Superman References in “Powerless” TV Series Pilot

“Powerless”, the newest DC Comics related TV series premiered in the USA on Thursday, February 2, at 8:30pm on NBC.

The Pilot episode featured a number of Superman references, including an animated version of “Action Comics #1” in the opening credits.

Other references included:

  • An unidentified superhero flies in the sky above the main character when she was a young girl; he has a blue costume and cape, and could well be Superman.
  • Lexcorp exists in this universe, and Wayne Security plagiarizes their products.
  • Marc McClure makes a cameo appearance.
  • The characters acknowledge that the number one cause of office accidents is Superman crashing into offices during his battles. One of the characters creates a prototype Kryptonite window, so Superman can’t get in, to compensate. This is shot down when it’s pointed out that people in an office might need help from Superman.

Thanks to Xaq Rzetelny for the list of references.