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1946: Looking For Kryptonite

Reviewed by: James Lantz

Original Broadcast Dates: December 04, 1945-January 08, 1946

"Looking For Kryptonite"

The deadly Kryptonite-powered Atom Man has been defeated, but a greater threat to Superman still looms in the shadows, for there are still two fragments of the Kryptonite meteor that the Scarlet Widow had stolen from the Metropolis Museum. One piece was sold to the Vulture, and the other has gone to the Laugher. However, Superman doesn't know that the two villains have the deadly material. He must find the Scarlet Widow in order to get the answers he needs about who has the parts of his home-world.

Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are in the now-dead spy Sydney's Metropolis apartment searching for clues to the whereabouts of the Scarlet Widow. Kent had no luck searching Green Meadows, Sydney's country home, as Superman. Jimmy has found a silver coin-like object that is the size of a quarter inside a dresser drawer. There is a design of a crescent moon and star on the piece of metal. Clark remembers seeing this symbol on the bottom of an empty piece of note paper that was in an envelope in Sydney's house. With the apartment's phone line dead, Clark goes to a public telephone to call the Daily Planet's feature editor and symbol expert Harry Goldman about what Jimmy had found.

Jimmy is still searching for clues in the bedroom dresser. A mysterious dark-skinned, sandal-wearing man has entered Sydney's apartment through the bathroom window. With a long knife in hand, he is poised to strike at the unsuspecting cub reporter. A slight noise causes Jimmy to look up. He sees the assassin in the mirror and calls for help. The enigmatic Arab places his hands around Jimmy's neck. Clark enters and interrupts the man. A punch from Kent knocks out the Arab. Clark and a policeman later interrogate the would-be murderer, who had five thousand dollars with him for some reason, but the killer only says, "I say nothing." Clark asks the Arab if he had ever seen the crescent and star symbol. The man responds negatively just before the police officer takes him to Inspector Henderson.

Clark and Jimmy are at the Metropolis Police Department speaking with Inspector Henderson. Clark had given the paper that he had found to the Inspector for examination. In addition to the imprint of the crescent and star, a note was written with disappearing ink. Henderson is also having an officer who was born in Cairo, Egypt question the mystery man. Unfortunately, the police don't get any answers. The assassin has committed suicide with a poison that was hidden in a loose filling in his teeth. Henderson, Clark and Jimmy discover something on the heel of the dead man's right foot. The same crescent and star design on Sydney's coin is branded into the Arab's skin. Now more than ever, Sydney's past connections have to be discovered, and the Scarlet Widow must be found.

Clark and Jimmy have returned to the Daily Planet. They ask Harry Goldman about the crescent and star design. He gives many options for the crescent, but none of them seem to be connected to the star in any way. Jimmy and Clark have reached a dead end. Clark suddenly gets an idea about who can help him, but he must go alone to see this person without Jimmy.

Clark has just arrived in a fashionable residential district of town. He is standing in front of the home of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, who are in reality Batman and Robin. Bruce answers the door. Clark says, "Hello Batman" to a shocked Wayne. Clark then tells him that he needs Batman's help. Superman had told Clark that Wayne could contact the Dark Knight, but Bruce doesn't believe the mild mannered reporter. Wayne bluntly orders Kent to tells the truth. Otherwise, he is to leave the house immediately.

After much pondering, Clark decides to reveal to Wayne that he is Superman. Bruce puts him through some tests to insure that mild mannered reporter is really the Man of Steel. Superman has passed Bruce Wayne's challenges and tells the millionaire that he knows that Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson are really Batman and Robin. Recounting his adventures involving the Scarlet Widow, the Atom Man, Sydney and the Kryptonite, the Man of Tomorrow asks for the Dynamic Duo's assistance in finding out anything about the crescent and star symbol and the location of remaining Kryptonite and the Scarlet Widow. Bruce and Dick agree to help Superman and promise to contact him if they discover anything.

It is now early evening on the waterfront district of Metropolis. Batman and Robin are disguised as seedy individuals. They are going to question a ferret-faced man named Squealy Evers about the star and crescent coin that Superman had given the Dark Knight and Boy Wonder. The crooked Squealy agrees to tell them everything he knows for two hundred dollars. Unfortunately, he only tells Batman that it would be suicidal to know too much about the organization to which the design belongs.

