Superman Celebration 2018 Photo Gallery

Now that I’ve arrived back home in Sydney, Australia from Metropolis, Illinois (travelling for over 24 hours across three different flights), I’ve had an opportunity to go through the many photos taken, either by myself, my sister Carolyn, or my good friend Douglas Meacham (who became my Jimmy Olsen across the 4-day festival, covering events I couldn’t get to due to scheduling clashes).

Most of the photos are self-explanatory, but I’ve labelled others that might need some explaining.

You might think that four days is a lot of time for a festival-style celebration, and many people find it hard to believe that there’d be enough to do to fill in the time. Trust me, it was the opposite for me… It felt like there was nowhere near enough time to do and see everything, mainly due to all the socializing you end up doing. It might not be the same for everyone, but I couldn’t go a dozen steps without meeting someone who wanted to stop and chat about this, that and the other. I met so many great people, old friends, new friends, online friends, and fellow fans alike. The social aspect of the Superman Celebration easily took up half my time, both during and after the official scheduled events.

I also spent a large amount of time and effort wrangling exclusive interviews not only with this year’s Featured Guests in Brandon Routh, Shaun Sipos and Blake Ritson, but also with people like Art Baltazar and Jon Pinto… and it was well worth it. I hope you’ll enjoy watching those videos, and indeed all the videos I’m posting on our YouTube channel.

But for now, here are a large selection of photos from the 2018 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois.

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IMG_5414 - Steve Younis at the giant Superman Statue
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How can we make these photos larger? Is there no way to click individual links that shows each of them full size?