Superman Homepage “Speeding Bulletin” Highlights Video (May 24-30, 2017)

Here’s the “Speeding Bulletin” video report for the period May 24-30, 2017.

The “Speeding Bulletin” is your weekly Superman news video, recapping the latest events in the world of Superman. It also includes the “Great Scott!” segment brought to you by Scotty V.

Our top news stories this week included: Golden Link Europe reveals their “Justice League” movie theater concession line, “Supergirl: The Complete Second Season” is now available to pre-order on Blu-ray and DVD, and we find out who the major villain of “Supergirl” Season 3 will be.

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June 1, 2017 1:35 pm

Good every week Steve…thanks!! Scotty…….here’s something that has just recently bothered me after reading a small article which was an interview with Wonder Women her self,GG. Now..I want to see this movie and I’m sure it’s going to be done very well. this interview she says that, WW could beat Superman in a fight!! Her movie isn’t even out yet and she makes this outrageous comment! She may beat him if he’s wearing a kryptonite necklace. It may be silly to feel this way but I for one am sick and tired of Superman being downgraded to an almost… Read more »