Showrunner Cameron Welsh Talks “Krypton” Continuity

In an interview with The Verge, “Krypton” showrunner Cameron Welsh talks about what went into designing its world, what the show’s long-term plans look like, and how no one’s planning for the show to cross over with any other DC Comics media property.

Here’s part of the interview…

Because of the time-travel element, there are some characters involved that DC fans will recognize. Did you have to deal with any previously established continuity to bring them in? Do they integrate with any existing Superman story?

No. We do use characters from the DC mythology, but we’re still seeding our own story. We’re not part of the DC TV shows. We’re not part of the film side of DC. We’re kind of our own thing. Superman’s got a massive fan base already, so we didn’t want to just ignore everything that’s come before and do our own thing. We were very careful to be respectful of what’s come before. We don’t want to just throw all that away. We don’t want to change continuity just for the sake of it. But we did want to create something new. So we try to walk that line, like, “Okay, this has been established, but maybe if we change this little thing, it can open up some other opportunities.” It’s a balance. It’s a fine line you have to walk.

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