Thinking that Squealy knows more than he lets on, the Caped Crusaders follow him to a shabby coffee shop. The ferret-faced informer secretly speaks with the waiter while he's given some coffee. Squealy tells the waiter about the Dynamic Duo's asking about the crescent and star. He asks to tell the boss this. Squealy will send them to Front Street to the north docks.

Squealy has left the coffee shop. Batman and Robin follow him without knowing that he plans to lead them into a deadly trap. Donning their costumes, Batman and Robin follow Squealy to the docks, where five men attack the Caped Crusaders. The masked crime-fighters make short work of the thugs and help two policemen take them to police headquarters.

Batman, Robin and Clark are speaking with Inspector Henderson. Neither person seems to be learning anything about the star and crescent symbol or the location of the Kryptonite. However, Clark points out that Squealy Evers contacted someone before setting the trap for Batman and Robin. They don't realize how until Clark helps them remember that Squealy talked to the waiter in the coffee shop. It was the waiter that tipped off the leaders of the Crescent and Star Gang, who paid the five men to attack the Dynamic Duo.

The World's Finest trio of heroes have just arrived at the waterfront coffee shop. While Robin guards the hidden car, Batman unmasks while wearing Clark's overcoat, and he and Clark put white powder on their hands and face. They want to make the waiter believe that they're ghosts. Clark's plan succeeds thanks to his using his superhuman abilities. The waiter, whose name is Tommy Niles, tells Batman and Clark that he always tips off a man named Charles Patsy, an alias for Charles Patsimo, when someone asks about the star and crescent moon. Patsy is owner of the Golden Lilly nightclub. All the big criminals in Metropolis go there.

While Clark Kent changes to Superman to follow Squealy Evers, who has just exited from the Golden Lilly, Batman and Robin return to their Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson identities to enter the club. They get the shock of their lives when they see the English lounge singer Gloria Garrett's raven black hair. She has a charm in it that has the insignia of the crescent moon and the star. She is a member of the criminal group. Bruce theorizes that the Crescent and Star Gang is a huge international organization. People like Patsy and Squealy merely follow the orders of the ones in command. He also believes that members of the Crescent and Star Gang are trying to contact Gloria.

A waiter has just given a note to Gloria Garrett. She is leaving the Golden Lilly. A car with an unknown man picks her up. Batman and Robin grab onto the automobile's back bumper in hopes that Garrett and the man will drive their vehicle to wherever the leaders of the Crescent and Star Gang are located. They stop in a secluded sanitarium in the country. Batman and Robin are about to hide in a clump of trees when some bright lights shine on them. A heavy set, middle-aged man named Mister Smith and ten other men with guns surround the Caped Crusaders. The Dynamic Duo has walked into a trap, and Superman is miles away pursuing Squealy Evers.

Mister Smith has taken Batman and Robin to Mister Jones, the leader of the Crescent and Star Gang. Jones asks where Batman had gotten Sydney's coin. The Dark Knight's answers do not satisfy Jones. Mister Smith is then ordered to put the Dynamic Duo into Room Zero.

Having asked the police to watch Squealy Evers at the travel cottage where the informant is staying, Superman has resumed his guise of Clark Kent and returned to Metropolis. He enters the Golden Lilly nightclub to find Batman and Robin. However, all of the employees there said that the heroes were only there for fifteen minutes. With no message left for him, Clark has no idea where to find his friends.

Batman and Robin are now in Room Zero. The ceiling drops one foot every hour of so. Within eight hours, the Caped Crusaders will be crushed to death if they don't find a means of escape.

Some hours have passed. Batman and Robin have loosened the ropes that bound them. However, the heavy steel ceiling is mere inches over their heads. There is no way to exit from Room Zero. Mister Smith questions the Dynamic Duo about the coin, but they don't answer his questions. The Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder are doomed. The ceiling will crush them in just a few hours.

Clark Kent and Inspector Henderson have had no luck in finding Batman and Robin. Squealy Evers has been arrested, but he knows nothing of the Crescent and Star Gang. He only informed Patsy when someone asked about the organization. The inspector shows Clark a photo of Gloria Garrett and tells the mild mannered reporter that nobody in America and England has ever heard of the lounge singer. Henderson wants to bring Patsy in to question him about Garrett and Batman and Robin. Unfortunately, the owner of Golden Lilly was found dead on the waterfront with a knife in his back.

