Splash Into Summer With New DC Swimsuit Variant Covers

DC is publishing eight new DC Swimsuit comic book variant covers this August, featuring Batman, the Gotham City Sirens, Nightwing, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more!

As those in the Northern Hemisphere prepare to have some fun in the sun in the coming months, keep an eye out for DC’s Super Heroes showing off their swimsuit looks! The hot summer months are here, ushering in a time of warmer temperatures and splash-conscious clothes. To capture the excitement, DC is publishing eight new DC Swimsuit variant covers this August, featuring Batman by Olivier Coipel, the Gotham City Sirens by Rahzzah, Nightwing by Belén Ortega, Superman by Elizabeth Torque, The Flash by Mirka Andolfo, the Titans by Saowee Variant, Wonder Woman by Guillem March, and Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman by Frank Cho! Reach out to your local comic book shop for preorder information and snag yourself one of these hot new DC Swimsuit variant covers!

Action Comics #1068 Swimsuit Variant
Action Comics #1068 – Frank Cho Variant Cover (On Sale August 14, 2024)
Superman #17 Swimsuit Variant
Superman #17 – Elizabeth Torque Variant Cover (On Sale August 21, 2024)

Visit DC.com to see more of the Summer Swimsuit Variant Covers.

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