Queen Studios Superman Life-Size Bust

Queen Studios is now taking pre-orders for their Henry Cavill as Superman Life-Size Bust.

Queen Studios has created and designed two versions of the life-size 1/1 Superman bust. One is from “Man of Steel” (2013) the other from “Justice League” (2017). Both busts recreate Superman (Henry Cavill) with breathtaking accuracy. Superman’s soft skin is made of silicone and includes incredible like-like detailing. His hair is painstakingly hand punched one strand at a time before been cut and styled. To bring the character to life, the team have opted for prosthetic glass eyes. Superman’s iconic suit is crafted from polystone and includes the iconic emblem on his chest.

The base on the limited edition Superman bust is inspired by Superman’s Kryptionian spacecraft. The front of the base features the Superman and Justice League logos respectively. The logo’s are magnetically attached, when removed collectors can reveal the inside of the spacecraft with the infant Kal El inside wrapped in swaddling blankets.

Material: Platinum Silicone, Resin, Real Fabric
A: Glass eyes
B: Silicone skin
C: Polystone suit
D: Spacecraft behind the magnetic logo

Edition Size: 150 (Justice League Superman), 150 (Man of Steel Superman)
Estimated Delivery Date: Quarter 4 2023
Product Availability: Mainland China, Europe, Middle East and Africa
Price: Justice League Superman – $1250 Due Now. $2435 + Shipping Due Later
Price: Man of Steel Superman – $1250 Due Now. $2435 + Shipping Due Later