Clark and Inspector Henderson are searching Patsy's office in the Golden Lilly. They find a phonograph record of Irving Berlin's "All Alone." Clark tells Henderson that the phone will ring shortly. The music is a signal to the Crescent and Star Gang. Henderson believes Clark has gone mad, but he's out of options. In just forty-five minutes, the steel ceiling in Room Zero will kill Batman and Robin. Clark shows Henderson a shortwave radio set. It's with this that the Crescent and Star Gang hears the music and contacts Patsy. The inspector still doubts Clark's idea, but he's eventually convinced to wait for the criminals' phone call.

Mister Jones and Mister Smith hear the music Clark is playing. Knowing that Patsy is dead, they believe the police have found the club owner's method of calling the group. It's less than thirty minutes until Room Zero's ceiling closes in and crushes Batman and Robin. Mister Smith is to meet Jones at 11:05 AM, five minutes after the Caped Crusaders are dead, to prepare to evacuate the sanitarium hideout.

Inspector Henderson is losing his patience with Clark. The Crescent and Star Gang has not called after hearing the record. Clark then realizes that the gang killed Patsy and suspected a trap once the music had played. Clark asks Inspector Henderson to keep playing the record while he works on an idea to save the Dynamic Duo. That plan is to follow the shortwave broadcast of "All Alone" to the Crescent and Star Gang's hideout as Superman. The Man of Steel must move fast. Only fifteen minutes remain until the steel ceiling in Room Zero will squeeze Batman and Robin to death.

While the Caped Crusaders are face down on the floor waiting for the ceiling to claim their lives, Superman is following the radio wave to the sanitarium. He breaks Room Zero's door and halts the steel's descent long enough to allow his friends to escape certain death. The three heroes then battle the Crescent and Star Gang until they find Mister Smith, the organization's second in command. He tells the trio that he was to meet with Mister Jones in the conference room. However, Jones is nowhere to be found anywhere within the hideout.

A stone in the conference room fireplace has been moved. There is a safe containing the Crescent and Star Gang's money and files, but both the cash and the records of all important criminals, including the Scarlet Widow, are missing. Mister Jones has taken everything with him. Superman, Batman and Robin have now reached a dead end in their search for the two remaining fragments of Kryptonite.

While Batman and Robin search for the Crescent and Star Gang's leader Mister Jones, Clark Kent and Inspector Henderson are interrogating Mister Smith about Jones and the Scarlet Widow. Smith agreed to help put the double-crossing gang leader behind bars in exchange for a lighter prison sentence. He was suspicious when Jones had laughed while Smith had mentioned the Widow. Jones only laughed twice in the time Smith had known him. He had done this when he had completed a huge deal. Smith now reveals that he had told Jones and Sydney, the Star and Crescent Gang's former leader, of the Scarlet Widow's location, a book and gift shop on Winston Road.

Inspector Henderson, Clark and some policemen are surrounding the Scarlet Widow's hideout. They find her henchman Sniggers shot to death. The Widow has also been located, but she is barely alive. She tells Clark that Jones killed Sniggers and wounded her. Jones now knows the location of the Kryptonite and must be stopped. Unfortunately, the Scarlet Widow doesn't reveal the whereabouts of either Mister Jones or the lethal meteor that can harm Superman. The Widow is now unconscious.

The Scarlet Widow has been taken to a hospital and regained consciousness. She tells Clark and Henderson that Jones is going after the Vulture and the Laugher for the Kryptonite they had bought from her. The gang leader has big plans for the deadly rock to destroy Superman. She cannot reveal the villain's scheme, however, because she's lost consciousness again.

Suddenly, Clark remembers something he saw in the book and gift shop before the Widow had been found. Mister Jones' elaborate and expensive atomizer was broken on the floor. He uses it to spray his throat because he fears drafts and germs caused by cold air. He'll need to buy a new one, and only a few jewelry shops in Metropolis make them.

Clark and Henderson eventually find the jewelry store. The clerk tells them that someone named Mister Philips ordered a sterling silver atomizer and will send a woman to pick it up at 6:00 PM. Henderson and Kent wait for the lady to arrive. They are surprised to see that the woman getting the sprayer for Jones is Lois Lane. After the clerk gives her the item, Henderson and Kent follow Lois until she gets into a taxi. The two men take another cab to pursue her. They find that Lois is going into a church. Henderson believes that Mister Jones will take the atomizer from Lois there.

