Super Museum Ham”Brick” Project

The Super Museum in Metropolis, Illinois in collaboration with the Metropolis City Council has undertaken a new initiative to improve its crowd-pleasing exhibits, and make larger, more interactive displays a reality.

Key to this new initiative is The Super Museum’s brick fundraiser, which it is calling THE HAM “BRICK” PROJECT, a play on words referencing the founder of the Super Museum, Jim Hambrick. This fundraising project’s goal is to expand The Super Museum exhibits, preserve the items within the Museum, and help beautify the Metropolis Town Square.

Based on a program of sponsored bricks (such as are seen at the base of Metropolis’ world-famous 15-foot-tall Superman statue and the Noel Neill memorial), this newest initiative will provide the worldwide community of Superman fans with an unique opportunity to express their love and support for the Superman character with an individually customized engraved brick. These commemorative “Ham” Bricks will allow individual fans, families, groups and businesses who are fans of Superman and The Super Museum an opportunity to “leave their mark” in the City of Metropolis. A lasting tribute that will allow new and repeat visitors an opportunity to visit their bricks in person for many years to come.

THE HAM “BRICK” PROJECT will raise funds for the renovation of sidewalks surrounding the Super Museum and for interior improvements and upgrades to the museum. The Project will make personalized bricks available for sponsorships of a variety of custom-engraved bricks that can be purchased. Individual bricks are available in various sizes with the option of custom engravings, as specified by their purchasers, as has been the case with the bricks at the Superman and Noel Neill statues. The bricks will be similar in appearance to those existing installations in order to provide an attractive and consistent design that will contribute to the esthetic beauty of Metropolis, enhance the visitor’s experience. Names, businesses, and personal sentiments can be memorialized on each engraved brick.

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