Royal Mail Unveils DC Stamp Collection

Royal Mail

Royal Mail has teamed up with DC Comics to create a new series of DC Super Hero stamps.

A perfect gift for comic book buffs and philatelists, this epic collectible incorporates all 18 Special Stamps from the issue.

The doubled-sided Presentation Pack focuses on Batman, his allies, villains – and characters which fall in-between – that appear regularly in the Caped Crusader’s storylines.

Includes all 12 Special Stamps and the Stamp Sheet on a separate information card, outlining the Super Heroes of the Justice League.

A superb souvenir to appreciate, fans and collectors will admire the colourful detail in its presentation.


DC Collection Stamp Set

  • First Class | Batman
  • First Class | Batwoman
  • First Class | Robin
  • First Class | Batgirl
  • First Class | Alfred
  • First Class | Nightwing
  • First Class | The Joker
  • First Class | Harley Quinn
  • First Class | The Penguin
  • First Class | Poison Ivy
  • First Class | Catwoman
  • First Class | The Riddler

Justice League Stamp Sheet

  • First Class | Batman
  • First Class | Green Lantern and The Flash
  • First Class | Wonder Woman
  • First Class | Superman
  • First Class | Cyborg and Aquaman
  • First Class | Supergirl and Shazam!

Expected to ship September 17, you can order your Royal Mail DC Stamps from