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[Last updated December 8, 2023]

This is an attempt at a list of songs mentioning "Superman" and/or "Clark Kent". It includes, wherever possible, the album or soundtrack on which the song is listed. Listings are organized in alphabetical order of artist's surname or band name.

If you know of any others, email them to me and I'll add them to this list, but check this list first before emailing me to make sure I don't already have it. I'm only highlighting a few lines from each song to give the gist of the super-lyric, so as not to make this file overly large.

Any inaccuracies in transcription will be corrected if I am notified.

Current Total: 613 Songs.

Use the alphabetic table below to navigate through the alphabetical listings.



  • ARTIST: 13 & God
    ALBUM: 13 & God
    SONG: Superman on Ice
    LYRICS: (No Superman lyrics).

  • ARTIST: 2Be3
    ALBUM: Made in America
    SONG: I'll Be Your Hero
    LYRICS: Just reach out and take my hand
    I'm gonna pull you through
    Baby I'll be Superman
    If you need me to.

  • ARTIST: 50 Cent
    ALBUM: No Mercy, No Fear
    SONG: Soldier
    LYRICS: Nigga you ain't invincible, even Superman in a wheel chair.

  • ARTIST: 50 Cent
    ALBUM: [Non-Album Release]
    SONG: 21 Questions (Remix)
    LYRICS: I ain't looking for no superman to try and save me.

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  • ARTIST: A Tribe Called Quest
    ALBUM: Midnight Marauders
    SONG: Award Tour
    LYRICS: I have a quest to have the mic in my hand
    Without that, it's like Kryptonite and Superman.

  • ARTIST: Above The Law
    ALBUM: Uncle Sam's Curse
    SONG: Black Superman
    LYRICS: So when I'm hangin wit the click, and we in demand
    I feel good that the city of angel's call me black superman.

    ALBUM: Powerage
    SONG: What's Next To The Moon
    LYRICS: Heavenly body flyin' across the sky
    Superman was outta town
    Come on Honey Gotta change your tune
    Cause it's a long way down
    Dropped in lookin' for a free ride
    Think about Lois Lane
    It's a bird It's a plane It's suicide
    And that'd be a shame.

  • ARTIST: Acid Bath
    ALBUM: When The Kite String Pops
    SONG: Jezebele
    LYRICS: Broken glass and dirty needles
    Soul erosion truth
    Electric god our Superman
    Found dead in a telephone booth.

  • ARTIST: Adams, Bryan
    ALBUM: Waking Up The Neighbours
    SONG: Can't Stop This Thing We Started
    LYRICS: You might stop the world spinnin' round
    Might even walk on holy ground
    I ain't Superman and I can't fly
    But if you wanna stop me baby - don't even try
    I'm goin' one way - your way
    It's such a strong way - let's make it our way.

  • ARTIST: Ahmad
    ALBUM: Ahmad
    SONG: The Jones'
    LYRICS: Cause I mic-check and never once sound like Das at all
    From a Superman crew, so I do the impossible.

  • ARTIST: Alice Donut
    ALBUM: Donut Comes Alive
    SONG: Sunshine Superman
    LYRICS: (No Superman lyrics).

  • ARTIST: Alisha's Attic
    ALBUM: Alisha Rules The World
    SONG: Air We Breathe
    LYRICS: The galaxy is open
    So paint me on your right hand
    And let's fly off Superman style
    You know it'll be so good
    And I'll never look back.

  • ARTIST: Alkaholiks, The
    ALBUM: Coast II Coast
    SONG: Flashback
    LYRICS: Rappin on the mic like he's the man
    With this break I'm Superman
    Lookin like Kurtis Blow's song
    Singin dum-diddy-dum-diddy-diddy-dum-dum.

  • ARTIST: Allan, Mitch
    ALBUM: Clawing My Way to the Middle
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: No I don't want to be Superman
    He wants to be me.

  • ARTIST: Alphaville
    ALBUM: CrazyShow - CD 11 - Stranger Than Dreams
    SONG: For The Sake of Love
    LYRICS: I forgive Superman that I didn't stay clean.

  • ARTIST: American Supermodel
    ALBUM: American Supermodel
    SONG: Lois and Clark
    LYRICS: Sometimes it's not so great to be the superhero.
    Choking on her kryptonite.

  • ARTIST: An Emotional Fish
    ALBUM: Sloper
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I want to be more then I am, I want to be your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Anderson, Laurie
    ALBUM: Big Science
    SONG: O Superman
    LYRICS: O Superman. O judge. O Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad.

  • ARTIST: Andrews, Chris
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Lazy Days
    LYRICS: You're thinking that you're a Superman.

  • ARTIST: Aqua
    ALBUM: Aquarius
    SONG: Cartoon Heroes
    LYRICS: It's a Superman, from NeverNeverLand
    Welcome to their toon town party.

  • ARTIST: Archies, The
    ALBUM: Sugar Sugar
    SONG: Waldo P. Emerson Jones
    LYRICS: He comes on like Rock Hudson and he thinks he's Superman.

  • ARTIST: Arjona, Ricardo
    ALBUM: Si El Norte Fuera El Sur
    SONG: Tu
    LYRICS: tu
    mi remedio y mi mal
    la criptonita de este Superman.

  • ARTIST: Asian Dub Foundation
    ALBUM: Facts and Fiction
    SONG: Strong Culture
    LYRICS: We dont give a damn
    Even if you're Superman.

  • ARTIST: Astley, Rick
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: You could be my Wonder Woman. I could be your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Ataque 77
    ALBUM: Antihumano
    SONG: Western
    LYRICS: Superman, nunca viene por aca (Superman, never comes around here).

  • ARTIST: Atkins, Rodney
    ALBUM: If You're Going Through Hell
    SONG: Watching You
    LYRICS: 'cause I've been watching you, dad ain't that kool?
    I'm your buckaroo; I want to be like you.
    And eat all my food and grow as tall as you are.
    By then I'll be strong as Superman.

  • ARTIST: Atlanta Rhythm Section
    ALBUM: Back Up Against The Wall
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Wish I was that Superman. Stopping trains and making diamonds in my hand. Big reporter man, I'd write all the news today. And it'd say, "Up, up baby and away".

  • ARTIST: Atmosphere
    ALBUM: Sad Clown Bad Dub 1
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I never said I was Jesus, I'm Superman, Superman.

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  • ARTIST: B*Witched
    ALBUM: Awake and Breathe
    SONG: My Superman
    LYRICS: Now I know you're my Superman
    (you're amazing)
    You're my wonderman (where you been)
    Wherever I am (come and save me)
    Oh my Superman (so amazing).

  • ARTIST: Bad Religion
    ALBUM: Suffer
    SONG: Do What You Want
    LYRICS: Break all the f***ing rules, and go to hell with
    Superman and die like a champion ya hee!

  • ARTIST: Barnes And Barnes
    ALBUM: Voobaha
    SONG: De Pumped Out Blues
    LYRICS: She rolls and hugs and bites my buns
    But I ain't Superman tonite I'm quittin'
    I got de no pumped de pumped out
    De pumped out blues.

  • ARTIST: Bathory
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Century
    LYRICS: Suicidal intentions. There's no kingdom up high.
    Presidential elections. Superman never dies.

  • ARTIST: Bean, Noelle
    ALBUM: Bean
    SONG: Lois Lane
    LYRICS: Like Superman and Lois Lane. You're Peter Parker. I'm your Mary Jane.

  • ARTIST: Bensin
    ALBUM: Leave Your Mark
    SONG: Save the Day
    LYRICS: And I'm not Superman, no, I don't think I am. But I'll be back to save the day.

  • ARTIST: Bettencourt, Nuno
    ALBUM: Schizophonic
    SONG: Confrontation
    LYRICS: Superman was a very strong man
    He risked his life with kryptonite.

  • ARTIST: Beta Band, The
    ALBUM: Beta Band
    SONG: Dance O'er The Border
    LYRICS: I couldn't do it in the Superman-style.

  • ARTIST: Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    ALBUM: Beautiful World
    SONG: Resignation Superman
    LYRICS: He'll come flying out of this town,
    A resignation superman,
    And today the bad guys win,
    Cause he turned his cape in,
    Now, he says,
    And I'll turn my back on this world,
    Yes I'll turn my eyes from this world,
    Oh well...

  • ARTIST: Big Pink, The
    ALBUM: Future This
    SONG: Hit the Ground (Superman)
    LYRICS: I don't wanna hit the ground, oh Superman, oh Superman.

  • ARTIST: Big Tymers
    ALBUM: Hood Rich
    SONG: Still Fly
    LYRICS: I got a Superman Benz that I scored from Shaq.

  • ARTIST: Black Coffee (featuring Bucie)
    ALBUM: Superman
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Can you be my Superman?

  • ARTIST: Black Lab
    ALBUM: Your Body Above Me
    SONG: Bring It On
    LYRICS: I'm going away. I'm going away from here
    You fly, fly, fly, yeah you think you're Superman
    Well let me tell you Clark Kent.

  • ARTIST: Black Lace
    ALBUM: What A Party!
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Sleep. Wave your hands. Hitch a ride. Sneeze. Go for a walk. Let's see you swim. And ski. Spray. Macho man. Sound your horn. And ring the bell. OK. Kiss. Comb your hair. Wave. Wave your hands. Superman!

  • ARTIST: Black Sabbath
    ALBUM: Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath
    SONG: Spiral Architect
    LYRICS: Sorcerers of madness
    Selling me their time
    Child of god sitting in the sun
    Giving peace of mind
    Fictional seduction
    On a black snow sky
    Sadness kills the superman
    Even fathers cry.

  • ARTIST: Blacktop Manhattan
    ALBUM: [None]
    SONG: Hollywise
    LYRICS: Superman is killing himself.

  • ARTIST: Blindside
    ALBUM: Blindside
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I wish that I could stop
    Playing Superman
    I have decided to let the case drop
    I'm not Superman.

  • ARTIST: Bliss n Eso
    ALBUM: Off the Grid
    SONG: Moments
    LYRICS: Pretending I was Superman so I could save the day.

  • ARTIST: Blow, Kurtis
    ALBUM: Ego Trip
    SONG: Under Fire
    LYRICS: Lebanon, Russia, Iraq and Iran
    Too many people dyin' playing Superman.

  • ARTIST: Bon Jovi
    ALBUM: Crush
    SONG: Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars
    LYRICS: Share a toothpick, trading lipstick
    Watching traffic for days at the diner
    Holding hands, making big plans
    Playing Superman, he was wearing eyeliner
    Another local legend and his longtime lucky charm.

  • ARTIST: Bon Jovi
    ALBUM: Crush
    SONG: Say It Isn't So
    LYRICS: Superman can't fly,
    Did it all with strings.

  • ARTIST: Bon Jovi
    ALBUM: The Circle
    SONG: Superman Tonight
    LYRICS: I won't lie, wish that I could be your Superman tonight.

  • ARTIST: Bone, Bizzy
    ALBUM: The Midwest Cowboy
    SONG: Wit A $20 Dolla Bill
    LYRICS: Just like Superman, doing it better and better, I'm giving 100%.

  • ARTIST: Boogie Down Productions
    ALBUM: By All Means Necessary
    SONG: I'm Still #1
    LYRICS: Step in the jam and slam
    I'm not Superman, because anybody can.

  • ARTIST: Bose, Miguel
    ALBUM: Personalidad 20 Exitos
    SONG: Super Superman
    LYRICS: Super Superman, vas a ser mi heroe, super Superman... Pegales... Superman.

  • ARTIST: Bowie, David
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: O Superman
    LYRICS: Oh, Superman, oh, judge
    Oh, mom and dad, mom and dad.

  • ARTIST: Bowie, David
    ALBUM: Hunky Dory
    SONG: Quicksand
    LYRICS: I'm not a prophet or a stone age man
    Just a mortal with potential of a superman.

  • ARTIST: Bowling For Soup
    ALBUM: Drunk Enough To Dance
    SONG: She's Got A Boyfriend
    LYRICS: She always knew she'd find the right guy,
    Who'd hold her through the night
    Someone she'd take to meet her mom
    And take her to see Britney Spears
    Who knows if Clark Kent is a Superman?

  • ARTIST: Braid
    ALBUM: Frame and Canvas
    SONG: Collect From Clark Kent
    LYRICS: N/A.

  • ARTIST: Brooklyn Bridge
    ALBUM: Johnny Maestro And The Brooklyn Bridge
    SONG: Blessed Is The Rain
    LYRICS: That I'm a man who lives and breathes
    And makes mistakes and not a
    Superman she dreamed.

  • ARTIST: Brand, Adam
    ALBUM: Built for Speed
    SONG: My Mind's Made Up
    LYRICS: Frankie and Johnny, Jack and Dianne
    Lois Lane and Superman
    My pretty woman, my little white dove.

  • ARTIST: Brooks, Joe
    ALBUM: Constellation Me
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: If I could be a Superman, I'd fly you to the stars and back again.

  • ARTIST: Brooks, Tae
    ALBUM: On My Own
    SONG: Lois Lane
    LYRICS: I can be your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Brothers Four
    ALBUM: The Brothers Four
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Paint me up in crazy colors so I look like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Brown Boy
    ALBUM: Livin' Shady
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I can love you like no one can
    I can be your Superman (Superman)
    just take my hand let's fly away
    I promise I'll be there everyday.

  • ARTIST: Brown, Chris
    ALBUM: Exclusive
    SONG: Picture Perfect
    LYRICS: Over here Miss Lane
    Come on, get fly with a Superman.

  • ARTIST: Brown, Julie
    ALBUM: Trapped in the Body of a White Girl
    SONG: I Like Them Big and Stupid
    LYRICS: A Superman with a lobotomy.

  • ARTIST: Bruce Lee Band
    ALBUM: Bruce Lee Band
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Superman can you save me from my own insecurities?
    Still when people come I find another road to stress upon
    Where are the people?
    Hours later I'm awake thinking of my actions
    Where are the people?
    And Superman can you save me from my own insecurities?

  • ARTIST: BUCK Enterprises
    ALBUM: Buck
    SONG: Superman Soup
    LYRICS: We need Superman we need Spider-man.

  • ARTIST: Bucks Fizz
    ALBUM: The Story So Far... The Best Of
    SONG: Land Of Make Believe
    LYRICS: You're an outlaw once again
    Time to change
    Superman will be with us
    While he can
    In the land of make believe.

  • ARTIST: Buffett, Jimmy
    ALBUM: Down To Earth
    SONG: I Can't Be Your Hero Today
    LYRICS: And I can't be your hero today
    Your wholesale price is much to high to pay
    Bargain basement atmosphere is no way to sell love
    and I can't be your Superman above.

  • ARTIST: Bunton, Emma
    ALBUM: Non Album Track
    SONG: Invincible
    LYRICS: Like Superman, Lois Lane
    We're just as strong, just the same.

  • ARTIST: Burns, Steve
    ALBUM: Songs for Dustmites
    SONG: Henry Krinkle's Lament
    LYRICS: Last night I dreamt
    I was Superman
    And I had lots of fun
    Playing with my cape
    And with my tights.

  • ARTIST: Bush
    ALBUM: Golden State
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Severed whole first you find your threshold bevels
    Breathing out your toxic levels
    Long slow rope is hanging--now we know what's coming
    Superman--where have you gone?

  • ARTIST: Bustamante, David
    ALBUM: Bustamante
    SONG: No soy un Superman (I'm not Superman)
    LYRICS: Mira... (Look)
    no soy un superman, (I'm not Superman)
    soy un hombre muy sencillo (I'm a very simple man)
    que te quiere enamorar. (which wants to make you fall in love.)
    Mira que no soy de acero, (Look I'm not made of steel,)
    tengo el corazon blandito (because I've got a very soft heart).

  • ARTIST: Byrd, Gary
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: The Crown
    LYRICS: It's not Star Wars
    it's not Superman
    it's not the story of the Ku-Klux-Klan.

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  • ARTIST: C.K.B.
    ALBUM: New York City Women
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Wake up, wake up, wake up if you can, Wake up, wake up, get your secret plan... Get your super plan... Superman... Superman...

  • ARTIST: Cagle, Chris
    ALBUM: Chris Cagle
    SONG: Chicks Dig It
    LYRICS: Daddy's belt, mamas drapes
    Standin' tall on the backyard shed
    Lookin' cool in my Superman cape.

  • ARTIST: Canyon, George
    ALBUM: Somebody Wrote Love
    SONG: Drinkin' Thinkin'
    LYRICS: Your brain cells party, and your body believes you're Superman.

  • ARTIST: Carlisle, Bob
    ALBUM: Shades Of Grace
    SONG: Mighty Love
    LYRICS: I ain't no spiritual Superman
    Don't always give a shiny, bright example
    of what a believer ought to be.

  • ARTIST: Carpenter, Mary Chapin
    ALBUM: Where Time Stands Still: A Special Collection
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Walk me home. Take my hand. Baby you can be my Superman.

  • ARTIST: Carter, Aaron
    ALBUM: Oh Aaron
    SONG: I Would
    LYRICS: Like Evil Kenevil
    Jumps a canon like an eagle
    I'll be your surper hero
    protect you from evil
    Like Batman, Spiderman, Superman
    I can be your man
    Be my Jane and I'll be Tarzan.

