Staz Nair Talks About Playing William Dey on “Supergirl”

With the latest episode of “Supergirl” revealing some interesting details about the character of William Dey (played by Staz Nair), caught up with the actor to discuss where things are going for his character on what he knows about upcoming episodes. Here’s part of the interview…

NOTE: There are Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the latest episode of “Supergirl” which aired on Sunday, October 27.

We learned William’s marriage is a lie. What can you say about his personal life that isn’t a lie?

William puts up this facade and these walls to protect himself. He’s trying to uncover Andrea Rojas and this conspiracy that his family has found over many years. In order to do that, he creates these barriers that people have to get over — or don’t get over — in order to get to him. The wife is there to provide another barrier. It means, oh, he won’t socialize after work, he has a wife to go back to. It breaks any romantic interest anywhere and it makes him basically emotionally detached from anyone.

The real William that you’re going to get to see is a nice, caring, kind man. He’s been broken by life and experiences. Being a journalist is tough. I don’t think it’s the first time he’s gone undercover. It’s a hard life, but through that he has found a way to be kind. You see that in Episode 2 when he works in the soup kitchen.

When people come across suffering or obstacles in their life, they allow that to become them. William tries to let that make him better.

Now that we know he’s investigating Andrea, how much of his investigation are we going to see him explain in the next episode? Are we going to learn a lot?

Everyone will be thoroughly satisfied with what they discover, across the board, not even just in my story, with this next episode. It’s a very fun episode.

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