alphabetic or numeric characters and includes any spacing or punctuation. Superman fans can contact the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce at 618-524-2714, email or purchase a brick from