Superman Cider Hits Conveniences Stores in Korea


South Korean convenience store GS25 announced today that it will launch its own series of sodas – Batman Cola and Superman Cider (similar to Sprite) – in collaboration with Warner Bros. Both products will be priced at 1,700 won.

“Our customer analysis shows that today’s younger generation no longer blindly goes for nationally recognized brand names but attaches greater value to product content,” the company noted as the reason behind launching a private brand product.

According to the analysis, those aged over 40 preferred the two biggest soft drink brands in Korea, Coca-Cola and Chilsung Cider, over their smaller rivals Pepsi and Sprite. However, the younger generation took up a much larger share in sales of Pepsi and Sprite, at 60 percent and 61 percent, respectively, surpassing those in Coca-Cola (49 percent) and Chilsung Cider (48 percent).

The retail company said it plans to continue releasing snacks and drinks featuring various characters and creative content, jointly with Warner Bros.

“We hope to take private brands to the next level by working together with a global leader in content creation. By continuing to analyze our customer base and differentiating our products, we will keep up with evolving consumer demands,” said Kwon Min-kyoon, managing director of the GS Retail Beverage division.


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April 4, 2022 10:07 pm

Anybody remember back in 2006 when Sobe brought out “Superman Super Power” energy drinks? I had one of those halfway through a double retail shift, and (pardon the pun) I was flying for the next seven hours. It became a fireable offense for anyone in the front lanes to sell me another one…