Rarely Seen Christopher Reeve TV Interview

The following interview was conducted by Australian writer and critic John Hanrahan in 1980 soon after Christopher Reeve had finished filming on “Superman II”.

As John tells it, the interview took place in Chris’, then, new duplex apartment just off Central Park in New York.
“When I turned up with cameraman David Etherton, Chris opened the door in an old shirt, jeans turned half way up his legs, a growing beard… and a half-full glass of wine. The PR lady had forgotten to ring and remind him of the interview. But, the true professional that he was, Chris said ‘hang on a few minutes while I have shower’… and soon re-appeared for our chat.”

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November 7, 2021 7:37 pm

Chris was definitely wise on how he moved forward in his acting career. Without his prior acting experience, he could have missed his opportunity in the role of Superman. So instead of playing the Man of Steel, he might have played an extra like one of the people looking up when Superman first saved Lois or he might not even had come close to being in Superman the movie. For Chris to have had that acting experience so that he could star in the role of Superman, I could only image was a dream come true for him. Such a… Read more »