Revisiting “Superman Blue” Ahead of “Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent”

With Superman’s son Jon Kent apparently about to go through some power changes of his own that reflect the “Superman Blue” electric powers from 1997, I thought it would be a good time to go back and check out the “Superman Blue” story from that era.

DC Comics released “Superman #123,” introducing the world to the new Man of… Energy. Superman Blue!

While Superman’s powers had gone through a variety of changes over the years since 1938, the fundamental nature of the Man of Steel had always remained the same. That was no longer the case (officially) starting from “Superman #123,” which hit comic store shelves in March 1997. Everything you knew about Superman’s powers, abilities, and appearance became comic book history as DC brought us the new Superman – The Man Beyond Tomorrow!

At the time many fans were unimpressed, arguing for the classic Superman to remain. “He’s still Superman,” said Cavalieri. “He still has the ‘S’ and it seems to me if you’re going to do a story like this, you should really go all the way. It’s a hell of a visual and when you see how he flies, you won’t even miss the cape.”

Superman Blue’s adventures were published for the entirety of 1997, and he was later joined by Superman Red in early 1998.

However on April 1, 1998 (in celebration of the character’s 60th anniversary), Superman was returned to his classic outfit and classic powers in the special “Superman Forever #1”.

Superman Forever #1