  • ARTIST: Carter, Carlene
    ALBUM: Little Love Letters
    SONG: I Love You 'cause I Want To
    LYRICS: I could be tearing the Eiffel Tower down to the ground
    I could be helping Superman and break the speed of sound.

  • ARTIST: Carter, Nick
    ALBUM: Superman
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I ain't nobody's Superhero. But I can be your Superman. You might think your heart is Kryptonite.

  • ARTIST: Cascada
    ALBUM: Evacuate the Dancefloor
    SONG: Fever
    LYRICS: I don't need no Superman, Trying to tell me who I am.

  • ARTIST: Catherine Wheel, The
    ALBUM: Wishville
    SONG: Gasoline
    LYRICS: Fuel of fathers' sweat
    Sweet like baby's breath
    Strong like Superman
    Stinking up the streets I am.

  • ARTIST: Celibee & the Buzzy Bunch
    ALBUM: Celibee & the Buzzy Bunch
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Superman, you make me feel I'm the Queen of the world
    Superman, you make me feel so special...

  • ARTIST: JC Chasez
    ALBUM: Schizophrenic
    SONG: 100 Ways
    LYRICS: I'll be your Superman. You play Lois Lane.

  • ARTIST: Chainsmokers & Coldplay, The
    ALBUM: Memories...Do Not Open
    SONG: Something Just Like This
    LYRICS: And Superman unrolls a suit before he lifts.

  • ARTIST: Chalk Circle
    ALBUM: The Great Lake
    SONG: Superman (Meets the Man of Steel)
    LYRICS: Superman meets the Man of Steel.

  • ARTIST: Chamillionaire
    ALBUM: Ultimate Victory
    SONG: Come Back to the Streets
    LYRICS: I come out the suit like, Clark Kent to make sure you're done.

  • ARTIST: Chase (featuring Walt Johnson)
    ALBUM: Watch Closely Now
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Superman!

  • ARTIST: Chingy
    ALBUM: Powerballin
    SONG: Wurr Da Git It Gurlz At
    LYRICS: you a git it girl, baby
    i know ur fire, cuz u made me do a 180
    now come around and twist the crown to the sound lady
    its superman like my nickname was slim shady
    from the twist u just gave me.

  • ARTIST: Christensen, Tory
    ALBUM: Superman Can
    SONG: Superman Can
    LYRICS: Superman can, Superman can. So why can't you?

  • ARTIST: Chucky Jenkins And The Psychedelic Caterpillars
    ALBUM: Pneumonoultramicroscopiccilicovolcanoconiosis Aplenty
    SONG: Pauly Shore Is Chickencrap
    LYRICS: Michael Bolton is a wuss
    Superman came from Metropolis
    Josh Tesh's singing puts me to sleep
    And so does Yanni Live from Acropolis.

  • ARTIST: Church, Eric
    ALBUM: Chief
    SONG: Drink in my Hand
    LYRICS: You be my Lois Lane, I'll be your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Church, Eric
    ALBUM: Chief
    SONG: Jack Daniels
    LYRICS: Guess every Superman has got his Kryptonite,
    Jack Daniels kicked my ass again last night.

  • ARTIST: Ciara
    ALBUM: The Evolution
    SONG: Promise
    LYRICS: You can be my Superman
    Save me here I am.

  • ARTIST: Cinerama
    ALBUM: Disco Volante
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: And that sounds just like a job for Superman
    Not the lazy slob that you think I am
    Because nothing I could do
    Is ever going to be quite good enough for you.

  • ARTIST: Clapton, Eric
    ALBUM: Reptile
    SONG: Superman Inside
    LYRICS: Look in the mirror, even with a broken heart I'm fine.
    Keep on pushing, getting closer to peace of mind.
    Look in the mirror, even with a broken heart I'm fine.
    Living is so sweet now with Superman inside.

  • ARTIST: Classix Nouveaux
    ALBUM: Nasty Little Green Men
    SONG: Nasty Little Green Men
    LYRICS: Will they be - Superman's relations?
    Will they be - like on the TV?
    Will they be - like in Close Encounters?
    Will they be - just like you & me? Hey!

  • ARTIST: Clay, Matthew
    ALBUM: Crown Yourself King
    SONG: I Killed Superman
    LYRICS: I killed Superman.

  • ARTIST: Clinton, Michael
    ALBUM: If I Were Superman
    SONG: If I Were Superman
    LYRICS: Will you shelter me from all the kryptonite. If I were Superman. I would be impervious to all the pain. If you promise me that you would be my Lois Lane. If I were Superman.

  • ARTIST: Cold
    ALBUM: Cold
    SONG: Serial Killer
    LYRICS: I can see the future boiling up around I'm so afraid
    Someone told you to make half a girl she used to be alive
    I can feel the fire, crawling on you like you're Superman
    But I would pay to watch you burn.

  • ARTIST: Cole, Jude
    ALBUM: I Don't Know Why I Act This Way
    SONG: Move If You're Goin'
    LYRICS: You better run like, run like Superman
    Yeah, mm-hmm
    You better run like, run like Superman
    You better run like, run like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Cole, Paula
    ALBUM: This Fire
    SONG: Neitzsche's Eyes
    LYRICS: I didn't know just how I felt.
    Oh my love, I'm getting down this.
    You were not my superman.

  • ARTIST: Commodores
    ALBUM: Machine Gun 1974
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Faster than a speeding bullet. Jump buildings in a single bound. Known throughout the country as the baddest, baddest man around. 'Cause I'm Superman. Hey, hey, hey I'm Superman.

  • ARTIST: Company
    ALBUM: Devotion
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Superman alias Clark Kent
    Fly so high up in the sky.

  • ARTIST: Company Caine
    ALBUM: Product of a Broken Reality
    SONG: The Day Superman Got Busted
    LYRICS: The day Superman got busted, He kissed his friends and shook hands with the ones he trusted. The cops said you're not doing right. If you keep using Kryptonite. The day Superman got busted.

  • ARTIST: Connick, Harry Jr
    ALBUM: Blue Light, Red Light
    SONG: He Is They Are
    LYRICS: He did things that only Superman could do
    Things that sis and I could not believe were true.

  • ARTIST: Conway, Deborah
    ALBUM: Bitch Epic
    SONG: One More Time
    LYRICS: I'm not impressing, so what if Superman's got my address?
    He wasn't bad, but frankly darling when you've had what I've had.

  • ARTIST: Cooder, Graw
    ALBUM: Shifting Gears
    SONG: Better Days
    LYRICS: I'll fly over traffic jams, just like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Cool Nutz
    ALBUM: The Cook Up
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Rap music got me feeling like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Coolio
    ALBUM: Gansta's Paradise
    SONG: Smilin'
    LYRICS: Forget Batman, Superman and the Power Rangers.

  • ARTIST: Coppola, Imani
    ALBUM: Non Album Track
    SONG: It's All About Me, Me, And Me
    LYRICS: Brenda Beam was born after watching "Superman"
    she wore a cape when troubled
    and then she saved my life.
    So have no fear, Brenda Beam will save the day
    anytime, anyway,
    anyhow, anywhere
    Brenda Beam will be there.

  • ARTIST: Counting Crows
    ALBUM: Himalayans
    SONG: Ordinary Superman
    LYRICS: [No Superman lyrics].

  • ARTIST: Crash Test Dummies
    ALBUM: The Ghosts that Haunt Me
    SONG: Superman's Song
    LYRICS: Superman never made any money
    For saving the world from Solomon Grundy
    And sometimes I despair the world will never see another man
    Like him.

  • ARTIST: Croce, Jim
    ALBUM: Photographs and Memories
    SONG: You Don't Mess Around With Jim
    LYRICS: You don't tug on Superman's cape
    You don't spit into the wind
    You don't pull the mask off the ol' Lone Ranger
    And you don't mess around with Jim.

  • ARTIST: Crooked I
    ALBUM: Young Boss Vol. 2
    SONG: Black Superman (Freestyle)
    LYRICS: They call me Black Superman.

  • ARTIST: Crow, Sheryl
    ALBUM: The Faculty Soundtrack
    SONG: Resuscitation
    LYRICS: Short circulated
    Sleeping through the dopamine
    When you've got nothing to fear
    Too low to notice
    Superman in disco jeans
    Having a good time
    Just wish I was here.

  • ARTIST: Crowe, Russell
    ALBUM: My Hand My Heart
    SONG: Worst In The World
    LYRICS: I am only as I am, Not Satan, I'm not a Superman.

  • ARTIST: Culture Club
    ALBUM: Waking Up With The House On Fire
    SONG: The Dive
    LYRICS: Baby I'm no Superman.

  • ARTIST: Cyrus, Miley
    ALBUM: Hannah Montana
    SONG: Who Said
    LYRICS: Who said, who said
    I can't be Superman
    I say, I say
    That I know I can.

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  • ARTIST: D12
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: I Say Yeah
    LYRICS: I might not be special, not like your superman
    But living and loving, well that I super-can.

  • ARTIST: D12
    ALBUM: D12 World
    SONG: My Band
    LYRICS: Superman video I was in the back.

  • ARTIST: D12
    ALBUM: Return of the Dozen 2
    SONG: Canon
    LYRICS: F*** Superman, be Clark

  • ARTIST: Daily Planet
    ALBUM: Hero
    SONG: Five
    LYRICS: I jumped off the couch today, I swear I was not afraid
    'Cause I had on my red cape just like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Daughtry
    ALBUM: Baptized
    SONG: Waiting For Superman
    LYRICS: Waiting for Superman to pick her up
    In his arms, In his arms
    Waiting for Superman

  • ARTIST: Dave Matthews Band
    ALBUM: "Mr. Deeds" Movie Soundtrack/Busted Stuff
    SONG: Where Are You Going?
    LYRICS: I am no Superman not at all. I have no answers for you. I am no hero, oh thats for sure.

  • ARTIST: Davidson, Clay
    ALBUM: Unconditional
    SONG: I Can't Lie to Me
    LYRICS: Well, I've got everybody thinkin' I'm superman strong
    But that big ole "S" ain't on my chest at night when I get home.

  • ARTIST: Davis, Mac
    ALBUM: Texas in My Rear View Mirror
    SONG: In the Eyes of My People
    LYRICS: And in the eyes of my children, let me be a Superman, a knight in shining armor. A cowboy not just a farmer...

  • ARTIST: (The) Dawn
    ALBUM: The Dawn
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I wanna be your Superman, I wanna be your everyman.

  • ARTIST: Daya
    ALBUM: Sit Still, Look Pretty
    SONG: Hide Away
    LYRICS: He's gonna save my life like Superman

  • ARTIST: DC Talk
    ALBUM: Jesus Freak
    SONG: Like It, Love It, Need It
    LYRICS: You'll never find peace of mind in your lucky charm
    You'll never find peace of mind on a hippie farm
    You'll never find peace of mind in a one-night stand
    You'll never find peace of mind in your superman.

  • ARTIST: DeBarge, Chico
    ALBUM: Long Time No See
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Go ahead and tell your friends...that I'm your Superman...go ahead and tell your man that I'm your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Demon
    ALBUM: The Plague
    SONG: A Step Too Far
    LYRICS: Run free you spaced out monkey
    Run free you superman
    A shining example to us all.

  • ARTIST: John Denver and the Muppets
    ALBUM: Rocky Mountain Holiday
    SONG: She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain
    LYRICS: She'll be followed by her fan club and the local Superman club.

  • ARTIST: Desman, Shawn
    ALBUM: Shawn Desman
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Have no fear, your superman is here Don't let life slip by you
    Give me a chance, come and take my hand.

  • ARTIST: Diamond Rio
    ALBUM: Completely
    SONG: We All Fall Down
    LYRICS: Then tied the shoelace that read, Superman.

  • ARTIST: Dino, Desi & Billy
    ALBUM: Single: Superman/I Can't Get Her Off My Mind
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Who's the man you can't ignore? It's Superman. From Budapest to Baltimore. It's Superman.

  • ARTIST: Dio
    ALBUM: Dream Evil
    SONG: Sunset Superman
    LYRICS: Sunset superman
    Sunset superman
    Sunset superman
    Anybody can
    Sunset superman.

  • ARTIST: Dion, Celine
    ALBUM: Les Premières Années
    SONG: Four Steps Away From Here
    LYRICS: Ton ami Superman te conduira par la main
    (Your friend Superman will lead you by the hand).

  • ARTIST: Dion, Celine
    ALBUM: Des mots qui sonnent
    SONG: Superman's Son
    LYRICS: Tout comme son pere, Le petit Jean-Pierre, Etait un fan, Un fan de Superman
    (Just like his father, The little Jean-Pierre, Was a fan, A Superman fan).

  • ARTIST: Dj Bobo
    ALBUM: There Is A Party
    SONG: Give Yourself A Chance
    LYRICS: It's not Terminator, not Superman
    Not a bad story of the Ku-klux-klan
    It's like a picture and it starts to shine
    It's bright in colours so open your mind
    Give yourself a chance take it in your hand.

    ALBUM: ...and then there was X
    SONG: Party Up
    LYRICS: First of all, you ain't rapped long enough to be f#@*in with me and
    you, you ain't strong enough So whatever it is you puffin on that got you
    think that you Superman I got the Kryptonite...

  • ARTIST: Donovan
    ALBUM: Sunshine Superman
    SONG: Sunshine Superman
    LYRICS: Superman or green lantern ain't got a-nothin' on me.
    I can make like a turtle and dive for your pearls in the sea, yeah!

  • ARTIST: Down By Law
    ALBUM: All Scratched Up
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: And if I could i'd be the one
    Cause I want to be
    Yeah I want to be
    Yeah I want to be like Superman
    But I can't seem to fly.

  • ARTIST: Dr. Hook
    ALBUM: Vintage Years
    SONG: Love Monster
    LYRICS: All his lovers remember his hands
    Driving them crazy like a Superman.

  • ARTIST: Dream, The
    ALBUM: Love vs. Money
    SONG: Mr. Yeah
    LYRICS: I'm harder than Superman, I bounce back like a rubber band.

  • ARTIST: Dream Street
    ALBUM: Dream Street
    SONG: I Say Yeah (If You Say Alright)
    LYRICS: I might not be special, not like your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Dream Warriors
    ALBUM: And Now The Legacy Begins
    SONG: My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style Lyrics
    LYRICS: Hits so strong even Superman needs a hand.

    ALBUM: N/A
    SONG: Superman's Sick Day
    LYRICS: Superman you left us in the dust, who's gonna save the world from us, your day off may be good for you, as for the rest of us we're screwed.

  • ARTIST: Dune Rats
    ALBUM: Dune Rats
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Superman - Flying through the sky for me.

  • ARTIST: Dweller
    ALBUM: Before You Save the World
    SONG: If I Were Superman
    LYRICS: I'd take you away. The world would be safe. If I were Superman.

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  • ARTIST: Earle, Stacey
    ALBUM: Dancin' With Them That Brung Me
    SONG: Must Be Love
    LYRICS: You can run as far
    As fast as you can
    Stop them bullets
    Like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Electic Illuminati, The
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Sin City Superman
    LYRICS: Well cat in the hat with a cheshire grin
    Sin City Superman.

  • ARTIST: Eggstone
    ALBUM: In San Diego
    SONG: Sun King
    LYRICS: And since that day I get my tan
    From sleeping under an instant sun
    It makes me feel like a Superman
    Now I'm the king
    The king of the sun.

  • ARTIST: Emerson Drive
    ALBUM: Emerson Drive
    SONG: Say My Name
    LYRICS: Nothing seems impossible
    I'm Superman
    You've got me flyin high.

  • ARTIST: Eminem
    ALBUM: The Eminem Show
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Cuz I can't be your Superman, can't be your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Eminem
    ALBUM: Encore
    SONG: Rain Man
    LYRICS: I stuck him off in between him and Lex Luthor
    I killed Superman, I killed Super...Man
    And how ironic that I'd be the bad guy
    Kryptonite: The Green Chronic.

  • ARTIST: Eminem
    ALBUM: Encore
    SONG: My 1st Single
    LYRICS: It's the mr. picked on Christopher Reeve
    Just for no reason other than just to tease him
    Cause he was as big as you think He used to be Superman.

  • ARTIST: Eminem
    ALBUM: 8 Mile (Soundtrack)
    SONG: Stimulate
    LYRICS: I love my job
    It makes me feel like... Superman
    Can you fly?

  • ARTIST: Eminem
    ALBUM: Relapse
    SONG: We Made You (Rock Star)
    LYRICS: I think he's about to flip, Jessica rest assured Superman's here to rescue ya.

  • ARTIST: Eminem
    ALBUM: Relapse
    SONG: Medicine Ball
    LYRICS: You'll never fill my shoes, my Superman costume.

  • ARTIST: Eminem
    ALBUM: American Nightmare
    SONG: The Warning
    LYRICS: And I'm Superman, mmm.

  • ARTIST: Eminem (featuring Rihanna)
    ALBUM: Recovery
    SONG: Love the Way You Lie
    LYRICS: I'm Superman with the wind in his back, she's Lois Lane.

  • ARTIST: Eminem (featuring D12)
    ALBUM: Welcomes You To Detroit
    SONG: Hit Me With Your Best Shot
    LYRICS: You aint Superman.

