Superman Inspired “Fields of Gold” by Emmy Award-Winning Composer Julie Giroux

Midwest Clinic

Emmy Award-Winning Composer (and comic book fan) Julie Giroux composed “Fields of Gold” as a tribute to Superman.

During the 2021 Midwest Clinic musical convention in Chicago, Illinois last Wednesday night a performance of “Fields of Gold” by the Army Field Band was accompanied by a visual story composed of artwork from comic books written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson. Prior to the concert Julie Giroux was awarded the Midwest Clinic’s highest award the Medal of Honor.

On her website Julie Giroux writes, “‘Fields of Gold’ tells the early story of Superman. The piece starts out with a child’s journey from Krypton to Earth. Then we meet the Kents and rural America. Then 2 times, events happen in his young life when Superman uses his powers for good and comes to terms with who he is, who he is to become. There are scenes from Superman movies that always strike home with me; when Superman is standing alone, surrounded by fields of gold as a farmer, a son and an honest man of qualityand just worth. That is how I will always think of him, how I will always think of Superman.”

You can download the track for free as an MP3 file from Julie Giroux’s website.