Superman Celebration 2018 Videos

Thursday, June 7 was Day 1 of the 4-day Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois for 2018.

The Celebration began at 5pm with the Opening Ceremony, welcome from Mayor Billy and a quick skit of Superman stopping a robbery at the Super Museum.

On the first night of the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois I was walking out of the Smallville tent on Market Street, having just watched a video tribute to Margot Kidder introduced by owner Jim Bowers.

As I made my way down the street back towards the giant Superman statue, a young girl approached me, asking if I was Steve Younis from the Superman Homepage. I told her I was, and she asked me if she could have a photo with me. I asked her her name, and she said, “Talia”. Her mother, who was not far behind, said how excited they both were to be at the Celebration (their first visit), having made the drive from Texas. She snapped a photo of Talia and I together and I asked them if they’d be coming to the Superman Homepage “Meet & Greet” the next morning, and they said they’d be there.

What follows is a video interview I conducted with 10 year old Talia directly after the “Meet & Greet” concluded. She was a delight to talk to…

Sunday is the fourth and final day of the Superman Celebration, and things really start to wind down. Most of the special guests have departed, and all the major events have been done, with quite a large number of those in attendance leaving to return to their homes, be it by car or by plane.

The last big event is the Costume Parade, with all the cosplayers walking, rolling and frolicking down Market Street to the giant Superman Statue for a photo, before they all get to take to the stage in the Metro Tent for the annual Costume Contest.

The Closing Ceremony at the giant Superman Statue sees the Celebration committee and the mayor thank and farewell everyone… and the Superman Celebration is done for another year.

I’ve known Douglas Meacham for a number of years now, having first met him in person in 2013 at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois. We didn’t hang out much then, but we remained friends on Facebook.

This time around Doug and his girlfriend Maddy were constant companions for the 2018 Superman Celebration. We had the best time, sharing the sights and sounds of Metropolis across the entire time we were there. Doug became the Jimmy Olsen of the Superman Homepage, snapping photos of events I couldn’t get to (either because I was busy snagging exclusive interviews elsewhere or I was attending a different event at a different location). He was also gratious enough to save me priority seats at certain events that I was late getting to, ensuring I could capture video and photos of those events for the Superman Homepage.

Doug also managed to secure a highly sought after one-of-a-kind “Action Comics #1,000” blank cover with an autographed Dan Jurgens sketch of Superman, which was one of the many items available at the “Sava the Massac” charity auction.

On the final night of the Superman Celebration, well after the closing ceremony, Douglas and I sat down for a chat on camera to get a fan’s perspective on the annual Superman Celebration, and to get a closer look at the swag he’d managed to get his hands on.

The following videos (provided by Julian Adderley) were created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of “Superman: The Movie”, which was also part of the reason many people attended the 2018 Superman Celebration.

The first is a restored video that would have included stills from Superman: The Movie for what was thought to be a photo montage similar to Richard Donner’s THE OMEN showing Clark Kent from youth to his teenage years.

40th Annual Superman Celebration (Promotional Video) from ITHoTMK on Vimeo.

Next up is a restored teaser trailer for “Superman: The Movie”…

Super Experience (Promotional Video) from ITHoTMK on Vimeo.

Finally, a promo created for the Reeve Foundation…

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation (Commercial) from ITHoTMK on Vimeo.