Superare Presents: Superman vs Muhammad Ali

Superman vs Muhammad Ali

Superare sat down with Neal Adams, the creator of the “Superman vs. Muhammad Ali” legendary comic to discuss his views on it and it’s legacy.

This piece of comic book history came to be in 1978 and has been the stuff of legend since its release.

The “Superman vs. Muhammad Ali” comic is one of the most unique and ambitious comics of a generation, and now Superare has taken the famous Neal Adams artwork and utilized it on a limited edition collection of apparel.

“One of the more challenging collabs for us to make a reality, this joint venture between Superare, Muhammad Ali, and DC Comics is a labor of love and something we wanted to accomplish since making our deal with the Ali brand.”

“The art featured in this comic is truly amazing and the story is very unique as well (Ali beats up Superman if you haven’t seen it!). We hope to bring some of this art and history to this collection in a way that is relevant for years to come.”

Check out the collection at

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Juan Ricardo
Juan Ricardo
October 12, 2021 7:39 pm

This is the weirdest promo I’ve ever seen