  • ARTIST: Eminem and Royce Da 5'9 (featuring Mr. Porter)
    ALBUM: Bad Meets Evil
    SONG: Tim Westwood (Freestyle)
    LYRICS: Kryptonite the Superman.

  • ARTIST: Eminem
    ALBUM: Shady 2.0
    SONG: Wee Wee
    LYRICS: Who the f#@k are you, Superman?

  • ARTIST: End
    ALBUM: Fear
    SONG: Happy Glass
    LYRICS: I am Superman,
    if you'll let me go,
    who am I?

  • ARTIST: Enigma
    ALBUM: Eccentricities
    SONG: When Superman Comes Home
    LYRICS: When Superman comes home who rubs his shoulders, who asks how was your day...

  • ARTIST: Estelle (featuring Kardinal Offishall)
    ALBUM: All of Me
    SONG: Freak
    LYRICS: Let me be yo freak (OKAY)
    Superman lover
    I'll pitch yo tent with a XL magnum under cover.

  • ARTIST: Eurythmics
    ALBUM: Savage
    SONG: I've Got A Lover (Back In Japan)
    LYRICS: I've got a lover back in Japan
    He's got tatooes
    He's my Superman.

  • ARTIST: Eurythmics
    ALBUM: We Too Are One
    SONG: Revival
    LYRICS: Well superman I've got
    News for you
    And everybody else
    That's listenin' too
    There's a new way out
    If you ready to hear
    We're gonna make it clear
    What we need is revival.

  • ARTIST: Evil Pimp
    ALBUM: ?
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Act like Superman but will it be your kryptonite.

  • ARTIST: Evrard, Peter
    ALBUM: Rhubarb
    SONG: Loserman
    LYRICS: Don't wanna be a Loserman
    Don't wanna be a Superman
    No more, no more.

  • ARTIST: Excelsior
    ALBUM: Hits Again - Volume 1
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Superman, Superman
    Turn around your cape's on fire...

  • ARTIST: Exit 159
    ALBUM: Lost On Earth
    SONG: Short Ride Down
    LYRICS: I could be the president.
    I could be another liar.
    I could be a winner or a race car driver.
    I would be your wonder woman, I would be your Superman.
    I could be the one if we could just go higher.

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  • ARTIST: Fargo, Donna
    ALBUM: The Best of Donna Fargo (Varese Sarabande) (originally released on her album "My Second Album" from 1973)
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Well there you go picking on me again
    Pushin' me to the very end
    Telling me to move another mountain.
    Well, just cause you can walk on water
    That ain't no sign I can
    Y'know your mama should have named you Superman.

  • ARTIST: Fabolous (ft Sean Garrett)
    ALBUM: Reloaded (Losos World - Part 2)
    SONG: He Act Up
    LYRICS: I guess there's nothing left to suggest, but the Superman with the SF on his chest.

  • ARTIST: Fabolous (ft Joe Budden, Ransom and Hitchcock)
    ALBUM: Reloaded (Losos World - Part 2)
    SONG: Family Reunion
    LYRICS: For real, tell me how you a thug and you Superman?
    I just seen you in the club doin' the Superman.

  • ARTIST: Fabolous (ft Sean Paul)
    ALBUM: Real Talk
    SONG: Po Po
    LYRICS: The slugs will bounce off like they hittin superman's chest.

  • ARTIST: Fantazzmo
    ALBUM: Fantazzmo
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Baby I'm your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Farrah
    ALBUM: Moustache
    SONG: Lois Lane
    LYRICS: If you'll be my Lois Lane, I'll be your Superman
    If you'd only call my name, I'd be your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Fastball
    ALBUM: All The Pain Money Can Buy
    SONG: Fire Escape
    LYRICS: Well I don't wanna be President
    Superman or Clark Kent
    I don't wanna walk 'round in their shoes.

  • ARTIST: Fat Joe (featuring Eminem, Mase and Lil' John)
    ALBUM: All The Pain Money Can Buy
    SONG: Lean Back (remix)
    LYRICS: You play Clark Kent. You'd better have your cape on.

  • ARTIST: Fernandez, Luisa
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: We All Love You
    LYRICS: Fly, fly, high, high
    way across the skies
    we all need you

  • ARTIST: Fiel A La Vega
    ALBUM: Fiel A La Vega
    SONG: Los Superheroes
    LYRICS: Super Raton y He-Man
    con Dick Tracy encima
    en una reunion cumbre
    con Superman.

  • ARTIST: Firewater
    ALBUM: The Ponzi Scheme
    SONG: So Long, Superman
    LYRICS: So long Superman
    Got a suggestion for ya
    Check for kryptonite before ya
    Try to break a horse.

    ARTIST: Fisher, Freddie "Schnickelfritz"
    ALBUM: N/A
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Superman, Superman, the guy with the terrific muscles. Superman, Superman, his blood is one big red corpuscle. Superman, Superman, he's always in perfect condition. No sniffles, no sneezes, no germs, no diseases. What a man! What a man. What a man.

  • ARTIST: Five for Fighting
    ALBUM: America Town
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I'm only a man in a silly red sheet,
    Digging for kryptonite on this one way street.

  • ARTIST: Five Iron Frenzy
    ALBUM: Five Iron Frenzy 2: Electric Boogaloo
    SONG: Pre-ex-girlfriend
    LYRICS: The intellect that girl has
    She's saying "death to false jazz"
    Like kryptonite to Superman
    She's here to break my heart again.

  • ARTIST: Flaming Lips, The
    ALBUM: The Soft Bulletin
    SONG: Waiting for Superman
    LYRICS: Tell everybody waitin for Superman
    that they should try to hold on best they can
    He hasn't dropped them, forgot them or anything
    It's just too heavy for Superman to lift.

  • ARTIST: Flirtations (The)
    ALBUM: Live out on the Road
    SONG: Mister Sandman
    LYRICS: Mister Sandman (Sandman), won't you believe
    We want a Superman like Christopher Reeve
    Some one who will make us scream (Ahhhh!)
    Mister Sandman, bring us
    Please please bring us
    Mister Sandman, bring us a dream (a dream)
    Mister Sandman, bring us a....
    A dream.

  • ARTIST: Ford, Clark
    ALBUM: I'm Not Superman
    SONG: I'm Not Superman
    LYRICS: I don't have a cape, don't wear tights, I'm not Superman.

  • ARTIST: Former Fat Boys
    ALBUM: Rocky Loves Emily
    SONG: I'm a Dinosaurus
    LYRICS: I was Clark Kent and Jor-El, one and the same.

  • ARTIST: Foster, Radney
    ALBUM: See What You Want to See
    SONG: Godspeed
    LYRICS: Superman's in pajamas on the couch.

  • ARTIST: Foxy
    ALBUM: The Best of Foxy - Get Off
    SONG: Faster than a Speeding Bullet
    LYRICS: Turns this little boy into Superman.

  • ARTIST: Friday, Gavin
    ALBUM: Shag Tobacco
    SONG: Little Black Dress
    LYRICS: Superman and the filthy rich
    get in the queue to scratch her itch
    sticky fingers pulling at the hem
    of her little black dress.

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  • ARTIST: Gabriel, Peter
    ALBUM: Peter Gabriel vol 2 (Scratch)
    SONG: A Wonderful Day in a One-way World
    LYRICS: I drive my car, there's no place to park it
    No respect for Superman in supermarket.

  • ARTIST: Gainsbourg, Serge
    ALBUM: Initials B.b
    SONG: Ford Mustang
    LYRICS: Un numéro de Superman
    Un écrou de chez Paco Rabanne
    Un' photo d'Marilyn
    Un tub' d'aspirine.

  • ARTIST: Gamma Ray
    ALBUM: Heading For Tomorrow
    SONG: Spaceeater
    LYRICS: A little bit, a little bit, a little sip, a little hit
    You're drowning in a lustry whirl, be superman or wondergirl.
    Oh, we fly away on supersonic dreams, we ride on universal starshine,
    Through space.

  • ARTIST: Game, The
    ALBUM: L.A.X.
    SONG: I Might Be
    LYRICS: I've been a soldier boy, niggers know the name
    I superman that hoe, and call her Lois Lane.

  • ARTIST: Game, The
    ALBUM: L.A.X.
    SONG: Bulletproof Diaries
    LYRICS: I love you, ya heard? Superman lover over here for you baby.

  • ARTIST: Game, The
    ALBUM: L.A.X.
    SONG: Ya Heard
    LYRICS: And I'll Superman, yuuuh, that ass like Lex Luthor.

  • ARTIST: Gaunt
    ALBUM: Kryptonite
    SONG: Deranged
    LYRICS: I never said I was Superman.

  • ARTIST: Gaustad, Grace
    ALBUM: BLKBX: wht r u hding?
    SONG: Hero
    LYRICS: That Superman is just a fluke. Well written story about a man in blue.

  • ARTIST: Genesis
    ALBUM: Invisible Touch
    SONG: Land Of Confusion
    LYRICS: Superman where are you now
    Everything's gone wrong somehow
    The men of steel, men of power
    Are losing control by the hour.

  • ARTIST: Genesis
    ALBUM: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
    SONG: Carpet Crawlers
    LYRICS: Mild mannered Supermen are held in Kryptonite
    And the wise and foolish virgins giggle
    with their bodies glowing bright.

  • ARTIST: Germs
    ALBUM: Complete Anthology
    SONG: Sex Boy
    LYRICS: I take it anywhere, any time that I can
    I am the f***ing son of a superman.

  • ARTIST: Geyster
    ALBUM: I Love 1984
    SONG: Bye Bye Superman
    LYRICS: Bye bye Superman, Fly fly Superman.

  • ARTIST: Ghost, Amanda
    ALBUM: Ghost Stories
    SONG: Blind Man
    LYRICS: You do what you can to be Superman.

  • ARTIST: Giacoio, Joe
    ALBUM: Superman's Midlife Crisis
    SONG: Superman's Midlife Crisis
    LYRICS: Superman waits at an airport
    Watching the outbound flights
    He remembers the day when he first broke free
    When the ground fell away like a trick of the light.

  • ARTIST: Gil, Gilberto
    ALBUM: Realce
    LYRICS: Quem sabe
    O Super-homem venha nos restituir a glória
    Mudando como um deus o curso da história
    Por causa da mulher
    [Translation: Who knows
    if Superman will come to restitute the glory for us
    Changing history's course like a god
    because of the woman].

  • ARTIST: Ginuwine
    ALBUM: Senior
    SONG: Big Plans
    LYRICS: No matter what I say keep it tight
    Keep it away from me like Superman and kryptonite.

  • ARTIST: Goldfinger
    ALBUM: Hang Ups
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: so here I am
    doing everything I can
    holding on to what I am
    pretending I'm a superman.

  • ARTIST: Good Charolette
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Superman Can't Walk
    LYRICS: Yeah, I've heard the talk
    Superman can't walk
    And who is gonna save you
    when your Superman can't walk?

  • ARTIST: Goodman, Benny
    ALBUM: Benny Goodman Plays Eddie Sauter
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: [Instrumental - No lyrics].

  • ARTIST: Goodrem, Delta
    ALBUM: Innocent Eyes
    SONG: Throw It Away
    LYRICS: Fly by Frankie thinks he's Superman.

  • ARTIST: Gordon, Stomp
    ALBUM: [Unknown] (1956 Single)
    SONG: Ride Superman, Ride
    LYRICS: Hey Mr. Superman, I've got a job for you.

  • ARTIST: Gravediggaz, The
    ALBUM: Six Feet Deep
    SONG: Here Comes the Gravediggaz
    LYRICS: You don't pull on Superman's cape.

  • ARTIST: Group Home
    ALBUM: Livin' Proof
    SONG: Supa Star
    LYRICS: Yeah Superman supa star.

  • ARTIST: Guerra, Alexis
    ALBUM: Alexis Guerra
    SONG: Superman Inside
    LYRICS: And don't think I'm the Superman inside you want me to be.
    You still think I'm the Superman inside but maybe soon you'll see.

  • ARTIST: Guided by Voices
    ALBUM: Vampire on Titus
    SONG: Expecting Brainchild
    LYRICS: Superman died tonight
    Ate a pound of Kryptonite
    Drank a quart of brotherly love
    Fell straight from the sky above.

  • ARTIST: Guided by Voices
    ALBUM: Sandbox
    SONG: Lips of Steel
    LYRICS: Superman with lips of steel.

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  • ARTIST: Hackett, Steve
    ALBUM: Extra Tracks
    SONG: Hercules Unchained
    LYRICS: Well you tell me that you love me then you kiss me and you hug me
    Then you kick me where it hurts, you know I think this situation's strained
    You tell me I'm your Romeo, you're power-plus and man-of-moment
    Guess we'd better move the scene to Superman and Lois Lane.

  • ARTIST: Hadise
    ALBUM: Ask Kaç Beden Giyer?
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: [In Turkish]

  • ARTIST: Hagar, Sammy
    ALBUM: Cosmis Universal Fashion
    SONG: Psycho Vertigo
    LYRICS: Listen up Sunshine Superman

  • ARTIST: Hall, Tom T.
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Mama Bake a Pie
    LYRICS: I can see the stewardess make over me
    And ask, "were you afraid?"
    I'll say, "Why no? I'm Superman"
    And couldn't find the phone booth quite in time.

  • ARTIST: Hammill, Peter
    ALBUM: Nadir's Big Chance
    SONG: Two or Three Spectres
    LYRICS: Fellini creatures cluster round the dressing-room.
    the heavenly bodies all got to have their moons.
    In the cult of the superman the music plays a supporting role
    and far more important is the shape of his nose,
    the size of his codpiece and the cut of his clothes...

  • ARTIST: Hanson
    ALBUM: Fan Club Album
    SONG: Down
    LYRICS: My Superman's all covered in rust
    All of my dreams gone bust.

  • ARTIST: Hausmarke
    ALBUM: Non Album Track
    SONG: Maedchen No 1
    LYRICS: Easy, wie Sonntagmorgen, keine Sorgen, kein Problem,
    souver‰n wie Superman, nur zu bequem.

  • ARTIST: Hawkwind
    ALBUM: Space Ritual Alive
    LYRICS: Those energy stimulators
    Will turn your eyeballs into craters
    But an orgone accumulator
    Is a superman creator.

  • ARTIST: Hawk Nelson
    ALBUM: Hawk Nelson is My Friend
    SONG: Friend Like That
    LYRICS: I like it simple and I'm not a Superman.

  • ARTIST: Hawkwins, Dale
    ALBUM: Daredevil
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: 'Cause when I kiss you baby, well I feel just like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Hayes, Richie
    ALBUM: What About Me?
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: You don't wanna grow up thinking you gotta be Superman. I don't think anyone can, except maybe Superman.

  • ARTIST: Heads
    ALBUM: No Talking Just Head
    SONG: No More Lonely Nights
    LYRICS: The fish's name is 'Superman'. He would circle the bowl world in five minutes.

  • ARTIST: Heartburst
    ALBUM: Auto Pilot
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I don't want to be a Superman.

  • ARTIST: Heaven 17
    ALBUM: Pleasure One
    SONG: Contenders
    LYRICS: So Superman if you're listening
    Help us out you're on the team.

  • ARTIST: Hendrix, Jimi
    ALBUM: First Rays of the New Rising Sun
    SONG: Astro Man
    LYRICS: They call him astro man
    And he's flyin' higher than
    That faggot Superman ever could.

  • ARTIST: Helman, Scott
    ALBUM: Nonsuch Park
    SONG: Lois
    LYRICS: Superman never would've flown as high without his Lois.

  • ARTIST: Henry, Elijah
    ALBUM: Special
    SONG: Super Man
    LYRICS: You are the world I'll be your Superman
    And you be the world that I'm saving.

  • ARTIST: Herman (and the Herd), Woody
    ALBUM: At Carnegie Hall, 1946
    SONG: Superman With A Horn
    LYRICS: [Instrumental - No lyrics].

  • ARTIST: Hesitations, The
    ALBUM: Soul Superman
    SONG: Sole Superman
    LYRICS: I can climb the highest mountain. I can swim the seven seas. I can swing through the jungle baby with the greatest of ease. But you know that I haven't found a women yet that can ground me to my knees. Cause I'm Superman.

  • ARTIST: Hesitations, The
    ALBUM: Soul Superman No. 2
    SONG: Sole Superman
    LYRICS: Cause I'm Superman baby.

  • ARTIST: Highway Beautiful, The
    ALBUM: The Things That Lights Can Hide
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: And I can be a Superman for you
    I'll sweep you off your feet.

  • ARTIST: Hillsong Kids
    ALBUM: Jesus is my Superhero
    SONG: Superhero
    LYRICS: Jesus you're my superhero
    You're my star, my best friend
    Better than Spiderman
    Better than Superman
    Better than Batman
    Better than anyone.

  • ARTIST: Hitchcock, Robyn (and the Egyptians)
    ALBUM: Queen Elvis
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Superman, Superman, crunchy little Superman
    Found you in a Corn Flakes box
    Nourished you in privacy
    Touched the parts you couldn't reach
    You improved immediately.

  • ARTIST: Hoffer, Brian M.
    ALBUM: Into the Boulevard
    SONG: Superman Somehow
    LYRICS: And now were searching for some Superman somehow.

  • ARTIST: Holiday, J
    ALBUM: Round 2
    SONG: Run Into My Arms
    LYRICS: Cause I can be your everything
    Your Superman whatever you need.

