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Noteworthy Superman dates to remember...
August 7: Writer Paul Dini (Superman: The Animated Series) born in 1957.
August 7: Eric Johnson, Whitney Fordman in Smallville, born in Edmonton, AB.
August 7: John Glover, Lionel Luthor in Smallville, born in Salisbury, Maryland, USA in 1944.
August 24: In 1993, Superman returns from the dead in Superman #82.
August 28: Writer and artist Jack Kirby (Superman's Pal: Jimmy Olsen) born in 1917.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Man of Steel and more!

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Welcome! This website is devoted to DC Comics' Superman - the first and best comic book superhero created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. This website is dedicated to giving you information on Superman in all forms of media.

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Below are the very latest events surrounding the Man of Steel! Check the "What's New" page for a complete list of other recent items.

August 11, 2004: Smallville Season 4 Promo Photos

Warner Bros. have released a few promotional photos from the Season 4 premiere episode.

Titled "Crusade", this Season 4 opener will air in the U.S. on Wednesday September 22nd at 8pm.

The three images from the episode shown here feature new cast members Erica Durance as Lois Lane and Jensen Ackles as Jason Teague.

Lois Lane Lois and Clark jason Teague

August 11, 2004: New Justice League and Superman Animated DVDs Announced

Warner Bros. has announced today that three new DVDs, "Justice League: The Brave and the Bold", "Superman: The Animated Series: A Little Piece of Home", and "Batman: The Animated Series: Secrets of the Caped Crusader", will be arriving in stores on October 19. Here are the details for the "Justice League" and "Superman" DVD releases...
    The Brave and the Bold DVD
  • Justice League: The Brave and the Bold
    Synopsis: The first showdown pairs Green Lantern and The Flash against Gorilla Grodd, an evil genius primate with a mind-controlling device and a vendetta against humankind. Only the Justice League can save us from gorilla domination! Then Lex Luthor's reputation as a devious mastermind is finally exposed or is it? Luthor assembles a mighty evildoer team--Ultra-Humanite, Cheetah, Copperhead, Solomon Grundy, Star Sapphire, The Shade and The Joker--to destroy the Justice League. This is the one battle of might and wits that could truly finish the World's Greatest Super Heroes! Episodes: "The Brave and the Bold, Parts I and II"; "Injustice for All, Parts I and II."

    Announce Date: 7/7/04
    Street Date: 10/19/04
    Closed Captioning: Yes
    MSRP: US$19.97
    Sound Track Language: English
    Run Time: 87
    Subtitles: 1 English, 2 Francais, 3 Espanol
    Aspect Ratio: Original Aspect Ratio - 1.33, Standard [4:3 Transfer]
    Sound Quality: English: Stereo 2S
    Francais: Stereo 2S
    Espanol: Stereo 2S

    DVD Features:
    3D Animated Menus

    A Little Piece of Home DVD

  • Superman: The Animated Series: A Little Piece of Home
    Synopsis: Timeless characters and innovative storytelling unite to create a powerhouse collection of episodes as Superman faces off with four formidable foes to defend his adopted home. Mild-mannered Clark Kent and his alter ego, Superman, take on a government conspiracy, a lunatic scientist known as the Weather Wizard, the fiery villainess Volcana and archnemesis Lex Luthor all in the name of Truth, Justice and the American Way in these thrilling stories from the acclaimed TV show! Episodes: "A Little Piece of Home"; "Speed Demons"; "The Late Mr. Kent"; "Where There's Smoke."

    Announce Date: 7/7/04
    Street Date: 10/19/04
    Closed Captioning: Yes
    MSRP: $14.97
    Sound Track Language: English
    Run Time: 85
    Subtitles: 1 English, 2 Francais, 3 Espanol
    Aspect Ratio:
    Original Aspect Ratio - 1.33, Standard [4:3 Transfer]

    DVD Features:
    3D Animated Menus
    Other: Pop-Up Trivia over "A Little Piece of Home" episode


August 11, 2004: Guy Dyas Joins Superman Movie have posted a report which claims that Guy Dyas (who worked on "X-Men 2") has signed on as Production Designer for the up-coming Superman movie. The report also claims that the working title of the film is "Unbelievable". Whether that relates to the original film's motto "You'll believe a man can fly" or whether it's a comment regarding how long it has taken this movie to get up and running, we're not sure. Here's an excerpt from the report...

    Sources inform us that the working title for the film is UNBELIEVABLE. We can also tell you that X2's Guy Dyas has joined the project as the new production designer, replacing Owen Paterson, who along with costume designer Kym Barrett have left the project. The two were involved with the now aborted Superman FlyBy, for more than a year. Paterson is seeking a new project, Barrett is working on Monster-In-Law and The Virgin of Juarez. S-V contacted Mr.Dyas to confirm his position and this is what he said exclusively to us: 'Thanks for your interest in Superman. As you know, this is a very closely guarded project, and for a good reason, therefore I can't reveal anything about work that we will be doing. I can, however, tell you that I have come on board as the new production designer for "Superman". '

Read the complete report at the newl-look website.


August 10, 2004: Director Searches for New 'Superman'

The Associate Press have published an indepth article looking at the search for an actor to play Superman, and delves into the history behind this casting decision. Here's an excerpt from the article...

    LOS ANGELES - A powerful father from beyond the heavens sends his son on a fateful journey to Earth to become a savior for humanity.