Lois is in a rear pew of the church singing Christmas songs with the choir. She still has the atomizer in a gift wrapped package. Clark and Inspector Henderson ask someone about Mister Alginon Philips, who is the choir leader. They are shocked to see that Philips matches Batman and Robin's description of Mister Jones. It looks like they have found the leader of the Crescent Moon and Star Gang.

Making Henderson promise not to arrest Philips/Jones and Lois until the singing ends, Clark changes into Superman to get Batman to identify the gang leader. Resuming his guise of Clark Kent, the Man of Steel brings the Dark Knight to Inspector Henderson in the church. Batman isn't certain at first, but he identifies Philips as Jones. Henderson handcuffs and arrests both Philips and Lois. Philips understands the confusion and says that he has a secret that he has kept inside himself for many years. He will tell Henderson, Lois, Clark and Batman everything if they come to Philips' home. Only there, can everything be put out into the open.

Our friends have entered Mister Philips' music studio apartment. Batman is guarding the entrance while Inspector Henderson, Lois and Clark listen to the choir leader's story. It's a tale of two twin brothers. One of the brothers was named Richard. Richard was in an accident and not expected to live. However, he eventually recovered and became very distrusting and cruel. Richard was expelled from school for stealing and later forged his father's name on a check that bankrupted the family. Philips reveals that Richard is his twin brother. Unfortunately, Philips has no birth records. His father was the clerk in the city hall of the small Iowa town where he and Richard were born, and the courthouse burned down in a fire along with all the records inside.

Inspector Henderson doesn't believe Philips. He handcuffs both Lois and Philips. Clark convinces the choir leader to prove that Henderson is wrong. He does so by continuing the story.

Richard had later become obsessed with germs. Philips had bought the atomizer found in the Scarlet Widow's hideout for his brother years ago. It was the only time Philips had heard a kind word from Richard. Every Christmas Eve, Richard calls Philips. This time, he told the music teacher that the atomizer is broken. Philips bought a new one and asked Lois to pick it up because the offices of the Daily Planet are near the jewelry store. Either Richard or Tara, a Hindu boy who has become attached to Philips' brother, will come get the package tonight.

Suddenly, Batman signals that someone is coming. Tara is about to enter the choir leader's apartment. Henderson and the others hide in order to wait for the right moment to get the boy and find Mister Jones.

Clark and Batman are across the street watching the front door while Lois and Henderson are in the back. The Dark Knight and the disguised Man of Steel see Tara leave the apartment building. Henderson joins the two heroes in following the Hindu boy. The young man gives the trio the slip. Putting the atomizer in his pocket, Tara pays another lad a dollar to take the empty package. The Hindu then sneaks into the sewers to return to Mister Jones. Batman and Henderson don't see the switch because the of the heavy snowfall, but Clark sees the other boy with his superhuman eyes. The trio question the boy in a drug store and discover that the gift box is empty.

Tara has just given Mister Jones the atomizer. The bundled up villain sprays his throat and sterilizes the boys clothes before giving him further orders. Tara is to show the Crescent Moon and Star coin to the Laugher. Jones wants to see the Laugher. He has a plan for the Kryptonite that will help the gang leader destroy Superman.

The Laugher is now meeting with Mister Jones. The gang leader wants to buy the Laugher's Kryptonite. At first, the villain refuses, but he agrees to cooperate with Jones' plan after the Crescent and Star Gang's head man threatens to show his file to the police. Jones tells the Laugher that the Man of Steel and the police know that he and the Vulture have the remaining two chunks of Kal-El's home world. However, Jones has learned some information that can help bring about the end of Superman.

Jimmy Olsen is picking up some Christmas gift boxes that he had left at the Daily Planet. He is to meet Clark Kent and go with him to Christmas dinner at Perry White's house. Beany Martin gives Jimmy a letter for Clark. There is something inside the envelope with the note. Placing the message in his jacket pocket, Jimmy takes a taxi to the Metropolis River Bridge, where Clark is waiting. Kent suddenly feels sick after Jimmy gets into the reporter's car. There is Kryptonite in the envelope that Jimmy has. Losing consciousness, Clark swerves his vehicle off the bridge. Jimmy tries to take the steering wheel, but it doesn't help. The automobile has landed in the water.