  • ARTIST: Holmes, Jan Leslie
    ALBUM: [Non-Album Release]
    SONG: I'm Your Superman
    LYRICS: I'm a Superman, hold on tight.

  • ARTIST: Hothead
    ALBUM: Twist to Open
    SONG: Superhero
    LYRICS: Clark Kent and Lois Lane, And then there's us.

  • ARTIST: Huey Lewis and the News
    ALBUM: Picture This
    SONG: Is It Me?
    LYRICS: Never had the perfect plan
    And I'm no Superman
    But I can't believe it's nobody else that I see
    What about all of the things that you said to me
    Is everybody crazy or is it me.

  • ARTIST: Hunt, Billy
    ALBUM: Live Jam
    SONG: The Jam
    LYRICS: I could be a Superman
    Satisfy any whim that I wanted to,
    I could be a human machine
    I could show Steve Austin a thing or two.

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  • ARTIST: I-20 (ft. Ludacris & Rocko)
    ALBUM: Blood in the Water
    SONG: I Really Like Her
    LYRICS: I'm the Superman lover but I never gota save em.

  • ARTIST: Ian Dury and the Blockheads
    ALBUM: Sex & Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll: Best of Ian Dury and the Blockheads
    SONG: Superman's Big Sister
    LYRICS: You know she's Superman's big sister
    Her x-ray eyes see through my silly ways
    Superman's big sister, superior skin and blister.

  • ARTIST: Ice Cube
    ALBUM: Raw Footage
    SONG: Here He Come
    LYRICS: Playin' Superman, will get a brave nigga sprayed quick.

  • ARTIST: Ice Cube
    ALBUM: Raw Footage
    SONG: Thank God
    LYRICS: Me and my ladies
    Superman and Wonder Woman.

  • ARTIST: Ice Mc
    ALBUM: Ice 'n' Green
    SONG: Dark Night Rider
    LYRICS: Superman Batman Spiderman sarf
    come ina di way dem head will get lik arf.

  • ARTIST: Ice T
    ALBUM: O G
    SONG: Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous
    LYRICS: I can't be rude
    Cause they wouldn't understand
    I ain't human no more, I'm a superman.

  • ARTIST: Ides of March, The
    ALBUM: Common Bond
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Faster than a speeding bullet
    You're able to leap the tallest building in a single bound
    More powerful than a locomotive
    I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere, I'm always around
    Well I'll be your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Idol, Billy
    ALBUM: Non Album Track
    LYRICS: Hey little sister what have you done
    Hey little sister who's the only one
    Hey little sister who's your superman
    Hey little sister who's the one you want
    Hey little sister shot gun!

  • ARTIST: Ikechukwu featuring Don Jazzy and D'Banj
    ALBUM: Life and Times of Killz Vol 1
    SONG: Wind Am Well
    LYRICS: Superman with a cape.

  • ARTIST: Impossibles
    ALBUM: The Impossibles
    SONG: Erin With An "E"
    LYRICS: When all I've gotten myself is lost she'll buy my heart at any cost, and
    it's such a safe investment I may look like Clark Kent, but I'm no Superman,
    I'm just a mild-mannered kid looking for my Lois Lane.

  • ARTIST: Incubus
    ALBUM: "Closet Cultivation" demo tape
    SONG: Pillow Your Eyes
    LYRICS: Will you be the superman inflicting drastic change?
    The power of your name has spanded out a boundless range.

  • ARTIST: Innpeach
    ALBUM: Non Album Track
    SONG: Sugar
    LYRICS: So if you really want me, here I am:
    Your own goddamn superman.

  • ARTIST: Insane Clown Posse
    ALBUM: Bang! Pow! Boom!
    SONG: Zombie Slide
    LYRICS: Dead bodies dancing on the lawn. Do the Sprinkler. Do the Superman. Get stupid, that's the plan.

  • ARTIST: Iron and Wine
    ALBUM: Around The Well
    SONG: Waitin' For A Superman
    LYRICS: It's a good time for Superman
    To lift the sun into the sky.

  • ARTIST: Is
    ALBUM: Alpine Uncovered
    SONG: Someone Sued Superman
    LYRICS: Someone sued Superman.

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  • ARTIST: Jackson, Joe
    ALBUM: Big World
    SONG: Man In The Street
    LYRICS: And if you put your faith in God above
    Or if you watch the skies for Superman
    There's always times when you can see the answers
    Slip right through their hands.

  • ARTIST: Jackson, Joe
    ALBUM: Blaze of Glory
    SONG: Blaze of Glory
    LYRICS: Nowadays, there's lots of guys like Johnny
    They got it all worked out, like working nine to five
    But they're all just cartoons
    They all think they're Superman
    But they can't even fly.

  • ARTIST: Jacob's Trouble
    ALBUM: Diggin' Up Bones
    SONG: If Superman Got Saved
    LYRICS: Think of all the good he'd do, if Superman got saved.

  • ARTIST: James, Mark Aaron
    ALBUM: Just a Satellite
    SONG: Aquaman's Lament
    LYRICS: Well I could understand it, if he were Superman, cause after all that cat can fly.

  • ARTIST: Jars of Clay
    ALBUM: The Eleventh Hour
    SONG: Whatever She Wants
    LYRICS: Kryptonite underneath; you used to be her Superman, but now you're fading, now you're weak.

  • ARTIST: Jay-Z
    ALBUM: The Black Album
    SONG: My 1st Song
    LYRICS: Clark Kent, that was good lookin out nigga.

  • ARTIST: Jay-Z
    ALBUM: Kingdom Come
    SONG: Kingdom Come
    LYRICS: Step inside the booth, Superman is alive.

  • ARTIST: Jennings, Lyfe
    ALBUM: I Still Believe
    SONG: Hero
    LYRICS: Superman can't cook chicken like this.

  • ARTIST: Jennings, Lyfe
    ALBUM: Lyfe 268-192
    SONG: My Life
    LYRICS: While we're reminiscing Christopher Reeves, you're still Superman to me.

  • ARTIST: Jennings, Lyfe
    ALBUM: The Phoenix Album
    SONG: Ghetto Superman
    LYRICS: Ghetto Superman, faster than a speeding cadillac.

  • ARTIST: Jeru the Damaja
    ALBUM: Wrath of the Math
    SONG: How I'm Livin'
    LYRICS: Bring your white Superman and I'll rip that f#%@ing S
    off his chest
    Cause that's just how I'm living.

  • ARTIST: Jesus Chrysler Suicide
    ALBUM: Schizovirus
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I am the Superman.

  • ARTIST: Jewel
    ALBUM: Non Album Track
    SONG: Sunshine Superman
    LYRICS: Superman or Green Lantern ain't got, nothin' on me.
    I can make like a turtle and dive for pearls in the sea
    You can just sit there thinkin', on your velvet throne
    About all the rainbows you can have for your own.

  • ARTIST: John, Elton
    ALBUM: Honky Chateau
    SONG: Hercules
    LYRICS: Oh and it hurts like hell to see my gal
    Messing with a muscle boy
    No superman gonna ruin my plans
    Playing with my toys.

  • ARTIST: John, Elton
    ALBUM: Ice On Fire
    SONG: Satellite
    LYRICS: I don't walk on water
    If you think I can
    If you want a miracle
    Call up a Superman.

  • ARTIST: Jonahs Road
    ALBUM: Why Does She Love Me
    SONG: Why Does She Love Me
    LYRICS: Then she tells me I'm her Superman.

  • ARTIST: Jones, Donell
    ALBUM: The Lost Files
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I've been your Superman for too long.

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  • ARTIST: K'Jon
    ALBUM: I Get Around
    SONG: Fly Away
    LYRICS: I rise above all the haters like a Superman because I can.

  • ARTIST: K'Naan
    ALBUM: Troubador
    LYRICS: Superman is known by the locals
    As this dude who's so fly it's global.

  • ARTIST: Kamakawiwo'ole, Israel
    ALBUM: Facing Future
    SONG: Hawaiian Superman
    LYRICS: His deeds and tasks I will unmask,
    so that you'll understand
    That before there was a Clark Kent,
    there was a Hawaiian Suppa Man.

  • ARTIST: Kashmir
    ALBUM: Cruzential
    SONG: Bring Back Superman
    LYRICS: Bring back the superman in me
    (Clark Kent is such a nervous wreck)
    Bring back the superman in me.

  • ARTIST: Kealer
    ALBUM: My Own Worst Enemy
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: (Unknown - Email me if you know them, or know where I can get them).

  • ARTIST: Keating, Ronan
    ALBUM: Bring You Home
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Well I'm no Superman
    But I'll love you the best I can.

  • ARTIST: Kelly, R. (featuring OJ Da Juiceman)
    ALBUM: Untitled
    SONG: Supaman High
    LYRICS: Blunts of the good got me Superman high.

  • ARTIST: Kennelly, Cletus
    ALBUM: Thread
    SONG: Looking for Superman
    LYRICS: I don't know why she's always looking for Superman.

  • ARTIST: Kentucky Headhunters
    ALBUM: Meet Me in Blues Land
    SONG: Superman Blues
    LYRICS: She got the kind of love to make Superman blue.

  • ARTIST: Kershaw, Nik
    ALBUM: The Riddle
    SONG: Don Quixote
    LYRICS: Coast to coast, wall to wall
    got to go, duty calls
    here I am
    superman, lois lane
    saved the world, back again
    here I am.

  • ARTIST: Kershaw, Nik
    ALBUM: Then and Now
    SONG: Wide Boy
    LYRICS: I'm here to tell you that you ain't no Superman
    you're just a wide boy.

  • ARTIST: Ketchum, Hal
    ALBUM: The Hits (MCG/Curb)
    SONG: Hang In There Superman - (Note: This song is in tribute to Christopher Reeve)
    LYRICS: Hang in there, Superman
    You always came out fighting at the bell
    Hang in there, Superman
    One billion grown up children wish you well.

  • ARTIST: Kevin Costner & Modern West
    ALBUM: Untold Truths
    SONG: Superman 14
    LYRICS: Feel like Superman, flying over muddy rivers.

  • ARTIST: Kick the Kangaroo
    ALBUM: Sounds Like A Bad Joke
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: As simple as it is
    It's difficult to miss
    The Superman inside my head
    is longing for a kiss.

  • ARTIST: Kick the Kangaroo
    ALBUM: Sounds Like A Bad Joke
    SONG: You
    LYRICS: You say you'll always be here
    Do you mean it?
    Just like Superman you wil appear
    When I need it.

  • ARTIST: Killers
    ALBUM: Sam's Town
    SONG: Uncle Johnny
    LYRICS: Superman and hold on tight
    He's convinced himself right in his brain.

  • ARTIST: Killing Heidi
    ALBUM: Reflector
    SONG: Superman/Supergirl
    LYRICS: Superman, Supergirl - show me your stuff
    Take a bow at the world
    The bouquet is hot
    Watch out Superman
    Show me your stuff.

  • ARTIST: King, B.B.
    ALBUM: King of the Blues
    SONG: Better Not Look Down
    LYRICS: People moving faster than the speed of sound,
    People moving faster than a speeding bullet,
    People living like Superman all day and all night.

  • ARTIST: Kinks, The
    ALBUM: Superman
    SONG: (Wish I could fly like) Superman
    LYRICS: Superman, Superman
    Wish I could fly like

  • ARTIST: Kinney, Kevn
    ALBUM: MacDougal Blues
    SONG: Hey Landlord (Meatloaf and Fishsticks)
    LYRICS: I can't pay the rent. Superman won't steal for me and I don't know Clark Kent.

  • ARTIST: Kix
    ALBUM: Kix
    SONG: Kix Are For Kids (Purnell)
    LYRICS: Used to go out with Betty Boop
    Spin like a top and a hula-hoop
    The bubble gum twisted in my hair
    I keep chewing like I don't care
    I can fly like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Klang, Donnie
    ALBUM: Come Into My World
    SONG: Take You There
    LYRICS: Baby
    You can play Lois Lane
    When you need me I can be your Superman
    (Be your Superman).

  • ARTIST: Knight, Sterling
    ALBUM: StarStruck Soundtrack
    SONG: Hero
    LYRICS: I'm a Superman, I can take your hand, And fly you anywhere, You want to go.

  • ARTIST: Knopfler, Mark
    ALBUM: Golden Heart
    SONG: I'm the Fool
    LYRICS: I'm not a Superman
    or Mr. Wonderful, because
    I'm the fool I never
    Fool I never thought I was.

  • ARTIST: Kool Keith
    ALBUM: Sex Style
    SONG: The Mack is Back
    LYRICS: I got a cape, like Superman, I'ma put it on.

  • ARTIST: Kotzen, Richie
    ALBUM: Get Up
    SONG: Losin' My Mind
    LYRICS: I can't sleep, I can't walk
    But I can fly
    Like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Krayzie Bone
    ALBUM: Thug Mentality
    SONG: The War Iz On
    LYRICS: And my high tech boots got me feeling bulletproof
    I'm a superman nigga GI Joe like the wind blowing through a niggas area.

  • ARTIST: Krypton
    ALBUM: [Non-Album Release]
    SONG: Can You Read My Mind
    LYRICS: "I'm talking 'bout Superman. Who don't know Superman? That's the man! Can you read my mind? Do you know what it is you do to me?

  • ARTIST: Kryst the Conqueror
    ALBUM: [Never Released]
    SONG: Kikaida (My Superhero)
    LYRICS: Go ahead ya'll can keep your Superman
    Kikaida that's my superhero
    The End!

  • ARTIST: Kutmaster Spaz
    ALBUM: [Non-Album Release]
    SONG: The Red Krypton Sun
    LYRICS: (Unknown - Email me if you know them, or know where I can get them).

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  • ARTIST: Lady Antebellum
    ALBUM: Lady Antebellum
    SONG: Long Gone
    LYRICS: Gone like the wind under Superman's cape.

  • ARTIST: Lagwagon
    ALBUM: Hoss
    SONG: Kids Don't Like To Share
    LYRICS: You find another faith
    Another clark rent
    Another superman
    Flashing in the pan.

  • ARTIST: Lau, Andy
    ALBUM: Miracle World
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I am your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Lazlo Bane
    ALBUM: All the Time in the World
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I can't do this on my own, I'm no superman.

  • ARTIST: Legendary Pink Dots, The
    ALBUM: All The King's Men
    SONG: All The King's Men
    LYRICS: Our Superman! Show us the way, Superman!

  • ARTIST: Lemon Demon
    ALBUM: Dinosaurchestra
    SONG: The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
    LYRICS: Robocop, Terminator, Captin Kirk, Darth Vadar, Lo Pan, Superman - every single Power Ranger.

  • ARTIST: Les Variations
    ALBUM: Cafe De Paris
    SONG: Superman Superman
    LYRICS: You were ready to help the world. But you can't even help yourself. Superman Superman. We all do the best we can. Superman Superman. You still have another chance. Superman Superman. Turn around your capes on fire.

  • ARTIST: Lewis, Jon Peter
    ALBUM: Stories From Hollywood
    SONG: The Ukulele Song
    LYRICS: And we should get married
    Today that's a strange plan
    And make love all day
    And we could take turns playing Superman.

  • ARTIST: Lil' Flip
    ALBUM: Undaground Legend
    SONG: We Ain't Scared
    LYRICS: So you can play Superman.

  • ARTIST: Lil Wayne
    ALBUM: The Carter 3 Sessions
    SONG: Brown Paper Bag
    LYRICS: I go into the booth and just change like Clark Kent.

  • ARTIST: LL Cool J
    ALBUM: Walking With A Panther
    SONG: Clap Your Hands
    LYRICS: I rhyme like Superman, you rap like Jimmy Olsen.

  • ARTIST: Lloyd, Cher
    ALBUM: Sticks & Stones
    SONG: Superhero
    LYRICS: You old fake ole wanna be Superman, Give Clark Kent back his glasses.

    ALBUM: Party Rock
    SONG: I Don't Wanna Be
    LYRICS: Girl, I'm trying to Superman the ho.

  • ARTIST: Long, Janna
    ALBUM: Janna
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Would you be my Superman
    If I give you half a chance?
    At the speed of light come hold me tight
    I wanna fly away
    In the arms of a man of steel
    I still believe this story's real.

  • ARTIST: Lopez "Chabello", Xavier
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Adios Superman
    LYRICS: Adios Superman, bye bye bye... con tu superoido, y tu superfuerza....

  • ARTIST: Lords of the New Church
    ALBUM: The Lords of the New Church
    SONG: Russian Roulette
    LYRICS: I'm the Leicester Squarekid, I'm Superman.

  • ARTIST: Los Lonely Boys
    ALBUM: Forgiven
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: To show that I love her. I really need her.
    I wanna be her Superman!

  • ARTIST: Love Spit Love
    ALBUM: Love Spit Love
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Hey superman,
    Where did you go
    Now that the lights have gone low.

  • ARTIST: The LOX (Jadakiss)
    ALBUM: We Are The Streets
    SONG: Blood Pressure
    LYRICS: I copped big guns that spit super lead
    so play Superman end up super dead.

  • ARTIST: Luc
    ALBUM: Les Nouveaux Heros
    SONG: Papa Est Un Superman
    LYRICS: Mais c'est un lourd secret
    Papa est un superman.