    James Caviezel starred in the Biblical version of that story in Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." Could he play out that premise again under different circumstances? Say, the comic-book version, with blue tights and a cape?

    No superhero fits the literary Christ motif as neatly as Superman, so it's no surprise the soulful, buff and blue-eyed Caviezel is one of the fan favorites to answer a question that has perplexed Hollywood for decades: "Who can play Superman?"

    Caviezel's manager, Beverly Dean, is familiar with the rumor, but calls it speculation.

    "Would he like to do it? He loves Superman," she told The Associated Press. "But the truth is there has been no offer, the script isn't even finished - but absolutely he'd be interested."

    Bryan Singer, who directed the "X-Men" movies, took over the "Superman" project last month, refueling the rumor machine. He is currently at work on a script, and Warner Bros. says he hasn't begun the casting process, although it must start soon to make the target 2006 release date.

    From little-known soap opera stars to familiar leading men like Brendan Fraser, Jude Law and Josh Hartnett, it seems like nearly every actor between ages 20 and 40 has been draped with the cape at some point.

    But playing someone bulletproof has many risks.

    "He's got to have all the qualities you want in your president and your father - a toughness and a sensitivity at the same time," said Danny Fingeroth, author of the book "Superman on the Couch," about the mythical public image of superheroes.

    "He has a square-jawed indominatability," Fingeroth added. "He can be tough with bad guys, yet he's got the ability to project sincerity and vulnerability that you want Superman to have."

Read the complete article at the Yahoo News website.


August 9, 2004: Superman Movie Casting Call have posted a report claiming that Pat Moran + Associates Casting Agency has put out a Casting Call for an actor to play Superman/Clark Kent in the up-coming Warner Bros. film. Here are the details...

The description of the role is: Late 20's, tall, handsome, chiseled good looks. Athletic. Strong character. All American. Confident, yet awkward. Faster than a speeding bullet.

The film will be directed by Bryan Singer (X-MEN, USUAL SUSPECTS) and produced by Jon Peters & Gilbert Adler. No other cast has been announced yet.

Although Pat Moran + Associates are accepting open submissions from both actors and non-actors, auditions are by appointment only. Auditions will be held the week of August 16th through August 20th.

Anyone interested in auditioning for this starring role should send either a Headshot & Resume, a model card, or a clear individual photograph of themselves to:

Pat Moran + Assoc.
ATTN: "Superman"
3500 Boston St., Suite 425
Baltimore, MD 21224

Photos should include: Name, Age & Phone Number(s). Photos are non-returnable. No phone calls to Pat Moran + Associates, please.

In further Superman movie news (which seems to fit in with the above information), Dark Horizons received the following news from one of their sources...

    "Thought I'd drop by some info on everyone's favorite superhero and what's going on at Warner Bros. As you know I've had some dealings with the studio and can put straight some recent rumors. Tom Welling has not been offered Superman by Bryan Singer. Singer wants an unknown in the lead role. Trust me when I say Tom Welling will not be the next Superman. I'm not sure how that rumor came about but it's bogus.

    My agency got a casting call last week for Superman. Actors are going to get put on tape starting next week. Singer and his team will then meet actors, sort through the tapes and decide which actors they want to come to Burbank for a final screen test. Word is Superman might be cast as early as September. The search is apparently all over North America. I guess they'll have casting directors in LA, NY and Canada.

    Another interesting bit. Warners are apparently going to rent the Fox studios for the next 2 years. I don't know what that means. Maybe they're shooting two Superman movies back to back, maybe they're just keeping it for the inevitable Superman sequel, maybe Green Lantern is gearing up, hell, it could be Scooby Doo 3! I honestly don't know, but look for a big Warner production to be in Sydney after Superman".

Justice League Adventures #34

Mild Mannered Reviews - Justice League Adventures #34

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 4, 2004

Cover date: October 2004

Writer: Stuart Moore
Penciller: Tim Levins
Inker: Mick Gray

"Past Tense"

Reviewed by: Michael O'Connor

Museum Banner

August 9, 2004: Reminder - “Superheroes on Television” Symposium

A few fans have emailed in letting us know of huge George Reeves Superman banners hanging outside the Museum of Television & Radio on West 52nd Street in New York. The banners are promoting the "Superheroes on Television" Symposium which began on June 18th and runs until October 10th 2004.

The Museum of Television & Radio "Superheroes on Television" exhibition is on display at both their L.A. and New York locations. Here are the details again:

Los Angeles: Wednesdays to Sundays at 1:00 p.m.
New York: Tuesdays to Sundays at 4:00 p.m.

Superheroes - larger-than-life champions locked in eternal struggle against the forces of evil - are part and parcel of American popular culture. Ever since the first appearance of Superman in Action Comics established the comic book (traditionally a collection of repackaged newspaper strips) as a viable artistic entity in its own right, the spectacle of superpowered "long underwear" vigilantes has resonated with audiences of all ages and inspired debate and analysis in the halls of academe. The television superhero, descended from comic books and movie serials, has evolved in all sorts of unexpected directions, offering fantastic adventure and spectacle for audiences of every taste.

Visit the Museum of Television and Radio website for location information and contact details.

Justice League Unlimited

August 8, 2004: “Justice League Unlimited” Episode Guide and Review Update

Peter McDermott has updated the "Justice League Unlimited" Episode Guide with his summary of the first two episodes of the new season: "Initiation" and "For The Man Who Has Everything".

Barry Freiman has written his review for the first episode in his Justice League: Episode Reviews.

Check them both out!

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