Superboy Prime is Back!

Superboy Prime

After Doomsday Clock it was only a matter of time before things began to change. We didn’t have long to wait as seen in Shazam! #10.

When Dr. Silvana and Mr. Mind infiltrate the Rock of Eternity they plan to explore the Monsterlands to find a team of magical beings exiled there and capable of destroying the Shazam family. Mr. Mind reveals the Monsterlands was once called the God Realm, home of seven god-like beings that defied the Wizard and his allies. He plans on releasing them all to create the ultimate army to fight the Shazam family.

While searching, Silvana discovers an unassuming door adorned with a carved S. Imprisoned inside is a young Clark Kent. The angry and tearful young man asks them for freedom and then notices us, the audience, reading the comic book. He wonders why after the horrors of the New 52 we are still here, but reveals he will reap a deadly revenge on us all. He turns, revealing an S shield scar burned into his chest.

Superboy Prime is back. For those of you who don’t remember him, he is Clark Kent from our world, with full knowledge of the comics universe. When he last fought in the DC Universe he killed many heroes and shattered reality itself with a powerful punch.

What could his return mean? What will he make of Rebirth, the Bendis era and Doomsday Clock? He is already angry, what will happen when he finds out there are two Superboy’s and that Superman has a family?

Will he be the harbinger of the 5G era? Or is there something even bigger planned? The DC Universe should be worried he is back, but Superman in particular is definitely in for a world of hurt.

Look for more from Superboy Prime in upcoming issues of the Shazam! comic book.

Read more about Superboy Prime in our Special Report.

Shazam! #13
Shazam! #13
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January 22, 2020 12:19 am

Oh no! Not him again!

January 22, 2020 1:29 am

Ooh! Linkara gets to use the whiney voice in his reviews again!

January 22, 2020 9:05 am


Not only did they take a steaming whiz on the end of the original Crisis On Infinite Earths but also on that original Superboy Prime story.

Far as I’m concerned this “character” isn’t Superboy Prime so much as it is just an avatar for Dan Didio’s utter contempt.

Thank you Kurt Busiek for making Secret Identity. For my money that’s the only “Superboy Prime” after COIE #12 that matters.

New Roosterman
New Roosterman
January 24, 2020 7:13 am

Not Superwhiner again -_-