  • ARTIST: Luna Halo
    ALBUM: Shimmer
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I can't be everything
    But I know the One who can
    Although I tried to be
    You were left with empty hands
    And I hope you wake up
    And do your best to understand
    That I can't be your Superman
    I can't be your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Lyrical Joe Ft Mr Drew
    ALBUM: Vibes
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Baby I be your Superman, I save you. Superman, I catch you.

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  • ARTIST: Mack 10
    ALBUM: Mack 10
    SONG: Foe Life
    LYRICS: my momma wanna know why I do what I do
    'cause I'm superman superbad supermad superfly.

  • ARTIST: Manafest
    ALBUM: The Chase
    SONG: Fire in the Kitchen
    LYRICS: I'm not the only one, who's ever held a gun
    I'd rather shoot some love, Superman go save someone
    They had me on the run, now I'm on the hunt.

  • ARTIST: Manfred Mann
    ALBUM: My Name is Jack/There is a Man
    SONG: My Name is Jack
    LYRICS: There goes Fred with his hands on his head
    'cause he thinks he heard the bomb
    And here comes Superman
    Who really puts it on.

  • ARTIST: Manic Street Preachers
    ALBUM: Non Album Track
    SONG: Dead Yankee Drawl
    LYRICS: Vietnam's cool now even Superman's believed
    Hussein still in power as the media war retreats.

  • ARTIST: Mann, Herbie
    ALBUM: SuperMann
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Superman,
    You make me feel like I'm the queen of the world.
    You make me feel so special when,
    You're zooming up and down and 'round.
    You're flying oh so higher Wow, Wow, Wow.
    You lift me up you're super bad.
    I wanna shout again and again!

  • ARTIST: Manson, Marilyn
    ALBUM: Antichrist Superstar
    SONG: Mister Superstar
    LYRICS: Hey, hey, hey Mr. Superman,
    I want to be your little girl.

  • ARTIST: Mano Negra
    ALBUM: Patchanka
    SONG: Super Chango
    LYRICS: Batman, Superman, echa pa fuera
    Echa pa fuera
    Ya llego Super Chango!!

  • ARTIST: Mann, Aimee
    ALBUM: Magnolia Soundtrack
    SONG: Save Me
    LYRICS: You struck me dumb
    Like radium
    Like Peter Pan
    Like Superman
    You will come
    To save me.

  • ARTIST: Marry Me Jane
    ALBUM: Tick
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: you could've been superman
    you could've been an idiot
    you could've been the second coming
    now we'll never know
    you could've been superman...

  • ARTIST: Ma$e
    ALBUM: Double Up
    SONG: Get Ready
    LYRICS: Gold to me is like Superman and Kryptonite.

  • ARTIST: Matchbox 20
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Swing
    LYRICS: So we don't talk about it
    Day nor evenin, fashion or Superman.

  • ARTIST: Matches, The
    ALBUM: E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I swear that you believed me
    when I told you that I was Superman.

  • ARTIST: Mattrs, Louis
    ALBUM: Slow Waves
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Oh she such a violent thing, but she fly like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Mayer, John
    ALBUM: Room for Squares
    SONG: 83
    LYRICS: Oh make me a red cape, I want to be Superman.

  • ARTIST: M.C. Miker G and Deejay Seven
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Holiday Rap
    LYRICS: I can rap more raps than a Superman can.

  • ARTIST: McCallum, Alison
    ALBUM: [Non-Album Release]
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Superman!
    Yes I am
    I'm gonna make you love me
    If I can
    I'm gonna make you love me.

  • ARTIST: McGovern, Maureen
    ALBUM: Greatest Hits
    SONG: Can You Read My Mind
    LYRICS: No Superman Lyrics (From Superman: The Movie).

  • ARTIST: McIntyre, Joey
    ALBUM: Stay The Same
    SONG: I Can't Do It Without You
    LYRICS: I'll be your superman.
    I know I'm gonna be the man.

  • ARTIST: McLean, Don
    ALBUM: And I Love You So
    SONG: Superman's Ghost
    LYRICS: I don't want to be like old George Reeves, stuck in a Superman role.
    I have a long way to go in my career.
    And some day my fame will make it clear.
    That I had to be a superman.

  • ARTIST: Meat Puppets
    ALBUM: Meat Puppets
    SONG: Reward
    LYRICS: righteous man will receive a righteous man's reward
    (a year's subscription to Superman Comics).

  • ARTIST: Meduza, Eddie
    ALBUM: Gasen I Botten
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Superman I'm your fan, Superman.

  • ARTIST: Mellencamp, John
    ALBUM: Dance Naked
    SONG: L U V
    LYRICS: Wait a minute, let me check my tan
    Am I the same color as Superman?

  • ARTIST: Menudo
    ALBUM: El Reencuentro, 15 Anos Despues
    SONG: Voy A America
    LYRICS: voy alli a triunfar, voy a ser superman
    voy alli a triunfar, voy ser superman.

    ALBUM: Music Is My Savior
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Catch me in the sky with the S on my chest
    Chicks call me Superman.

  • ARTIST: Method Man
    ALBUM: [St. Ide's Malt Liquor Commercial]
    SONG: Double Deuces
    LYRICS: Guzzle that St. Ides, Superman.

  • ARTIST: Method Man & Redman
    ALBUM: Blackout 2
    SONG: Dangerous Mcees
    LYRICS: Superman ended up in a wheelchair.

  • ARTIST: Midler, Bette
    ALBUM: Bette of Roses
    SONG: Up! Up! Up!
    LYRICS: Up! up! up!
    Like Superman's cousin.

  • ARTIST: Midnight Band, The (Brian Jackson and Gil Scott-Heron)
    ALBUM: First Minute of a New Day
    SONG: Ain't No Such Thing as a Superman
    LYRICS: Can't you understand that there ain't no such thing as a Superman?

  • ARTIST: Mitchell, Joni
    ALBUM: Joni Mitchell
    SONG: Nathan La Franeer
    LYRICS: The cars and buses bustled thru the bedlam of the day
    I looked thru window-glass at streets and Nathan grumbled at the grey
    I saw an aging cripple selling Superman balloons.

  • ARTIST: Moe
    ALBUM: L. (live compiliation)
    SONG: Captain America
    LYRICS: Clark Kent ran for president. No one knew about the secrets locked in his head. Friends tried to take his life. Accusations flew. Flew like Kryptonite. Clark still looking good. What you gonna say to make everything alright. Lies.

  • ARTIST: Monkees
    ALBUM: Present
    SONG: Oklahoma Backroom Dancer
    LYRICS: Now she dances on air just like Superman's child
    Like a real good strip-teaser, she's wild but she's mild.

  • ARTIST: Montgomery, John Michael
    ALBUM: Leave A Mark
    SONG: This One's Gonna Leave A Mark
    LYRICS: Thought I was Superman
    With a heart of stone and I couldn't feel
    Now here I am
    Standing all alone and now here's the deal.

  • ARTIST: Montgomery, Monte
    ALBUM: Architect
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Superman stands alone. The people look to the skies for the Man of Steel. He can make the impossible real.

  • ARTIST: Moore, Chanté
    ALBUM: A Love Supreme
    SONG: Searchin'
    LYRICS: All I need is my Superman.

  • ARTIST: Morgan, Craig
    ALBUM: I Love It
    SONG: Look At Us
    LYRICS: I was Superman, Tarzan
    Thought I was a star in a rock 'n roll band
    You were Lois Lane, Lady Jane.

  • ARTIST: Morissette, Alanis
    ALBUM: Alanis
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: You gotta be tough to make it today who
    And never be scared of finding your way
    to Superman.

  • ARTIST: Motion City Soundtrack
    ALBUM: I Am The Movie
    SONG: Capital H
    LYRICS: I'll be back with my Superman action and I'm off to save the world.

  • ARTIST: Mountain Goats, The
    ALBUM: Tallahassee
    SONG: Oceanographer's Choice
    LYRICS: Well, guy in a skeleton costume comes up to the guy in the Superman suit, runs through him with a broadsword!

  • ARTIST: Moxy Fruvous
    ALBUM: Non Album Track
    SONG: Totally Massive Plethora Of Heroes
    LYRICS: You've heard all about Superman, he's just a cartoon
    But there's real superheroes and real things they were doin'.

  • ARTIST: Mudvayne
    ALBUM: L.D. 50
    SONG: Under My Skin
    LYRICS: Frontin' stress I'm Superman motherf**ker
    Without the "S" on my chest.

  • ARTIST: My Friend Steve
    ALBUM: Hope and Wait
    SONG: Newest Superhero
    LYRICS: You're playing with the newest superhero that
    I've found He can hold his breath longer than Aquaman
    He's more beautiful than Superman.

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  • ARTIST: Naked
    ALBUM: Naked
    SONG: Love Supreme
    LYRICS: We'll march without a flag
    We follow Superman
    Hey, here I am, I'm everyman
    Come on, we'll fly past sea and land.

  • ARTIST: Nelson, Willie
    ALBUM: Lost Highway
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: The doctor said, 'Son it's a crying shame, you ain't Clark Kent and I ain't Lois Lane. You ain't Superman.'.

  • ARTIST: Newcleus
    ALBUM: Jam On Revenge
    SONG: Jam On It
    LYRICS: (Said Superman had come to town to see who he could rock)
    (He blew away every crew he faced until he reached our block)
    (His speakers were three stories high with woofers made of steel)
    (And when we boys sit outside, he said "I boom for real")
    He said, "I'm faster than a speedin' bullet when I'm on the set
    I don't need no fans to cool my ass, I just use my super breath
    I could fly three times around the world without missin' a beat
    I socialize with X-ray eyes, and ladies think it's sweet
    (And then he turned his power on and the ground began to move)
    (And all the buildings for miles around were swayin' to the groove)
    (And just when he had fooled the crowd and swore he won the fight)
    We rocked his boat with a 12 inch cut called Disco Kryptonite
    Well, Superman looked up at me, he said, "You rock so naturally"
    I said now that you've learned the deal, let me tell you why I'm so for real
    I'm Cozmo D from outer space, I came to rock the human race
    I do it right cause I can't do it wrong
    That's why the whole world is singin' this song.

  • ARTIST: New Kids on the Block
    ALBUM: The Block
    SONG: Stare at You
    LYRICS: (I feel like Superman) Got me up in the sky.

  • ARTIST: New Riders Of The Purple Sage
    ALBUM: Before Time Began
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: And Superman is flying by he won't say how he gets that high,
    If you don't believe.

  • ARTIST: Nickel Creek
    ALBUM: Little Cowpoke
    SONG: Pecos Bill
    LYRICS: Now Pecos Bill was quite a cowboy down in Texas
    Why, he's the Western Superman to say the least
    He was the roughest, toughest critter, never known to be a quitter.

  • ARTIST: Nico & Vinz
    ALBUM: Black Star Elephant
    SONG: In Your Arms
    LYRICS: I feel like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Nields, The
    ALBUM: Razor & Tie
    SONG: Bulletproof
    LYRICS: I never bleed
    I'm stronger than Superman
    I'm made of steel.

  • ARTIST: Nofx
    ALBUM: Heavy Petting Zoo
    SONG: Philthy Phil Philantropist
    LYRICS: Can there not be a middle ground for just the anybody
    Replace superman with joe the ordinary.

  • ARTIST: Nylons
    ALBUM: Happy Together
    SONG: Crazy In Love
    LYRICS: If I could catch a night tight in my hand
    Say to the day "Go away, obey my command"
    I'm just the one who loves you, no Superman
    But I'm doing the best I can.

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  • ARTIST: O'Neal, Shaquille
    ALBUM: Shaq Diesel
    SONG: Are You a Roughneck?
    LYRICS: 'cause I'm super duper,
    or should I say Superman.

  • ARTIST: O'Neal, Shaquille
    ALBUM: Respect
    SONG: Blaq Supaman
    LYRICS: Yeah, blaq supaman (blaq supaman)
    Everybody know yeah, yeah
    (Shaq supaman).

  • ARTIST: O'Neal, Shaquille
    ALBUM: Shaq Diesel
    SONG: I Hate to Brag
    LYRICS: I killed Superman.

  • ARTIST: O'Neal, Shaquille
    ALBUM: You Can't Stop The Reign
    SONG: Shaquille
    LYRICS: Superman lives.

  • ARTIST: O'Neal, Shaquille
    ALBUM: You Can't Stop The Reign
    SONG: D.I.V.A. Radio (Interlude)
    LYRICS: As twism presents that sexy, chocolate, Superman, Shaquille O'Neal.

  • ARTIST: O'Neal, Shaquille
    ALBUM: You Can't Stop The Reign
    SONG: Edge of Night
    LYRICS: Scram, Superman is in your metro.

  • ARTIST: O'Neal, Shaquille
    ALBUM: You Can't Stop The Reign
    SONG: Can I Play
    LYRICS: I snatch the S from Superman's chest and slam it on my bicep.

  • ARTIST: O'Neal, Shaquille
    ALBUM: You Can't Stop The Reign
    SONG: It Was All A Dream
    LYRICS: I was the baddest popa, baddest rhyme dropper
    bustin' more mills than Superman to helicopters.

  • ARTIST: O'Neal, Shaquille
    ALBUM: You Can't Stop The Reign
    SONG: Straight Playin'
    LYRICS: I love Superman
    I love the Westside, it's time to party
    Whenever Superman is in the house
    I love the Eastside, it's time to party
    Whenever Superman is in the house.

  • ARTIST: O'Neal, Shaquille
    ALBUM: You Can't Stop The Reign
    SONG: Legal Money
    LYRICS: Superman emblem
    met with the Mobb in Metropolis.

  • ARTIST: O'Neal, Shaquille
    ALBUM: Still Can't Stop The Reign 12"
    SONG: Still Can't Stop The Reign (King Tech Superman Remix)
    LYRICS: They call me Superman...

  • ARTIST: O'Neal, Shaquille
    ALBUM: Shaq-Fu - Da Return
    SONG: No Hooks
    LYRICS: My name ain't Shaq no more, call me Superman.

  • ARTIST: O'Neal, Shaquille
    ALBUM: Shaq-Fu - Da Return
    SONG: Shaq's Got It Made
    LYRICS: I'm Superman, superior.

  • ARTIST: Obie Trice fest Akon, Eminem
    ALBUM: Second Round's on Me
    SONG: Snitch
    LYRICS: How could it be? Been homies since Superman draws.

    ALBUM: A Superman
    SONG: A Superman
    LYRICS: Superman, but your running through my dreams.

  • ARTIST: Oldfield, Mike
    ALBUM: Moonlight Shadow (3" CD Single)
    SONG: Rite of Man
    LYRICS: speak up, speak up, speak up for the rite of man
    take your fortunes when you can
    make your way like superman
    come back like a boomerang
    speak up for the right of man.

  • ARTIST: Omarion
    ALBUM: Ollusion
    SONG: I Get It In
    LYRICS: I was in MIA, and MIA Superman on.

  • ARTIST: Ominous Seapods
    ALBUM: The Superman Curse
    SONG: The Superman Curse
    LYRICS: The Reeves family had the Superman curse
    For poor old Lois Lane it couldn't get too much worse
    Now George was slain by a speeding bullet
    Well Christopher tried to fly but he couldn't do it.

  • ARTIST: On The Way Home
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I'm Superman. Gotta save the world.

  • ARTIST: One Direction
    ALBUM: Up All Night
    SONG: Save You Tonight
    LYRICS: I can't be no Superman,
    Before you I'll be super human.

  • ARTIST: One Dollar Short
    ALBUM: Press and Hold
    SONG: Satelite
    LYRICS: I found a photo of us today,
    The memories, they came flooding back,
    Blowing out birthday candles,
    I was dressed as Superman and you were a shining star.

  • ARTIST: One Voice
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Thru It All
    LYRICS: My self-esteem was low but just like Superman
    you took me by the hand made me understand.

  • ARTIST: Ookla The Mok
    ALBUM: Less Than Art
    SONG: Arthur Curry
    LYRICS: Batman's got an attitude everybody takes him seriously
    And Superman never made any money well try to tell that to DC
    All the other members of the Justice League
    Say I have useless super powers and make fun of me.

  • ARTIST: Ozzy Osbourne
    ALBUM: Down To Earth
    SONG: No Easy Way Out
    LYRICS: Read the daily fiction, Superman is dead
    Crushing coins of silver, imitating lead
    Then if you will fix the children of the past
    I guess their's isn't welcome, doesn't time move fast.

  • ARTIST: Our Lady Peace
    ALBUM: Clumsy
    SONG: Superman's Dead
    LYRICS: alone I'm thinking
    why is superman dead
    is it in my head
    we'll just laugh instead.

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  • ARTIST: Pagano, Lindsay
    ALBUM: Love & Faith & Inspiration
    SONG: #1 (With A Bullet)
    LYRICS: Now I'm your biggest fan
    Hercules, Superman
    You're #1 with a bullet baby.

  • ARTIST: Page
    ALBUM: Page
    SONG: Maskinen I Mig
    LYRICS: Olja, gas, bensin eller meta-tablett
    Behövs inte för att min maskin ska fungera perfekt
    Jag är en superman, vill visa vad jag kan
    Ägna min dyrbara tid åt dig lite grand.

