Superman Homepage “Speeding Bulletin” Highlights Video (December 5-11, 2018)

Superman Homepage “Speeding Bulletin” Highlights Video (December 5-11, 2018)

Here’s the “Speeding Bulletin” video report for the period December 5-11, 2018.

The “Speeding Bulletin” is your weekly Superman news video, recapping the latest events in the world of Superman.

Our top news stories this week included: Amy Adams talks about whether she’ll return as Lois Lane, Elizabeth Tulloch talks about the possibility of a Superman TV series, and Sony Pictures releases the trailer for their Superman horror film… kind of.

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December 12, 2018 10:31 am

I was wondering what was the number of viewers who tuned into this week’s crossover. Does anyone know how high the ratings were?

December 12, 2018 7:23 pm
Reply to  Steve Younis

Thanks for posting the ratings Steve.