Should Superman and Lois Be Married? (Great Debate)


For the longest time Lois pined after Superman, always trying to get him to marry her in childish ways. As comic books matured along with their reading audience, the relationship between the pair matured as well. Finally, the two married, both in the comic books and on TV. But is that a good thing?

In the latest instalment of our “Great Debate” feature, we ask the question…

Should Superman and Lois be married?

Great Debate - Married

Who do you agree with?

Many thanks to our Great Debaters – Marc Lax and Mario Bennese.

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June 16, 2022 7:22 am

Definitely yes. John Byrne was right about the Love Triangle Built for Two being a teenage revenge fantasy – “You may think I’m a dork, but if you knew my secret…” The concept reduced Lois to a joke. In some comic eras, the joke was the supposedly great investigative reporter not seeing that the biggest story of all was right in front of her. In other eras the joke was her being a pest, concocting ways of tricking Clark into revealing the secret. The cruel mind games Superman played to protect the identity were unworthy of a hero dedicated to… Read more »

June 16, 2022 1:34 pm

I can live with Clark and Lois not being married but I vastly prefer them as married. Their marriage feels like a natural progression for the characters, not to mention plenty of stories have already proven that the relationship can work without the whole silly love triangle stuff that makes Clark look like a jerk and Lois looks like a moron.

June 16, 2022 1:37 pm

Superman and Lois have been married for many years now. I remember when the new 52 comics retconed their marriage. I’m so glad that they brought it back. However I’m really hoping that they decide to bring back the Superman 78 comics. Hopefully they would make that series a continuing series for a five year run. There’s so much that they can do for Christopher Reeve‘s superman for the comic. So many villains he hasn’t faced like Metallo, Darkside, parasite, or even Doomsday. I also would like to find out if Superman would ever find a way to restore the… Read more »

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