  • ARTIST: Pam N Pat
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: To Be Superman
    LYRICS: Oh - but today you've got to be...

  • ARTIST: Panama
    ALBUM: [Non-Album Release]
    SONG: No Superman
    LYRICS: You know Wonder Woman I'm the Superman.

  • ARTIST: Parow, Jack
    ALBUM: Eksie Ou
    SONG: Afrikaans Is Dood
    LYRICS: focken flieg soos Superman (translation from Afrikaans - Fly like Superman).

  • ARTIST: Paul, Sean
    ALBUM: Tomahawk Technique
    SONG: Body
    LYRICS: Girl, don't tell me fi not a Clark Kent.

  • ARTIST: Phair, Liz
    ALBUM: Juvenilia
    SONG: Animal Girl
    LYRICS: Wait and see.
    You don't know who I am.
    Fig or tree...
    Lex or Superman.

  • ARTIST: Phair, Liz
    ALBUM: Whip Smart
    SONG: Supernova
    LYRICS: Cause you're a human supernova,
    A solar superman.

  • ARTIST: Pillar
    ALBUM: Above
    SONG: Original Superman
    LYRICS: It's time for you to understand Jesus Christ the Original Superman
    He'll be your hero in the end. He is that one true superfriend.
    Kryptonite can't slow him down nothin' can at all,
    He'll always there for you. He'll pick you up if you should fall.

  • ARTIST: Pinks, The
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: How will they understand? I'm Super-Super-Superman.

  • ARTIST: Pitchshifter
    SONG: Please Sir
    LYRICS: Please Sir tell me why there's no black Superman? KKK kryptonite?
    "God only makes caucasian Superheroes."
    Sir tell me why we stick a man on the moon when life on Earth's so cheap?
    "Son we gotta do our bit for the World trade deficit.".

  • ARTIST: Pollard, Robert
    ALBUM: Motel of Fools
    SONG: Red Ink Superman
    LYRICS: Working on your red, red ink Superman.

  • ARTIST: Pop, Iggy
    ALBUM: Brick by Brick
    SONG: My Baby Wants to Rock and Roll
    LYRICS: My baby wants to rock and roll
    She likes pictures and thoughts control
    she's shoppin' wild and she's comin' down
    Superman couldn't turn her around.

  • ARTIST: Pop Will Eat Itself
    ALBUM: Cure for Sanity
    SONG: Dance of the Mad
    LYRICS: Heard about the bird
    'Bout the plane and
    The superman?

  • ARTIST: Porter, Kalan
    ALBUM: 219 Days
    SONG: My Sweet One
    LYRICS: My Sweet one, even Superman can't save the sun.

  • ARTIST: Powerman 5000
    ALBUM: Mega!! Kung Fu Radio
    SONG: Even Superman Shot Himself
    LYRICS: Goddamn, even Superman shot himself
    Blew his mind couldn't save the wealth
    Maybe he read the Sunday paper
    Murder front page death and rape
    I can't see through the haze of the hazy
    It's the little things that drive men crazy
    You know what I mean I know why he did it
    Too slow to outwit it, get it
    His cape was red, but so was his blood
    Man of steel fell with a thud
    Taken out by a villain who's willin' to stand in line
    and do the time you hated cause life brings death that life has created.

  • ARTIST: Pressha
    ALBUM: The Player's Club Soundtrack
    SONG: Splackavellie
    LYRICS: Tell me what kinda Superman would take you in his bedroom baby...

  • ARTIST: Preston, John
    ALBUM: Superman Falls
    SONG: Superman Falls
    LYRICS: When Superman falls.

  • ARTIST: Pretty Ricky
    ALBUM: Bluestars
    SONG: Juicy
    LYRICS: I'll be the man of your dreams
    Better yet your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Pridebowl
    ALBUM: Yesterday's End
    SONG: Do What You Want
    LYRICS: Go to hell with Superman and die like a champion, yeah hey!

  • ARTIST: Prince
    ALBUM: (Internet release only)
    SONG: Cybersingle
    LYRICS: I am the cybersingle, that is me
    Come and get my download
    2 be free or not 2 be free,
    That is the question, see?
    All the beautiful ones are with me
    See, it's lovely.

    As the media tightens (What?) its grip on U (U know)
    And the beast continues (What?) 2 split in 2 (Listen y'all)
    Superman steps in the phone booth one more time (Come on, come on)
    2 drop another cybersingle (Drop it) life-saving rhyme (It's lovely).

  • ARTIST: Proctor, Rachel
    ALBUM: Where I Belong
    SONG: If That Chair Could Talk
    LYRICS: Jumpin' off the arm like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Psychedelic Furs
    ALBUM: All of This and Nothing
    SONG: Ghost In You
    LYRICS: don't you go this makes no sense
    and all he's talking superman
    just take away the time just to get it away
    ahhh aint it just like the rain.

  • ARTIST: Psychedelic Furs
    ALBUM: Forever Now
    SONG: Run & Run
    LYRICS: Go on, get Tarzan,
    Go on, get Jane
    Go on, get Superman
    Get Lois Lane.

  • ARTIST: Public Enemy
    ALBUM: Revolverlution
    SONG: Revolverlution
    LYRICS: Here I am
    Superman again
    Cause you know damn well I'll never be a mannequin.

  • ARTIST: Puth, Charlie
    ALBUM: Nine Track Mind
    SONG: One Call Away
    LYRICS: Superman got nothing on me.

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  • ARTIST: Quatro, Suzie
    ALBUM: Suzi Quatro
    SONG: Official Suburban Superman
    LYRICS: Give me the man who ain't like no other man
    Gives lovin' freely
    Official Suburban Superman.

  • ARTIST: Queen
    ALBUM: A day at the races
    SONG: Bicycle Race
    LYRICS: I don't believe in Peter Pan
    Frankenstein or Superman
    All I wanna do is
    Bicycle bicycle bicycle.

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  • ARTIST: Ra
    ALBUM: Duality
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: [No Supermn lyrics].

  • ARTIST: Randy Rogers Band
    ALBUM: Live at Cheatham St. Warehouse
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I just wanna be your Superman
    Save you everyday.

  • ARTIST: R.E.M. (originally by The Clique)
    ALBUM: Life's Rich Pageant
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I am I am I am Superman and I know what's happening
    I am I am I am Superman and I can do anything.

  • ARTIST: Redman
    ALBUM: N/A
    SONG: Soopaman Luva 5
    LYRICS: I'm yo soopaman, baby, that's who I am
    Flyin through the air, without a care
    I'm high as hell blazin, that cali weed (kryptonite for life)
    That kryptonite bud, that sticky green.

  • ARTIST: Reuben
    ALBUM: Very Fast, Very Dangerous
    SONG: Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em
    LYRICS: My mother says she loves me,
    She tells me I'm not ugly,
    She thinks the whole world of me,
    She thinks I'm Superman.

  • ARTIST: Revere, Paul and the Raiders
    ALBUM: Hard 'N' Heavy (With Marshmallow)
    SONG: Call On Me
    LYRICS: Give a shout, That's the plan, I'll be there like Superman...

  • ARTIST: Rhomb, Frenzal
    ALBUM: A Man's Not A Camel
    SONG: Methadone
    LYRICS: It's time to understand that even Superman
    He had his problems but he knew how to fly.

  • ARTIST: Rice, David
    ALBUM: Green Electric
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: When your Superman crushes your fingers inside of his clumsy hands, you'll need a new hero.

  • ARTIST: Richard, Cliff
    ALBUM: The Album
    SONG: I Still Believe In You
    LYRICS: And I believed in Superman
    In Santa Claus the world of Oz
    And Wonderland.

  • ARTIST: Ricochet
    ALBUM: Blink of an Eye
    SONG: Blink of an Eye
    LYRICS: How fast is a speeding bullet?
    How fast can Superman fly?
    How fast does a shooting star
    Race across the sky?

  • ARTIST: Right Said Fred
    ALBUM: Up
    SONG: Deeply Dippy
    LYRICS: Deeply dippy 'bout the way you walk
    Contact sport let the neighbors talk
    Deeply dippy I'm your Superman
    I'll explain, you're my Lois Lane.

  • ARTIST: Riley, Jermaine
    ALBUM: Hello Earth
    SONG: Smallville
    LYRICS: Take you back home, to where I became a man, Superman.

  • ARTIST: Riley, Jermaine
    ALBUM: Hello Earth
    SONG: There's Only One Me
    LYRICS: Waiting for your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Riley, Jermaine
    ALBUM: Hello Earth
    SONG: My Superspective
    LYRICS: Understand, understand Superman.

  • ARTIST: Robies
    ALBUM: And Also Special Guest
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I feel just like Superman
    Going when and where I can, I feel just like Superman
    And I feel just like Romeo
    Keep you warm when the cold wind blows, Yeah I feel just like Romeo.

  • ARTIST: Rockie Fresh ft. Lunice
    ALBUM: Electric Highway
    SONG: Superman OG
    LYRICS: [No Superman lyrics].

  • ARTIST: Rogers, Kenny
    ALBUM: Water & Bridges
    SONG: The Last Ten Years
    LYRICS: In the last ten years.
    We lost George Harrison, John Paul and June Carter-Cash:
    Hell, we even lost Superman.
    Gonna miss you Chris.

  • ARTIST: Rollins Band
    ALBUM: Hot Animal Machine
    SONG: Crazy Lover
    LYRICS: I'm sweeter than the peaches that come in the can
    I'm even super than a superman.

  • ARTIST: Romanovsky and Phillips
    ALBUM: Emotional Rollercoaster
    SONG: My Mother's Clothes (The Drag Rag)
    LYRICS: We could be Miss Lois Lane (Oh, Superman)
    Or even Tarzan's Jane.

  • ARTIST: Ross, Rick (featuring Nelly & Avery Storm)
    ALBUM: Trilla
    SONG: Here I Am
    LYRICS: Every super woman needs a super man, Here I am.

  • ARTIST: Roxie
    ALBUM: [Single/Non-Album Release]
    SONG: Superman (He's back)
    LYRICS: (Unknown - Email me if you know them, or know where I can get them).

    ALBUM: Tougher than Leather
    SONG: Mary, Mary
    LYRICS: Like you was Lois Lane and I was Clark Kent.

  • ARTIST: Rusby, Kate
    ALBUM: Awkward Annie
    SONG: Planets
    LYRICS: On nights like these I could fly up to the sky above me. Like Superman. I would change the course of earth below me.

  • ARTIST: Rush
    ALBUM: Test For Echo
    SONG: Time And Motion
    LYRICS: Superman in Supernature
    Needs all the comfort he can find
    Sponateous emotion
    And the long-enduring kind.

  • ARTIST: Ry Legit
    ALBUM: The Superman LP
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: [Uses sound bytes from Fleischer Superman cartoons].

  • ARTIST: Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand
    ALBUM: Dream Big
    SONG: Even Superman
    LYRICS: 'Cuz even Superman has kryptonite
    And though he tries will all his might
    'Cuz even Superman falls to his knees
    Beggin' please please please.

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  • ARTIST: Saliva
    ALBUM: Survival of the Sickest
    SONG: One Night Only
    LYRICS: I always wanted to be president, I always wanted to be Superman.
    I ended up a f#@$in' superstar. I'm better off than either one of them.

  • ARTIST: Santana, Juelz (Presents Skull Gang)
    ALBUM: Take Over
    SONG: Taking Over Your Radio
    LYRICS: I Superman hoes, I just put them in the bed
    I Spiderman niggas, I just put them in a web.

  • ARTIST: Santogold
    ALBUM: Santogold
    SONG: My Superman
    LYRICS: You are my, you are my Superman.

  • ARTIST: Sanz, Alejandro
    ALBUM: Discografía Completa: Edición Especial Gira 98 - CD3
    SONG: Por Bandera
    LYRICS: Tanto superman de importaci'n.

  • ARTIST: Sawyer Brown
    ALBUM: Buick
    SONG: Superman's Daughter
    LYRICS: Superman's daughter got looks that kill
    She got x-ray eyes - she got a heart of steel
    When she fell in love I never woulda caught her
    If I'd only known she was superman's daughter.

  • ARTIST: Scanner
    ALBUM: Ball of the Damned
    SONG: The True-Stories-Teller
    LYRICS: Superman in wonderland
    Played the buffoon till the end.

  • ARTIST: Schneider, Bob
    ALBUM: The Californian
    SONG: Flowerparts
    LYRICS: Tell me how do you make a Superman?
    With courage and a steady hand
    Conviction and a damn good attitude
    Spiritual and moral fortitude.

  • ARTIST: Sexton, Charlie
    ALBUM: Pictures For Pleasure
    SONG: Impressed
    LYRICS: Well Superman and Lois Lane.

  • ARTIST: Sebastian, Guy
    ALBUM: Beautiful Life
    SONG: Back in the Day
    LYRICS: I was your Superman, girl
    You were meant for me.

  • ARTIST: Sheeran, Ed
    ALBUM: Divide
    SONG: New Man
    LYRICS: I guess if you were Lois Lane, I wasn't Superman

  • ARTIST: Shelton (Andy)
    ALBUM: Up On Market Street
    SONG: I Might Be Superman
    LYRICS: I might be Superman, But she is unstoppable.

  • ARTIST: Sholtez, Mark
    ALBUM: Released as a Single
    SONG: Love Me For the Cool
    LYRICS: 'cause baby I ain't no Superman
    but I'm gonna do the best I can.

  • ARTIST: Sia
    ALBUM: Fifty Shades Darker: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    SONG: Helium
    LYRICS: But even Superwoman sometimes needed Superman's soul.

  • ARTIST: Sigel, Beanie
    ALBUM: The Broad Street Bully
    SONG: Sicker Than Your Average
    LYRICS: Superman was Clark first.

  • ARTIST: Silento
    ALBUM: [Non-Album Release]
    SONG: Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)
    LYRICS: Now watch me Superman.

  • ARTIST: Sinatra, Frank
    ALBUM: No One Cares
    SONG: I Can't Get Started
    LYRICS: Now will spread the news
    Turns out to be flash-in-the-pan
    I've been around the world in a plane
    Designed the latest IBM brain.

  • ARTIST: Sioen
    ALBUM: See You Naked
    SONG: Boom!
    LYRICS: You phoney Superman.

  • ARTIST: Simple Minds
    ALBUM: Neapolis
    SONG: Superman vs Supersoul
    LYRICS: Superman v supersoul
    Always in control.

  • ARTIST: Sister Hazel
    ALBUM: Somewhere More Familiar
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: For Superman--Here I am
    Superman--Here I am
    Superman--Here I am

    ALBUM: Southern Lights
    SONG: Superman, You're Crying
    LYRICS: Superman, you're crying. Superman, you need a rest from all the constant flying, the bullets bouncing off your chest.

  • ARTIST: Skee-lo
    ALBUM: I Wish
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Put yo' gun away, Superman don't run away
    See I got x-ray, I can spot you like OJ on the freeway.

  • ARTIST: Skid Row
    ALBUM: Skid Row
    SONG: Here I Am
    LYRICS: Here I am
    Close your eyes and I'll be Superman
    Here I am
    Come and take my lovin' while you can.

  • ARTIST: Skyclad
    ALBUM: The Silent Whales Of Lunar Sea
    SONG: Halo Of Flies
    LYRICS: I'm not your Robin Hood or Peter Pan,
    I won't play Jesus Christ - Santa Claus.
    I'll never pass for a superman -
    I'm just an effect trying to find a cause.

  • ARTIST: Slade
    ALBUM: Sladest
    SONG: Take Me Bak 'ome
    LYRICS: Superman comes to meet you
    looks twice the size of me.

  • ARTIST: Slim Thug (feat. Killa Kyleon)
    ALBUM: Boss of all Bosses
    SONG: She Like That
    LYRICS: Just call her my Wonder Woman and I'm her Superman.

  • ARTIST: Smalltown Romeos
    ALBUM: Superfiction
    SONG: Superman or Charlie Brown
    LYRICS: Today I might be Superman, tomorrow Charlie Brown.

  • ARTIST: Smash Mouth
    ALBUM: Fush Yu Mang
    SONG: Pet Names
    LYRICS: You used to call me sweety pie and baby doll
    I guess another stud's kicking in my stall
    You'll probably call him Superman or loverboy
    You'll probably disregard him like a broken toy.

  • ARTIST: Smith, Tom
    ALBUM: Who Let Him in Here?
    SONG: Superman Sex Life Boogie
    LYRICS: Well, I'm a small-town boy with a heart of gold,
    Not to mention heat vision and breath that's cold,
    I've got super strength, I'm immune to pain,
    But I'm weak in the knees around Lois Lane.
    She's got a sexy walk, and the bluest eyes;
    Her clothes are all painted onto her thighs.
    She's got great taste, so I just don't see
    Why she's in love with my costume, but not with me.

  • ARTIST: Smith, Will
    ALBUM: "Men in Black II" Soundtrack
    SONG: Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head)
    LYRICS: Check it, Yo,
    There's this chick, right, Serlina
    Makin' me sick, right;
    Earth is worthless to her she be trippin like
    Threatin' me and my mens tryna get the light;
    Thinkin' she's Superwoman or black Kryptonite.

  • ARTIST: Snoop Dogg
    ALBUM: Malice N Wonderland
    SONG: I Wanna Rock
    LYRICS: She call me Superman.

