Superman & Lois – Ampersand & Sons Podcast (Episode 5)

Ampersand & Sons Podcast

The “Superman & Lois” – Ampersand & Sons Podcast (hosted by Neal Bailey and Julian Finn) is a regular podcast covering each episode of the “Superman & Lois” TV series airing on The CW.

Neal and Julian talk at length about “The Best of Smallville” and also begin the prep for the long and drawn out discussion of the Snyder Justice League movie. The boys have surprisingly different opinions of the episode, and Neal fails at metaphors catastrophically more than once. Quite sad, really.

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April 16, 2021 5:20 pm

I so hope that the rumors of Brandon Routh returning to the role of Superman are true. Any one of my fellow Superman fans who know me would say that I’ve been asking for Brandon Routh to return to the role of Superman, and that this is something that I’ve been asking to happen for a very long time. I’ve been asking for him to have his own standalone Superman trilogy and series on HBO max. I would even be happy if he makes an appearance as Superman once a year for the yearly CW crossovers. I do think that… Read more »