“Superman & Lois” Boosts B.C. Economy

Superman & Lois

The Motion Picture Association of Canada has revealed that the local economy has reaped the rewards of hosting the production of the “Superman & Lois” TV series.

New data released today demonstrates the economic impact of Warner Bros. Television’s DC drama series “Superman & Lois” in British Columbia, with over $95 million spent in-province on the first season alone.

The analysis by Oxford Economics found that 58 per cent of total in-province spending supported wages and salaries for local production crew and other labour, with the remaining 42 per cent spent on local goods and services from over 1,280 B.C.-based businesses.

Oxford Economics estimates just one season of production stimulated a total of 1,220 jobs in B.C., including 630 direct jobs created on the show. The series is estimated to have contributed approximately $137 million to the provincial GDP in 2020-21.

“Superman & Lois” is filmed in Surrey, Richmond, and Delta, British Columbia.

For more on the economic impacts of Superman & Lois, you can read the complete Oxford Economics report here. For more on the wider impacts of the production – including on B.C. communities and on the environment – please see the accompanying Backgrounder.

*All figures calculated in Canadian dollars*


“Film, television and streaming continues to make important contributions to community well-being as well as providing employment opportunities and support for local business,” said Bob D’Eith Parliamentary Secretary for Arts and Film. “I am proud of the hundreds of talented British Columbians whose creative and technical expertise continue to attract large-scale productions like Warner Bros. Television’s Superman & Lois to our province.”

“The provincial film commission at Creative BC is proud to have collaborated with Warner Bros. and the Superman & Lois crews on this high-profile TV series,” said Prem Gill, CEO, Creative BC. “The economic impacts are quite phenomenal, and for B.C. craftspeople, technicians, and artists working on a big budget show like this, the jobs truly build individual careers while they deepen our provincial expertise in leading edge production.”

“The DGC BC is so pleased to team up with Warner Bros. on community focused initiatives such as the Reel Thanksgiving Challenge,” said Kendrie Upton, Executive Director, Directors Guild of Canada BC. “With partners that truly understand the importance of giving back to the local areas in which these productions are made, motion picture production in B.C. will continue to thrive!”

“Like so many of our B.C. productions, Superman & Lois is fortunate to work with some of the world’s most talented cast and crew,” said Sue Palladino, Executive Vice President, Production, Warner Bros. Television. “Across every department, British Columbians are working at the top of their craft. From costume to set design and special effects, our crews are also employing green production practices that saw Superman & Lois internationally recognized with an EMA Green Seal. We’re really proud of this production and the local team that has contributed to its success.”

“Season over season, television and streaming productions stimulate jobs and growth across the economy,” said Wendy Noss, President, Motion Picture Association – Canada. “The data released today demonstrates the considerable impact just one production can have in B.C. communities where filming takes place, and right across the province with Superman & Lois generating $137 million for B.C.’s GDP in 2020-21.”

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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Steve Eden
Steve Eden
December 10, 2021 5:46 pm

Wow! Superman to the rescue… and this time on OUR earth!

December 14, 2021 7:00 pm

I take this a good example that we need this show. 🙂