  • ARTIST: Snoop Dogg
    ALBUM: Malice N Wonderland
    SONG: Pronto
    LYRICS: Superman and Kyptonite all on the same mic.

  • ARTIST: Snoop Dogg (featuring Willie Nelson)
    ALBUM: Doggumentry
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I ain't Superman.

  • ARTIST: Social Bedders
    ALBUM: Last Licks
    SONG: The Ballad of Aquaman
    LYRICS: Superman can fly up in the sky and Batman has a genius brain, Wonder Woman, the amazon, has got a invisible magic plane. The Flash runs quick as a comet, Green Lantern's got a glowing ring, they all bring great power, but what does Aquaman bring?

  • ARTIST: Sons Of The Desert
    ALBUM: Change
    SONG: Everybody's Got To Grow Up Sometime
    LYRICS: Superman flew to Japan
    And gave up fighting crime
    He's doing commercials for compact cars
    And living in a big high rise.

  • ARTIST: Ben L'Oncle Soul
    ALBUM: Ben L'Oncle Soul
    SONG: Soulman
    LYRICS: Je suis pas un Superman.

  • ARTIST: Soulja Boy
    ALBUM: Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
    SONG: Crank Dat Soulja Boy (Superman)
    LYRICS: Watch me crank it
    Watch me roll
    Watch me crank dat soulja boy
    Then superman dat hoe.

  • ARTIST: Soulja Boy
    ALBUM: Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
    SONG: Snap and Roll
    LYRICS: I yuh til i cant no mo superman dem folk.

  • ARTIST: Soulja Boy
    ALBUM: Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
    SONG: Pass it to Arab
    LYRICS: Get low (get low),
    do it foe (do it foe)
    Superman (superman),
    jig 'em foe (jig 'em foe).

  • ARTIST: Soulja Boy
    ALBUM: Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
    SONG: She Thirsty
    LYRICS: She Said She Thirsty For Yo Boy
    So Let Me Superman That.

  • ARTIST: Soulja Boy
    ALBUM: Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
    SONG: Don't Get Mad
    LYRICS: Superman, I started that (I started that).

  • ARTIST: Southland Gangsters
    ALBUM: Southland's Most Wanted
    SONG: Southland Superman
    LYRICS: Now watch the Southland Superman come up, up and away.

  • ARTIST: Sowhat?!
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: If It Only Could Be Love
    LYRICS: I know that I'm not Superman
    and I'm not Captain Kirk
    I am no living hero
    I am just a little man on earth.

  • ARTIST: Space
    ALBUM: Tin Planet
    SONG: Bad Days
    LYRICS: It's lucky for me you're stronger than Superman.

  • ARTIST: Spin Doctors, The
    ALBUM: Pocket full of Kryptonite
    SONG: Jimmy Olsen's Blues
    LYRICS: I think I'm going out of my brain.
    I got it so bad for little miss Lois Lane.
    Oh Lois Lane, please put me in your plan.
    No, you don't need no Superman.
    Come on down town and stay with me tonight.
    I, I got a pocket full of Kryptonite.

  • ARTIST: Sponge
    ALBUM: New Pop Sunday
    SONG: Live Here Without You
    LYRICS: I don't want anything
    Like a Jesus or a Superman
    I don't want for anything
    If you could be here with me again.

  • ARTIST: Springfield, Rick
    ALBUM: Comic Book Heroes
    SONG: I'm Your Superman
    LYRICS: I'm Your Superman, Oh yes I am.

  • ARTIST: SR-71
    ALBUM: Tomorrow
    SONG: Broken-handed
    LYRICS: I'm a Broken Handed Superman
    You're a Krypto-Nightingale Snow White.

  • ARTIST: Steele Bill
    ALBUM: Non Album Track
    SONG: Garbage!
    LYRICS: Getting home and taking off his shoes he settles down with
    evening news
    While the kids do homework with the TV in one ear
    While Superman for thousandth time
    sell talking dolls and conquers crime.

  • ARTIST: Steelheart
    ALBUM: Tangles In Reins
    LYRICS: You make me feel like a superman
    I could take on the whole world with just one hand, oh, just one hand
    Girl, you make me feel so alive
    I could climb the highest mountain and touch the sky, oh, yes I can.

  • ARTIST: Steely Dan
    ALBUM: Gaucho
    SONG: Glamour Profession
    LYRICS: 6:05 outside the stadium
    Special delivery for Hoops McCann
    Brut and Charisma poured from the shadow where he stood
    Looking good he's a crowd pleasing man
    One on one He's schoolyard superman
    Crashing the backboard he's Jungle Jim again
    When it's all over we'll make some calls from my car, we're a star.

  • ARTIST: Steps
    ALBUM: The Last Dance
    SONG: To Be Your Hero
    LYRICS: I'd do it for you,
    I'd give you anything you asked for,
    I'll be your knight in shining armour,
    And just like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Stereophonics
    ALBUM: Language, Sex, Violence, Other
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: Superman on an airplane, sittin' next to Lois Lane.

  • ARTIST: Stereo Fuse
    ALBUM: Stereo Fuse
    SONG: Super Hero
    LYRICS: Oh why can't you understand
    I want to be just like Superman
    I want to fly so high up in the sky
    Be immortal never gonna die.

  • ARTIST: Stevens, Sufjan
    ALBUM: The Avalanche: Outtakes & Extras from the Illinois Album
    SONG: Dear Mr. Supercomputer
    LYRICS: Superman, Old machines
    Kind as that, Energenes.

  • ARTIST: Stevens, Sufjan
    ALBUM: A Sun Came
    SONG: Super Sexy Woman
    LYRICS: She's a superhuman girl
    she is Superwoman
    she is Superman's cousin
    she's got superpower lovin'.

  • ARTIST: Stewart Tony
    ALBUM: Supersam
    SONG: Delilah, Delilah
    LYRICS: Can anyone explain
    Why a superman
    Would give his strength
    To win his Lois Lane?

  • ARTIST: Stewart Tony
    ALBUM: Supersam
    SONG: Supersam
    LYRICS: Well, at the vines of Timnah
    When Samson was alone
    A lion came towards him
    And roared a fearsome moan
    But by the Spirit of the Lord
    He became a superman
    And tore the helpless lion
    As though it were a ram.

  • ARTIST: Stochansky, Andy
    ALBUM: Five Star Motel
    SONG: Wonderful (It's Superman)
    LYRICS: It's Superman.

  • ARTIST: Stone Temple Pilots
    ALBUM: Purple
    SONG: Silver Gun Superman
    LYRICS: Rolling back the days
    With my friend I love to play
    The "little one"
    Superman with silver gun.

  • ARTIST: Stone Temple Pilots
    ALBUM: No. 4
    SONG: Sour Girl
    LYRICS: Don't turn away, what are you looking at?
    He was so happy on the day that he met her
    Say, what are you looking at?
    I was a superman, the looks are deceiving.

  • ARTIST: Storm and Her Dirty Mouth
    ALBUM: Storm and Her Dirty Mouth
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I would love to save the world, and I would love to change the world, but Superman don't you think that's time, time that you came back around just to make it alright.

  • ARTIST: Strahan, Jeff
    ALBUM: Red Dirt Blues
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: You'd be my Lois Lane. I'll be your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Stranglers
    ALBUM: No More Heroes
    SONG: Bring On The Nubiles
    LYRICS: I want to love you like your dad
    find be your superman
    I'll show you things you've never had
    And hold your little hand.

  • ARTIST: Straw Dogs
    ALBUM: The Rugged Individualist
    SONG: Aftershave
    LYRICS: Superman don't need no aftershave... a virile pistol drawn to save the day. I'm no man of steel, I'm not that brave. Shoot me down, you'll put me in my grave.

  • ARTIST: Streisand, Barbra
    ALBUM: Streisand Superman (On the album cover Streisand wears a Superman t-shirt)
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I'm Superman
    Cause I knew it's easy
    My sweet life has just begun
    I'm in love each time and I know I'll have it
    Fell into my life so I grabbed it
    There's nothing I can do
    Cause I'm with you
    I'm Superman.

  • ARTIST: Suede
    LYRICS: I was conned by a circus hand
    Tragic as the son of superman,
    "I would die for the stars" she said
    This is what I get for my beautiful head,.

  • ARTIST: Suede
    ALBUM: Sci-Fi Lullabies
    SONG: Together
    LYRICS: Said Superman I'm A Big Fan, Let's Get Something Straight.

  • ARTIST: Sugarhill Gang
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Rapper's Delight
    LYRICS: i said by the way baby what's your name
    said i go by the name of lois lane
    and you could be my boyfiend you surely can
    just let me quit my boyfriend called superman
    i said he's a fairy i do suppoose
    flyin through the air in pantyhose
    he may be very sexy or even cute
    but he looks like a sucker in a blue and red suit.

  • ARTIST: Sundown
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: 22
    LYRICS: What you want me to be - You know I can't
    Your Rocky Horror Superman.

  • ARTIST: Swervedriver
    ALBUM: Last Day on Earth
    SONG: I am Superman
    LYRICS: Coz I am Superman
    La la la la la la la la la la
    Coz I am Superman
    La la la la la la la la la la.

  • ARTIST: Swift, Taylor
    ALBUM: Speak Now (Limited Edition 2-disc version)
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I watched Superman fly away
    You got a busy day today
    Go save the world
    I'll be around
    I watched superman fly away.

  • ARTIST: Swingers, The
    ALBUM: Practical Jokers
    SONG: Ayatollah
    LYRICS: There's a new superman - Ayatollah Khomeini
    Put a spell on Iran - a dark eye genie
    Oh Ayatollah man - he rules the way.

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  • ARTIST: Tabitha's Secret
    ALBUM: Don't Play With Matches
    SONG: Swing
    LYRICS: Still don't mean nothin
    was written on the concrete
    the words weren't on my tongues
    o we don't talk about it
    day nor evenin, fashion or Superman
    just little warped people, with little black minds.

  • ARTIST: Tame Impala
    ALBUM: Currents
    SONG: The Less I Know the Better
    LYRICS: Said, "Come on Superman, say your stupid line"

  • ARTIST: Taste of Honey, A
    ALBUM: Twice As Sweet
    SONG: Superstar Superman
    LYRICS: Superman superstar, Superman superstar.

  • ARTIST: Taylor, James
    ALBUM: Never Die Young
    SONG: Sun on the Moon
    LYRICS: Me and my flea we were down by the water, fell in a hole with Superman's daughter.
    Living alone, chewing on a bone, pretty as homemade sin.

  • ARTIST: Terrorgrouppe
    ALBUM: Short Music for Short People (Various Artists)
    LYRICS: If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?
    Mickey Mouse, Superman, Fantastic Four, Dick Tracey, Spiderman.
    Lucky Luke, Judge Dred, Cever and Smart, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Batman.

  • ARTIST: Tesla
    ALBUM: Last Action Hero Soundtrack
    SONG: Last Action Hero
    LYRICS: Ain't a livin' soul, no f#%*kin' beast or man
    Could ever take him down, not even Superman.

  • ARTIST: Thicke, Robin
    ALBUM: The Evolution of Robin Thicke
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I'm a Superman thanks to Lois Lane,
    Kissed away my problems when I went insane.

  • ARTIST: Thom, Sandi
    ALBUM: Smile... It Confuses People
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I don't want the sun don't want you to run
    Don't want Superman don't need wonderland
    Just want you to love me.

  • ARTIST: Three Doors Down
    ALBUM: Better Life
    SONG: Kryptonite
    LYRICS: If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?
    If I am alive and well will you be there holding my hand?
    I'll keep you by my side with my super human might

  • ARTIST: Three Plus
    ALBUM: Honey Baby
    SONG: Honey Baby
    LYRICS: I'll be there when I can
    You can count on me cause I'm your Hawaiian Superman.

  • ARTIST: Throw Rag
    ALBUM: 13 FT. and Rising
    SONG: Swingset Superman
    LYRICS: On the corner of Pierson and Palm Swingset Superman higher than he's ever been.

  • ARTIST: Tippen, Aaron
    ALBUM: Call Of The Wild
    SONG: Honky Tonk Superman
    LYRICS: I'm a Honky-Tonk Superman
    Ready or not, I'm back again
    Dancing on the tables
    And swinging from the chandeliers
    I'm a Honky-Tonk Superman
    That's who I really am
    A real rebel, dare-devil
    Honky-Tonkin' Superman.

  • ARTIST: Tiro De Gracia
    ALBUM: Ser Humano!!
    SONG: Chupacabras
    LYRICS: Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Redman
    no, no se comparan con el chup Chupacabras.

  • ARTIST: Toy-Box
    ALBUM: Fantastic
    SONG: Super-Duper-Man
    LYRICS: Superman is on the air
    I'm flying in my super-red underwear
    His sexy suit is turning me on
    I feel kind'a hot when I'm putting it on.

  • ARTIST: Tonio K
    ALBUM: Romeo Unchained
    SONG: Impressed
    LYRICS: antony and cleopatra
    nicholas and alexandra
    ken and barbie, dick and jane
    superman and lois lane.

  • ARTIST: Tracey, Paul
    ALBUM: Jim Henson Presents Silly Songs
    SONG: Dog Walk
    LYRICS: Hey, stop that pulling now, I'm not a Superman.

  • ARTIST: Train
    ALBUM: My Private Nation
    SONG: Save The Day
    LYRICS: Hey baby, I don't wanna be your Superman
    I just wanna be your man and I'll be super, baby
    You'll be standin' in the sun shine
    I'll be standin' right here in the rain
    You save me and I will save the day.

  • ARTIST: Train
    ALBUM: California 37
    SONG: 50 Ways To Say Goodbye
    LYRICS: She'll think I'm Superman, Not super mini van.

  • ARTIST: Tree63
    ALBUM: Tree63
    SONG: Joy
    LYRICS: No superman I'm no hero
    I'm just a man in your eyes.

  • ARTIST: Tritt, Travis
    ALBUM: No More Looking Over My Shoulder
    SONG: I'm All The Man
    LYRICS: Longing hard to be your Superman
    But then my dreams are realized
    When your kiss tells me I already am.

  • ARTIST: Tritt, Travis
    ALBUM: Ten Feet Tall And Bullet Proof
    SONG: Ten Feet Tall And Bullet Proof
    LYRICS: Well, I start to feel like Superman
    Then I pick a fight
    Only to find that my opponent's
    Holding kryptonite
    You'd think I'd learn my lesson
    But, I'm still paying dues
    Each time I drink and start to think
    I'm ten feet tall and bulletproof.

  • ARTIST: Troutman, Roger
    ALBUM: Roger the Saga Continues
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I am... I am... I am... Superman! and i know just what's happenin. You don't really know that guy but you may be whip. Girl! ...I 'm Superman! I don't need a subtitude cause i can see through you...Girl! I 'm Superman! Girl don' t you know i got... X-Ray vision.

  • ARTIST: Tull, Jethro
    ALBUM: Thick as a brick
    SONG: Thick as a brick
    LYRICS: So, come on you childhood heroes, won't you rise up from the pages
    Of your comic-books, your super crooks, and show us all the way?
    Well, make your will and testament,
    Won't you join your local government?
    We'll have Superman for president, let Robin save the day
    You put your bet on number one and it comes up every time
    The other kids have all backed down and they put you first in line.

  • ARTIST: Tyler, Bonnie
    ALBUM: Secret Dreams And Forbedden Fires
    SONG: Holding Out For A Hero
    LYRICS: Racing on the thunder end rising with the heat
    It's gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet.

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  • ARTIST: U2
    ALBUM: Non Album Track
    SONG: No Man's Land
    LYRICS: Cigarette girls
    Goes head in and whirls
    You will be a Superman.

  • ARTIST: Uncle Bonzai
    ALBUM: The Inessential Uncle Bonzai
    SONG: Lois Lane
    LYRICS: If only Lois knew
    That at the time of ascent
    Superman blasted off
    And there wasn't no Kent
    She would have clung to his wingspan
    A fly on the wall
    He wouldn't let her fall.

  • ARTIST: Uncle Rock
    ALBUM: Uncle Rock U
    SONG: Superhero Medley
    LYRICS: I am, I am Superman, and I know what's happening. I am, I am Superman, and I can do anything.

  • ARTIST: Underworld
    ALBUM: Underneath The Radar
    SONG: The God Song
    LYRICS: In from the street, mouth sat in a seat (No-no!)
    He point the finger at the whole world out there
    Beat the drum - for Mr Accusation
    The hypocritical Superman.

  • ARTIST: Unfold
    ALBUM: Aeon-Aony
    SONG: Superman Diabolico
    LYRICS: (Unknown - Email me if you know them, or know where I can get them).

  • ARTIST: Uninvited, The
    ALBUM: It's All Good
    SONG: When I Was Superman
    LYRICS: When I was Superman, the bullets bounced right off my chest and I always saved the day.

  • ARTIST: Union Underground
    ALBUM: An Education in Rebellion
    SONG: Trip with Jesus
    LYRICS: Watch me fly
    I am Superman.

  • ARTIST: Unwritten Law
    ALBUM: Oz Factor
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I am Superman,
    3 piece suit and master plan,
    here I come to save the day!

