September 7, 2016: David Ramsey on How Diggle Will React to Supergirl

Speaking at a panel at this past weekend’s Salt Lake Comic Con in Salt Lake City, Utah, “Arrow” stars Stephen Amell and David Ramsey reminisced about Diggle’s reaction the first time he met The Flash, and how he might react to coming across Supergirl for the first time in the upcoming 4-way crossover…

“It’s funny, too, because the first time when I meet Flash,” Ramsey begins, “Andrew Kreisberg – the executive producer of the show – was sitting in video village, where he kind of watches what’s going on in front of the screen, and he’s like, ‘Listen: When you see Flash, I want you to go big.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, okay.’ So I did it, and I threw like one fry in the air. And I went over and Andrew’s like, ‘No, like go crazy big, dude.’ So I threw like all the fries into the air and everyone just howling laughing.

After that, the two discuss how Diggle will react when he encounters Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) for the first time in the next CW crossover. “Diggle has to have a reaction to Supergirl, that rivals Flash,” Ramsey explains. “So I decided he could maybe pee just a little bit.” Ramsey then looks up in the air with astonishment, pretending he is witnessing Supergirl fly overhead.

While he does that, Amell gets into character and delivers, appearing to recite, what might be an actual line from the episode: “John, she’s an alien, and she can fly, and she’s from a different Earth. Did you pee? Just a little bit?”

(The Supergirl portion of the video is six minutes in)


“Supergirl” will crossover with “The Flash”, “Arrow”, and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” some time during her second season. Season 2 of “Supergirl” will premiere on Monday, October 10 at 8.00pm on The CW.