Retro Review – “Superman: The Animated Series” S03E04 “Obsession”

Superman: The Animated Series

Superman Homepage reviewer Marc Lax continues reviewing episodes from “Superman: The Animated Series” for those nostalgic for the 1990s.

Check out his review of the Season 3 episode titled “Obsession” in which a Knight, a Cowboy and an Astronaut walk into a fashion show.

Lana’s in Metropolis showing off her new line of swimsuits as well as showing off her top model Darci Mason. The party is crashed by the aforementioned trio of robots. Clark and Jimmy are covering the fashion show. Slipping away Clark changes to Superman and makes quick work of these Robotic Rascals, except the astronaut does manage to get away with Darci in his arms. Superman comes to her rescue.

After the show Clark and Lana discuss the situation with Clark thinking there’s more to Darci than meets the eye. At a secluded hideout the creepy (and I mean creepy) Toyman is disappointed when a headless cowboy returns without Darci, Toyman’s obsession. A hotel key which must have fallen from Darci’s towel slips to the floor. The Toyman knows what to do next.

At the hotel Clark arrives at Darci’s room. Using X-ray vision to see if she’s there (which isn’t creepy at all). Seeing she’s not there Clark changes to Superman and flies through Darci’s hotel window (which isn’t illegal at all). Darci enters and sees our hero sneaking around her room and goes to call the police. Clark mentions Lana’s name which manages to stall Darci. Suddenly a giant toy kangaroo hops through the window. It was sent by Toyman to capture Darci. Superman foils the plan.

Back at Lana’s office Lana spies Darci removing part of her face revealing that Darci is a robot! Darci tells Lana she’s a full sized doll that the Toyman created for companionship. Darci plans on attacking Toyman but not before trying to kill Lana so her secret won’t be revealed. In the scuffle a fire is accidentally set threatening to destroy the building. Superman comes to the rescue but Darci manages to escape.

Down at the pier where the Toyman has his hideout, Darci tries to confront the the villIan but he’s ready for her and plans on making adjustments to his “companion”. Superman arrives. He’s attacked by toy weapons while the Toyman steals away Darci and plans to escape. While in the helicopter Darci manages to take control and the chopper explodes seemingly destroying them both. Later, Darci in disguise arrives at the Metropolis Depot carrying a large suitcase. She departs Metropolis.

4Rating – 4 (out of 5): The Toyman is the stuff of nightmares, which makes him pretty cool. This was such an interesting choice to portray The Toyman this way. Twisting his traditional origin and giving this new Toyman a new purpose and the creepiest costume of any villain on this show is a fresh take and always a pleasure when he appears. Darci being a grown-up toy is no surprise. It’s a neat twist that we all saw coming. Makes sense that Toyman would need some companionship and, considering he’s such a madman, the only girl he could get would be one he invented.

Okay Clark, I know you suspect Darci isn’t on the up and up, and you are an investigative reporter, but you tried spying on her with your X-ray vision and when that didn’t work, as Superman, you basically resorted to breaking and entering. But of course you did that as Superman so you have an excuse. Right. She may be suspicious but there are boundaries. It’s nice to see Lana make an appearance. It’s unfortunate that this post-Crisis inspired Lana made such few appearances. Not that I wanted a Lana and Lois rivalry, but Lana showing up now and again as support for Clark would be nice considering she’s one of the few people who knows his secret. Here she’s just a plot device. She deserved more.

In all a fun and creepy (there’s that word again) third season episode that’s heading quickly to the blow out that’s the show’s finale.

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