  • ARTIST: Uptown Sinclair
    ALBUM: Uptown Sinclair
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: You gotta get away from Superman

  • ARTIST: Urban, Keith
    ALBUM: The Speed of Now Part 1
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: When I was with you, baby, I was Superman

  • ARTIST: Utopia
    ALBUM: Adventures In Utopia
    SONG: Set Me Free
    LYRICS: You never cared for what I had to say
    It's just because you got to have it all your way
    Well I ain't no superman.

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  • ARTIST: Valera, Rey
    ALBUM: Maging Sino Ka Man
    SONG: Ako Si Superman (I Am Superman)
    LYRICS: Ako si Superman pag kasama kita (Filipino)
    I am Superman when I'm with you (English translation).

  • ARTIST: Van Halen
    ALBUM: Van Halen III
    SONG: One I Want
    LYRICS: Poorman, he just want a little
    Richman, wanna little bit more
    Superman, he looking for Lois
    Salesman, try and sell you his soul.

  • ARTIST: Veloso, Caetano
    ALBUM: Tropicália
    SONG: Superbacana [Supercool]
    LYRICS: Toda essa gente se engana
    Ou então finge que não vê que
    Eu nasci pra ser o superbacana
    Eu nasci pra ser o
    Superbacana, superbacana, superbacana,
    Super-homem, superflit, supervinc, superist
    [Translation: All these people is fooled
    or pretend not to see
    I was born to be the supercool
    I was born to be the
    supercool, supercool, supercool
    Superman, superflit, supervinc, superist

  • ARTIST: Velvet Revolver
    ALBUM: Contraband
    SONG: Superhuman
    LYRICS: I'm a superman
    I wanna be your superman.

  • ARTIST: Verve Pipe
    ALBUM: Villains
    SONG: Real
    LYRICS: my sister had a nursery rhyme
    set of figurines
    she'd often let me play with them, I'd
    set 'em up in different scenes
    fifty plastic army men, led by superman
    destroyed the ranks of mother goose
    mary and her little.

  • ARTIST: Violet Burning, The
    ALBUM: Demonstrates Plastic and Elastic
    SONG: I'm No Superman
    LYRICS: No I know, I'm no Superman.

  • ARTIST: Violet Burning, The
    ALBUM: The Violet Burning
    SONG: The Sun and the Sky
    LYRICS: If I could be Superman, I would only wind up dead in the end.

  • ARTIST: Vulcano
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: You could be my lowest flame
    I'll be your Superman
    Like Romeo and Juliette
    Tinklebell and Peter Pan.

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  • ARTIST: Wakelin, Johnny
    ALBUM: (Non Album Track)
    SONG: Muhammed Ali AKA Black Superman
    LYRICS: Sing, Muhammad, Muhammad Ali
    He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee
    Mohammed, the black superman
    Who calls to the other guy I'm Ali catch me if you can.

  • ARTIST: Waldman, Randy
    ALBUM: Superheroes
    SONG: Superman (Movie)
    LYRICS: [No lyrics]

  • ARTIST: Waldman, Randy
    ALBUM: Superheroes
    SONG: The Adventures of Superman (TV Theme)
    LYRICS: Look! Up in the Sky! It's a bird, it's a plane. No it's Superman!

  • ARTIST: Wall, Paul
    ALBUM: Get Money Stay True
    SONG: Everybody Know Me
    LYRICS: I'm high as a ceiling fan and fly as Superman.

  • ARTIST: Wall, Paul
    ALBUM: Get Money Stay True
    SONG: Tonight
    LYRICS: I'm the Superman you seek, I sweep ya off of ya feet.

  • ARTIST: Wallenstein
    ALBUM: Charline
    SONG: Charline
    LYRICS: I'm no superman, superface, superstar
    But I'm not going on without you.

  • ARTIST: Warrant
    ALBUM: Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinkin' Rich
    SONG: Heaven
    LYRICS: I don't need to be a superman.
    As long as you will always be my biggest fan.

  • ARTIST: Watsky, George
    ALBUM: (Non Album Track)
    SONG: Live From Public Storage!
    LYRICS: Cause I'm spitting for a living
    as if superman just really like to grip the mic lots
    I still hit the pipe if its packed with krytonite rock.

  • ARTIST: Watson, Johnny Guitar
    ALBUM: Ain't that a Bitch
    SONG: Superman Lover
    LYRICS: I can leap tall buildings in a single bound.
    They call me the Superman Lover, yeah, but something wrong with me, it's you.
    Faster than a speeding bullet... I got X-ray vision, and I can see see through steel too babe,
    I know that something wrong with me, cuz I can't see through you. But they call me the Superman Lover.

  • ARTIST: Wedding Present, The
    ALBUM: Saturnalia
    SONG: Real Thing
    LYRICS: And the moment that I began
    To fly higher than Superman
    Was when you whispered: "Yes, you can".

  • ARTIST: Weezer
    ALBUM: Undone
    SONG: Undone - The Sweater Song
    LYRICS: background voice: [I don't want to destroy your tank-top]
    [Let's be friends and just walk away]
    [Hate to see you lyin' there in your Superman skivvies].

  • ARTIST: Westernhagen Marius
    ALBUM: Radio Maria
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: [German lyrics] (Does mention Superman).

  • ARTIST: Wei, Janice
    ALBUM: Day Night 2005
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: I pray that you could be my Superman. Just take me away...Just take me away.

  • ARTIST: Weiland, Scott
    ALBUM: Happy in Galoshes
    SONG: Pictures and Computers (I'm Not Superman)
    LYRICS: But I'm not every Superman and I'm not every man.

  • ARTIST: White, Jim
    ALBUM: Transnormal Skiperoo
    SONG: Plywood Superman
    LYRICS: Down at the drugstore
    where they sell medicine
    back in the corner
    stands a plywood Superman.

  • ARTIST: Wilde, Christofer
    ALBUM: StarStruck Soundtrack
    SONG: Hero
    LYRICS: I'm no Superman
    I can't take your hand.

  • ARTIST: Williams, Don
    ALBUM: Non Album Track
    SONG: I Believe In You
    LYRICS: I don't believe virginity is
    as common as it used to be
    in working days and sleeping nights
    that black is black and white is white
    that Superman and Robin Hood
    are still alive in Hollywood.

  • ARTIST: Williams Jr., Hank
    ALBUM: Man of Steel (Warner Bros./Curb), Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (Warner/Curb)
    SONG: Man of Steel
    LYRICS: My friends all call me Superman
    I never let nobody get an upper hand
    Lord, I don't know what I'm going to do
    'Cause the man of steel done got the blues.

  • ARTIST: Willie Joe
    ALBUM: DJ Smallz-Smokin RnB Vol. 6
    SONG: Hey Playa
    LYRICS: Rollin on a tripple stack, feelin like Superman.

  • ARTIST: Willis, Wesley
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: I Whipped Superman's Ass
    LYRICS: Superman had a big "S" on his chest.

  • ARTIST: Wilson, Charlie
    ALBUM: [Unknown]
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: You saw Superman (Ooh ooh ooh), It's a bird it's a plane (No it's me baby), Call me your Superman.

  • ARTIST: Stevie Wonder & Charlene
    ALBUM: Non Album Track
    SONG: Used To Be
    LYRICS: Superman was killed in Dallas, there's no more love left in the palace.

  • ARTIST: Wonderland Band, The
    ALBUM: Wonderwoman
    SONG: Superman
    LYRICS: It's Superman... that's Superman...

  • ARTIST: Wood, Terry
    ALBUM: [Non-Album Release]
    SONG: Super-Man
    LYRICS: Super-Man he's a brother, sent for all of mankind... He's a
    Super-Man, faster than a bullet, stronger than any man. He's a Super-Man,
    nothin's gonna stop him, I just love this man...

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  • ARTIST: Yankovic, Weird Al
    ALBUM: Internet Leaks
    LYRICS: Cause you can spit in the wind or tug on Superman's cape, But Lord knows you just don't mess around with CNR.

  • ARTIST: Youngstown
    ALBUM: Let's Roll
    SONG: I'll Be Your Everything.
    LYRICS: Girl, I'll be your Superman,
    I'll do what no one can.
    You'll find that I'm the everything that you need.

  • ARTIST: Young MC
    ALBUM: Stone Cold Rhymin'
    SONG: I Let 'Em Know
    LYRICS: Like Clark Kent turns into Superman, I'm like a superhero when the mics in my hand.

  • ARTIST: Young MC
    ALBUM: Stone Cold Rhymin'
    SONG: Know How
    LYRICS: Don't you understand? I'm like Superman
    Yeah, the Man of Steel, don't you know the deal?

  • ARTIST: Yung Berg
    ALBUM: Look What You Made Me
    SONG: Sexy Lady
    LYRICS: We off ocean, the Coupe doors open
    And front wet woolies off Superman potion.

  • ARTIST: Yung Joc
    ALBUM: Non Album Track
    SONG: Ringtone
    LYRICS: See I'm off in the club lookin' for groupie
    Someone to do me good, a Superman, a superthug.

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  • ARTIST: Zilch
    ALBUM: Platinum
    SONG: Everything
    LYRICS: Stronger than Superman,
    Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

  • ARTIST: Zombie, Rob
    ALBUM: Make Them Die Slowly
    SONG: Godslayer
    LYRICS: To the guns of Superman.

  • ARTIST: Zoom
    ALBUM: Zoom
    SONG: Lois Lane
    LYRICS: I'm Lois Lane and I'm looking for Superman.

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Special Mention

While the following songs don't actually mention "Superman" by name, they deserve recognition for being "Superman" songs in an indirect way:

  • "That's Really Super, Supergirl" by XTC.
  • "Brainiac's Daughter" by Dukes of Stratosphear.
  • "Real World" by Matchbox Twenty (mentions a superhero under a yellow sun).
  • "Superhero" by Brian McKnight (from the album "Superhero" mentions Kal-el, Jor-el, Kryptonite, Speeding Bullet, Daily Planet, and more).
  • "I-E-A-I-A-I-O" by System Of A Down (from the album "Steal This Album" mentions Lois Lane).
  • "What up gangsta?" by 50 Cent (from the album "Get Rich or Try Dying" mentions "'S' on my chest").
  • "God of Thunder" by KISS (from the album "Destroyer" mentions "Man of Steel").
  • "Non-Toxic" by SR-71 (from the album "Now You See Inside" mentions Superhero, Metropolis and Kryptonite).
  • "Superhero" by Ani DiFranco (from the album "Dilate" mentions a superhero and a phone booth).
  • "Man of Steel" by Frank Black (from the album "Songs in the Key of X").
  • "Man of Steel" by Leopold (from their self-titled album "Leopold" is all about Superman).
  • "This Must Be Wrong" by Janis Ian (from the album "Aftertones" mentions cape, Lois Lane and more).
  • "Hero" by Christopher Santangelo (from the movie "Surge of Power") is dedicated to Christopher Reeve and is all about Superman (while not actually mentioning the word 'Superman').
  • "Swagga" by Will Smith (from the album "Lost and Found", mentions having an "S" on his chest).
  • "Lois Lane" by Fishwacker (from the album "Catch of the Day", mentions being a superhero, Lois Lane, Lana, and Smallville).
  • "Metropolis Symphony" by Michael Daugherty is an album that contains classical music inspired by Superman.
  • "Supergirl" by Krystal Harris (from the album "Me & My Piano").
  • "The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts" by Sufjan Stevens (from the album "Illinois", mentions Man of Steel and Metropolis).
  • "Kryptonite" by Magne F (from the album "Past Perfect Future Tense").
  • "Oh, George" by Richard Potter (from the album "Let My Courage Be My Shield") is all about George Reeves.
  • "Gravity" by Josh Joplin Group (from the album "Useful Music") mentions flying, a cape, saving people from burning buildings and having super powers.
  • "Smile Power" by New Breed Orchestra (from the album "Voice of the Revisionist Funk Movement") mentions Kryptonite.
  • "Superwoman" by Alicia Keys (from the album "As I Am") mentions "With an S on my chest".
  • "I'm On It (Kryptonite)" by Purple Ribbon All-Stars mentions "Kryptonite".
  • "Bizarre" by Citizen King (from the "Malcolm in the Middle Soundtrack") mentions Kryptonite and Bizarro.
  • "Call me what u want" by Paul Wall (from the album "Get Money Stay True") mentions "I got a S on my chest".
  • "Magnum Innominandum" by Canibus (from the album "For Whom The Beat Tolls") mentions Kryptonite.
  • "Tryin' To Get A Number" by R. Kelly (from the album "Double Up") mentions Kryptonite.
  • "Big Dreams" by The Game (from the album "L.A.X.") mentions Kryptonite.
  • "I'm N Luv Wit A Stripper (Remix)" by T-pain mentions the Man of Steel.
  • "Doin' It" by LL Cool J (from the album "Mr. Smith") mentions the Man of Steel.
  • "Superhuman" by Chris Brown (from the album "Exclusive: The Forever Editon") has the following lyrics "It's not a bird, not a plane".
  • "Keeps Gettin' Better" by Christina Aguilera (from the album "Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade of Hits") mentions Supergirl.
  • "One and Only" by Nelly (from the album "Brass Knuckles") mentions Kryptonite.
  • "Jump Off The G4" by Ludacris (from the album "Dirty Works 2") mentions "It's a bird, it's a plane".
  • "What Them Girls Like" by Ludacris (from the album "Theater of the Mind") mentions Kryptonite.
  • "Ms G.O.A.T." by Lil Kim (from the album "Greatest of All Time") mentions Brainiac.
  • "It Ain't My Fault" by Lil Kim (from the album "Greatest of All Time") mentions Superwoman.
  • "Say It" by Blue October (from the album "Approaching Normal") mentions "Was there an 'S' on my chest".
  • "Do Your Thang" by Ice Cube (from the album "Raw Footage") mentions "Lois Lane".
  • "Supergirl" by Reamonn (from the album "Tuesday").
  • "La La La" by Lmfao (from the album "Party Rock") mentions "Super like the Man of Steel".
  • "Supergirl" by Miley Cyrus (from the "Hannah Montana 3" album).
  • "Officer Down" by Lloyd Banks (from the album "Money Moves The World") mentions "Kryptonite".
  • "Supernatural" by Raven Symone (from the "That's So Raven" soundtrack) mentions "Supergirl".
  • "Supergirl" by Hilary Duff (from the album "4Ever").
  • "Stretch" by 50 Cent (from the album "Before I Self Destruct") mentions "It's a bird it's a plane".
  • "All For It" by Beanie Sigel (from the album "The Broad Street Bully") mentions "Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane".
  • "I'ts Alright" by Fabolous (from the album "Real Talk") mentions "Kryptonite".
  • "Smallville" by Brainpool (from the album "We Aimed to Please").
  • "Newark to C.I." by Shaquille O'Neal (from the album "Shaq Fu - Da Return") mentions "Man of Steel".
  • "Blown Away" by DMX (from the album "Year of the Dog... Again") mentions "I had a S on my chest".
  • "Psycho" by 50 Cent (from the album "Before I Self Destruct") mentions "Chris Reeve".
  • "West Coast Super Kush" by Dr Dre (from the album "The Detox Chroniclez Vol 5") mentions "Lex Luthor".
  • "2.0 Boys" by Eminem (from the album "Welcomes You To Detroit") mentions "Lex Luthor".
  • "Your Love" by Nicki Minaj (from the album "Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim - Girl Fight") mentions "S on my chest".
  • "Get to Poppin Remix" by Pitbull (from the album "M.i.S.A.M.i") mentions "It's a bird, it's a plane".
  • "One Thing" by One Direction (from the album "Up All Night") mentions "Kryptonite".
  • "Counting on You" by Kirby Krackle (from the album "Kirby Krackle") mentions a baby being sent from a planet that explodes.
  • "2.0 Boys" by Eminem, Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf (from the album "Shady 2.0") mentions "Lex Luthor".
  • "Supersexy" by Jermaine Riley (from the album "Hello Earth") mentions "Man of Steel".
  • "Hello Earth" by Jermaine Riley (from the album "Hello Earth") mentions "Krypton".
  • "Nobody Else" by Jermaine Riley (from the album "Hello Earth") mentions "Lois".
  • "Peaceful Day" by Jermaine Riley (from the album "Hello Earth") mentions "Metropolis".
  • "Super Duper Man" by Jimmie Cross (from the album "The Red Bird Story") is all about Superman.
  • "In the Court of General Zod" by Gama Bomb (from the album "Citizen Brain") is about "General Zod".
  • "Sou sua" by Adriana Calcanhotto (from the album "Cantada") mentions "Lois" and "Kryptonite".
  • "I Love My Boss" by Moxy Fruvous (from the album "The 'b' Album") mentions "Clark Kent" and "Perry White".
  • "Fashion is my Kryptonite" by Bella Thorne (from the album "Shake It Up") mentions "Kryptonite".
  • "Supergirl" by Reamonn (from the album "Tuesday") mentions "Supergirl".
  • "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk The Moon (from the album "Talking Is Hard") mentions "Kryptonite".
  • "Metropolis" by Owl City (from the album "The Midsummer Station") mentions "Metropolis" and "Speeding Bullet".
  • "Can't Stop Me Now" by The Score (from the album "Stay") mentions "Kryptonite".
  • "Kryptonite" by Gaunt (from the album "Kryptonite") mentions "Kryptonite".
  • "2 Bad" by Michael Jackson (from the album "HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I") mentions "Man of Steel".

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