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Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

[Last updated September 28, 1996]

[abc tv logo] Debuting in the 1993 Fall season on the American television network ABC, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, has entertained Superman fans worldwide with the chemistry between stars Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. After three seasons, the show's popularity is reflected on the internet. ABC is now showing the fourth season.

Basic Information

Lois & Clark Web Sites

For more information start with Warner Bros. Television's official Lois & Clark web site.

Then try Joe Dawis' Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Web Server at www.webcom.com. Cyberspace Vanguard Station had a interview with K Callan (Ma Kent), who still has an Ask Martha section.

Also try Ray Lin's The L&C Media Archive at www-cs-students.stanford.edu for lots of web links.

Also check out The Teri Hatcher Homepage (unofficial) and Jose Perez's Lois & Clark on the Net web site which both have updated news and images. Both web pages use frames for navigating.

Image Files

You can get image files from the Lois & Clark tv show by ftp at ftp.best.com/pub/hyperion/Lois-and-Clark. This collection is still commonly known as the Hyperion archive for Lois & Clark images since it used to be on a server named Hyperion. Please don't access these files during peak hours.Check out the 'thumb' directory at ftp.best.com for "thumb" scale versions of the files. The often asked for 'Lois wrapped in Superman's cape' is the file named lois10.jpg (46 Kb).

Mailing Lists

Besides Tara O'Shea's Lois & Clark mailing list, there is an online club called the Lois & Clark Metropolis Club that began on America Online.

There is another online club called the Lois & Clark Krypton Club with a web site that archives club material, and is less involved with America Online.

Other Stuff

The FoLCs At Home page lists lots of links for FoLC (Fans of Lois & Clark), at Heidi's Page.

Debby Stark maintains a small FTP site devoted to Lois & Clark at ftp.swcp.com/pub/users/dstark.

Cory Sitko's Lois & Clark Page has more Lois & Clark stuff including sound and video files.

You can talk about Lois and Clark on the IRC channel #loiscla on the Undernet network.

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