“Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” 4K UHD Release Available via iTunes

Superman IV

If you’re eager to check out just how good the new 4K UHD versions of the Christopher Reeve Superman films will be, iTunes has an exclusive early release of the new version of “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace”.

Superman fan Bill Williams wrote the following review, which reveals that the new version is “substantially different” due to the soundtrack.

This new version is substantially different because there’s quite a bit of music that has been replaced with previously unreleased alternative tracks from the German recording sessions in May 1987. So far what has been confirmed is that the main title march, Prelude, “Back in Time,” and “Fresh Air” have been replaced. “Confrontation,” “Volcano,” and “Statue of Liberty Fight” have also been replaced in this version, bringing the total to six cues altogether.

The main theme sounds like a high school marching band performed it, and there are a few really noticeable hiccups in places.

It’s possible that this version may be on the upcoming 4K set in May, but nothing is confirmed yet. But I can tell you that this is an iTunes exclusive – it’s not on Vudu, Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies, Movies Anywhere, or any other streaming platforms at this time. I know because I have my accounts all linked, and the other apps gave me the previous version. They may [eventually] be replaced with the new version, or they may not. Again, we’ll have to wait and see, but for now iTunes is the only way to watch the new version with the replaced music. For some reason the German recordings are not on the Spanish or French language versions of the new 4K release, just on the English language version.

On the up side, the new sound mix is good, and there are a number of elements that are pushed up to the forefront in the 4K, and the colors are really vibrant, the best that this film has looked ever.

Another slight change occurs toward the end of the movie. Once Superman drops Lenny off at the Metropolis Boys’ Town facility and takes off, the image pushes slightly in. This is to hide the platform that Christopher Reeve is standing on and preserve the image of Superman in flight.