Clark has been thrown from the car as it plunges deeper into the river. He resumes his true identity of Superman. The Man of Steel must save Jimmy, but he cannot get within ten feet of the boy without losing his powers. He grabs the car's back bumper and takes it back to the surface. The police arrive in a boat to assist our hero. They remove Jimmy's jacket so the Kryptonite doesn't weaken Superman. C.P.R. is performed on the cub reporter. Jimmy is now out of danger.

Jimmy has awakened on the police launch. He has opened the letter for Clark Kent and throws away the small piece of Kryptonite. Superman can now get close enough to Jimmy to read the note. Mister Jones wrote it. He says that he knows that the Daily Planet staff can contact the Man of Tomorrow. Clark is to show our hero the small fragment of his home world. If Superman wants to find the rest of the Kryptonite, he is to leave a personal ad saying how to contact Mister Jones in confidence. Jimmy is scared that Superman will walk into a trap. Before leaving the police boat, the Last Son of Krypton tells the cub reporter not to worry.

Mister Jones has just finished talking on the telephone with Professor Bush, who dissolved the Kryptonite to refuel the late Atom Man. The Laugher is wondering why Jones is smiling. All he'll says is that tomorrow night in Project Three on Mount George, Superman will walk openly into a trap and perish.

The following afternoon, Clark Kent and Batman wait for a call from Mister Jones. Superman's advertisement told Jones to telephone the mild mannered reporter to make arrangements to get the Kryptonite. The gang leader contacts Kent. He's willing to give Superman the Kryptonite for a price. His representative, his brother Alginon Philips, will give him the terms of the transaction. The Man of Steel will meet with Philips this evening for further information. Batman doesn't like any of the events. He feels that it's a trap. He doesn't realize how right he is.

As for Alginon Philips, some of his brother's men grab him and take him to Mister Jones. Jones intends to impersonate Philips. He will use a liquid Kryptonite solution made by Professor Bush. It is dyed and disguised as ink. Once its bottle is opened, the radiation from the mixture will weaken Superman enough to continue with the next phase of Jones' plan.

Batman and Robin are keeping watch as Superman is about to enter Philips' apartment that evening. Batman still suspects a trap, but Superman has not seen a trace of Kryptonite, Nevertheless, Batman plans to go into the apartment if Superman has not left it in one hour.

The Man of Steel has just entered Alginon Philips' home. What he does not know is that the man in front of him and calling himself Philips is really murderous Mister Jones, and the Kryptonite ink is in the room with both Jones and the Man of Tomorrow.

Superman has shown Philips/Jones that he is really who he claims to be by lifting a piano. Once he is satisfied, Philips/Jones claims to have felt a draft because of a cold, but the real Philips had told Lois Lane in Clark Kent's presence that he never catches a cold. Putting his suspicions aside, Superman listens to Jones' proposition. The Man of Steel will get the Kryptonite if he leaves Mister Jones alone to allow his criminal activities to continue. Naturally, Superman refuses. Saying that his brother wouldn't believe him, the disguised crime lord asks Superman to write down his answer with the ink in the bottle.

The ink bottle has been opened. Superman is now weakened. He calls to Batman, but he isn't heard. Jones reveals himself to the fallen Man of Tomorrow. All that is needed is to take our hero to Project Three on Mount George. Once there, the destruction of Superman can begin.

It's been thirty minutes since Superman had gone into Alginon Philips' apartment. Batman and Robin are worried. They look into Philips' window and find nobody inside the music teacher's home. Realizing that Philips has been replaced by Mister Jones, Batman and Robin follow the crime lord's trail. Meanwhile, Jones and his men have taken Superman in an ambulance. They left the apartment building through the basement exit.

Batman and Robin have flagged down a vegetable truck. The driver helps the Caped Crusaders follow the ambulance until the vehicle breaks down. It looks like the Dynamic Duo will be unable to help their Kryptonian friend.

In a laboratory at the top of Mount George with the unconscious Man of Steel, Mister Jones and Tara have brought the Laugher and his Kryptonite to a Japanese scientist named Professor Noshima. He believes that the Atom Man couldn't kill Superman because the nuclear fission in his body was not controlled properly. The Kryptonite is placed in a gigantic cyclotron with the Man of Steel. Once the meteor's atomic chain reaction begins, Mister Jones can witness the utter destruction of Superman!

