Streets Named After Superheroes in Corpus Christi, Texas

Streets has published a report from Corpus Christi, Texas where the streets in a new subdivision have been named after DC and Marvel superheroes, including a Superman Drive and Krypton Drive.

In the Starlight Estates subdivision off Yorktown Boulevard in Corpus Christi, everywhere you look there’s a street named after a Marvel character and even several DC comic heroes.

New subdivisions have been popping up on Corpus Christi’s southside for years now, but this one is getting recognized for its fun and unusual street names.

You can find Superman, Spider-man, Iron Man and Hulk drives, all cross streets of Krypton Drive, at the new subdivision.

“I live off of Superman. It’s pretty awesome. A lot of my friends think it’s absolute bonkers that I actually live on that street,” said Val Ramirez, who lives on Superman Drive. “They don’t believe me, but once they see the address they laugh and chuckle.”

James Lott lives on Hulk Drive. He said it was extremely difficult trying to find a home these days. He just happened to find this subdivision with new homes still going up. The street name was just a bonus.

“I put in a couple of bids on three different homes and I was getting out-bidded, so I said, ‘Let me find new construction where I can find one,'” Lott said. “So I kind of fell into this one.”

Neighbors said they have heard that more streets are going to be built in the area. The developer confirmed that and they will have superhero character names on those street signs as well.

Rumor is that another subdivision is coming to Corpus Christi where the streets will be named after Game of Thrones characters. Khaleesi Drive, anyone?