Review – Funko Pop! “The Dark Knight Returns” Superman Vinyl Figure

Reviewed by: Mario Bennese

When I heard that Funko was planning on releasing a wave of Pop! figures inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, I knew there had to be plans for a Superman figure to be included and that regardless of how little I cared for the story, I would be buying the figure. After months of waiting, I finally have him in my collection.

5Design – 5: I thoroughly enjoy the design of this figure. Everything seems to be newly sculpted, and the stylized nature of the Funko Pops! works well with Frank Miller’s take on the Man of Steel. I cannot point to a single element that has been recycled from previous figures, or at least not any Superman Pop! figures. My only complaint – and it really isn’t that large at all – is the angered look on Superman’s face. I might have preferred a more stoic look, but that’s just me. Detailing is pretty solid on the figure, with musculature and small creases on the suit being visible upon close inspection. I particularly enjoy the large spit curl.

4Paint – 4: I’m having a hard time pointing to any real problems with the paint job. Funko continues to impress me with their attention to detail and high level of quality control. However, there are a few minor spots where paint overspills onto other areas. Further, the hands have a bit of a blue tint to them, likely from applying the skin tone paint on top of the dark blue suit. Overall, I have no major issues with the paint job, and I am quite fond of the color palette used here.

5Package – 5: While the packaging for the Funko Pop! figures are relatively similar, the package for this figure in particular is rather eye-catching. I enjoy the artwork on the side which features a drawing of the figure over the famous Dark Knight Returns Batman lightning image.

2Articulation – 2: The only point of articulation on these Pop! figures is a rotation of the head. These figures are not meant to be posed, so I’m judging a fish on its ability to climb at this point.

You can purchase the Funko Pop! “The Dark Knight Returns” Superman Vinyl Figure from the Superman Homepage Online Store.

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