The atomic reaction in the cyclotron is heating the Kryptonite. Deadly green bolts strike the Man of Steel. Suddenly, the Laugher storms into the lab to warn Mister Jones that some of his men have been knocked out by whoever was in the truck that had followed the villains to Mount George. The Laugher, who doesn't want to take any chances, orders that the cyclotron be shut down so he can leave with the Kryptonite that he had bought from the late Scarlet Widow before he gets caught by the police or F.B.I

Batman and Robin have just burst into Project Three. During the fight with the Laugher and Mister Jones, the leader of the Crescent and Star Gang orders the Dynamic Duo to leave Mount George. If they don't, Jones will re-activate the cyclotron and bombard Superman with deadly Kryptonite radiation, which he does in every case. Superman is now meeting his doom thanks to the lethal green lightning.

Batman and Robin have just knocked out Mister Jones and the Laugher. The Caped Crusaders are desperately trying to turn off the cyclotron. The Boy Wonder has found the master switch to deactivate the machine. Superman is now safe, but in the confusion, both Jones and the Laugher escape. They don't count on Superman capturing them and giving the criminals to the Metropolis police. Inspector Henderson even helps to destroy the Kryptonite that Jones had gotten from the Laugher and the Vulture.

Clark Kent has returned to the Daily Planet and has given the story of the Kryptonite and Mister Jones. He sees that Perry White is preoccupied for some reason. Lois Lane has been acting strangely recently. She has even resigned from the newspaper. When Perry asked why, Lois broke down crying. Clark seems to doubt what he hears about Lois until she enters Perry's office. She's in a paranoid frenzy as she points a gun at the chief, and she's about to pull the trigger. What's wrong with Lois? What will happen to Perry? How is "The Talking Cat" involved? Be sure to join us next week, boys and girls, for The Adventures of Superman to find out.


Jackson Beck does not narrate the last six chapters.


"Looking For Kryptonite" is one of those serials that isn't bad, but it could have used some editing. It seems to jump all over the place in some chapters. Perhaps if it had been divided into two twelve or thirteen part arcs or one twelve or eighteen episode story, it would have been a lot better.

There are two plot holes in "Looking For Kryptonite." The first deals with Robin. He seems surprised that Superman is aware of the fact that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are Batman and Robin. However, when Superman met Dick in chapter two of "The Mystery of the Waxmen," (the second and third episodes of that serial are the only ones that exist for now) the Man of Steel revealed that he knew that Dick and Robin were one and the same. Wouldn't Dick have told his mentor about this? It seems careless of the writers not to think of this.

The Kryptonite is another plot hole. In the last chapter of "Looking For Kryptonite," the narrator says that the police destroyed the two pieces of Kryptonite that Mister Jones had had. Okay folks, you've all been following "The Kryptonite Saga" with me since it began with "The Meteor of Kryptonite." As you all recall, the Vulture had one piece of Kryptonite. This fragment's location is not mentioned until the end of this serial. One is led to assume that Mister Jones got it from the Vulture from the announcer's saying he had the remaining parts of the meteor and from the Scarlet Widow's deathbed confession. However, no meeting between Jones and the Vulture ever occurs in the story. One can't help but think that the Vulture would not want to give up the means of destroying Superman so easily. The phrase about the police destroying Jones' two pieces of Kryptonite seems rushed into the story in an effort to tie up loose ends.

Am I the only one that feels that Mister Jones' twin brother is unnecessary and written merely to prolong the story? He's a completely disposable character, and the twin brother thing has been done to death. Instead of putting things that weren't needed and dragging the serial out, more important elements, like the aforementioned Vulture/Mister Jones meeting, should have been focused upon to make "Looking For Kryptonite" a better arc. A saga that one expects to end with a bang merely finishes with a sudden pop.

Speaking of unnecessary things, let's talk about the apparent death of the Scarlet Widow. This serial could have easily been written in a way in which she survives being shot by Mister Jones. The ending of that villainess is way too sudden and anti-climatic. I would have loved to see her get revenge on Mister Jones.

Despite my problems with "Looking For Kryptonite," there are some good things in the serial. There is a lot of action and suspense in many of the chapters, particularly in the ones where Superman must save Batman and Robin and vice versa. I just feel a lot of things could have been removed, changed or added to improve the story arc as a whole. Let's hope these problems are fixed when we meet "The Talking Cat" in a week or so, Superfans. Until then, don't touch that dial, and remember to keep smiling and look up in the sky.

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