Sneak Peek at “Krypton” S02E01 “Light-Years From Home”

The first episode of Season 2 of “Krypton” will air on Wednesday, June 12, and Syfy has given us our first sneak peek video from the episode.

Titled “Light-Years From Home”, this episode is scheduled to air on SYFY in the USA tonight, June 12 at 10.00pm ET & PT/9.00pm CT.

Seg-El is stranded far from home, where his grandfather leads a rebellion against General Zod.

Zod! Brainiac! Doomsday! Lobo! Seg-El’s enemies are closing in, and the future of his home planet of Krypton has been stolen. Join the fight to take it back when “Krypton” returns to SYFY on June 12.