“Superboy” John Haymes Newton Q&A – 2018 Superman Celebration

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to the Q&A with John Haymes Newton, but I did catch up with him during one of his autograph sessions inside the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce.

This was the first time meeting him in person, as John was a special guest on our old “Radio KAL Live!” show a few years ago. He’s a great guy, stepping away from his table to have a quick word with me.

Here’s the video of his Q&A about the “Superboy” TV series…

Thanks to Ken Sills for the video.

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June 13, 2018 8:53 pm

John looks good for his age. According to Wikipedia he now resides in Boulder, CO. And I remember watching Superboy. His first couple of seasons were on WNBC-TV channel 4, before going over to WWOR-TV Channel 9 here in the New York area.