SDCC 2022 Superman Gallery

by Luis A. Jaime

Every year, I like to take pictures of the promotional art from the DC COMICS booth. They have a large presence every year in the middle of the Convention Center. They also have DC Comics writers and artists signing books, and there all lots of giveaways like pins, posters and comic books.

Sadly, there was no DC COMICS booth or a WARNER BROS DISCOVERY booth on the show floor this year. This is the first time that WBD has been absent from SDCC since I first started going to Comic-Con in 1994.

So, I have put together a collection of SUPERMAN related photos from the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con. These are photos I took on the Convention floor anytime I saw SUPERMAN.

First up is the Alex Ross booth. The artwork is so incredibly beautiful.

Next are figures from Iron Studios. Look carefully at the statue with Superman and Lois atop the Daily Planet. Lois is holding her notebook as the pages blow in the wind. I love little details like that.

Beast Kingdom has some great looking Justice League busts.

Choice Fine Art has some canvas paintings and animation cells.

Cryptozoic Entertainment has Series 2 and Series 3 of DC Lil Bombshells.

The UD Replicas booth had some nice detailed costumes, but what caught my eye was a pair of SUPERMAN shoes.

These Smart Watch bands are gorgeous! I almost bought one, even though I don’t own a smart watch.

Graphic Artist BossLogic has the most amazing metal prints. Their SUPERMAN is breathtaking!

Tweeterhead has beautiful KRYPTO and SUPERMAN statues.

Sideshow Collectables always has some pretty amazing figures and statues.

Lastly, we have Cosplayer Sean M. Mossey poses in his amazing SUPERMAN uniform


And WORLDS’ FINEST Bethany Brzezinski (SUPERGIRL) and Lindsey Rummings (BATGIRL) take a break from crime fighting to pose for this mild-mannered reporter’s camera.

COSPLAY-Worlds Finest

That concludes this year’s SUPERMAN GALLERY. I look forward to seeing more SUPERMAN at next year’s COMIC-CON. Until then, always strive towards Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow.

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August 13, 2022 1:24 pm

Nice gallery you’ve shared here.