“Superman 5-Film Collection 4K Steelbook” – Poll Results

Poll Results

In the latest Superman Homepage Member Poll we asked you the following question:

Will you be buying the “Superman 5-Film Collection 4K Steelbook” Blu-ray Box Set?

While there’s been a lot of interest online about this collection, it doesn’t look like fans are actually that interested in purchasing it, with 61% you unlikely to pick up the “Superman 5-Film Collection 4K Steelbook” Blu-ray Box Set.

Here’s the complete voting breakdown:

Will you be buying the "Superman 5-Film Collection 4K Steelbook" Blu-ray Box Set?
  • No, definitely not! 31%, 35 votes
    35 votes 31%
    35 votes - 31% of all votes
  • No, probably not 30%, 34 votes
    34 votes 30%
    34 votes - 30% of all votes
  • Yes, definitely! 16%, 18 votes
    18 votes 16%
    18 votes - 16% of all votes
  • Yeah, maybe 9%, 10 votes
    10 votes 9%
    10 votes - 9% of all votes
  • Unsure/Undecided 8%, 9 votes
    9 votes 8%
    9 votes - 8% of all votes
  • It's not available where I live 5%, 6 votes
    6 votes 5%
    6 votes - 5% of all votes
Total Votes: 112
February 22, 2023 - March 1, 2023
Voting is closed

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Superman 5-Film Collection 4K Steelbook
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March 2, 2023 9:00 am

It’s a cool collection, and I’m a big fan of physical media, but I selected “no probably not” because I already own these films on VHS, twice on DVD, and on blu-ray… If I didn’t own them, it’d be a definite yes, but since I do, I just can’t justify purchasing them yet again. I do like the packaging though!