Steve Eden

Wow! First comic I ever read…? Probably Superman. I read many different titles and genres, so it could’ve been Donald Duck or other funny animals comic. But I know Superman was the one I read the most and that I credit for “teaching” me to read.

Mr Mxy

Superman’s girlfriend #136>
Lois ,wonder woman and the man of steel on the cover!
No wonder it became a hobby for me!

Superman. I don’t know which issue because in Spain at that time Supes’ comics were very badly edited. Cut down issues, titles changed, no trace of the original’s american number…I remember it was a Superman comic but at the end included a story about the Captain Marvel family. 1978. I couldn’t read at that time, I was just 2.5 years old but I remember my brother reading it for me like it was yesterday. It shocked me in such a way that I’ve been reading Superman comics since then. I remember he was fighting Luthor in an armour (Luthor, not… Read more »

My very first was at the age of 9. DC Comics Presents no 66 Superman and The Demon versus Blackbriar Thorn.
That was my first comic. I was laying in the hospital and my older brother brought me a box full of comics. This was my very first introduction to the comics after animated series like the Fleischer cartoons, Filmation and Hanna/Barbera.
I was aware there were comics but never read them until after this one. It stuck ever since.

Troy Cornelsen

Shazam vol. 1 issue 26.