Preview Video from “Supergirl” S04E15 “O Brother, Where Art Thou” has an exclusive video clip from the 15th episode of Season 4 of “Supergirl”.

Titled “O Brother, Where Art Thou” this episode is scheduled to air on The CW in the USA on Sunday, March 17 at 8.00pm ET/PT.

“I want to see if the the Kryptonian pretender can bleed,” says Lex in the new spot. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his contempt for the Man of Steel. Elsewhere in the sneak peek, he yells, “I was the Man of Tomorrow! Not! Him!” And right before a judge renders a jury’s verdict, he says, “Superman made me do it.”


Secretly furloughed from prison due to failing health, Lex Luthor (guest star Jon Cryer) visits his sister, Lena (Katie McGrath), to seek her help finding a cure. Savvy as ever, Lena is suspicious of Lex’s motives but when she’s faced with a life and death situation, she must decide how she truly feels about her brother. Meanwhile, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and J’onn (David Harewood) face off against Manchester Black (guest star David Ajala). James’ sister Kelly (guest star Azie Tesfai) comes to town.

Tawnia Mckiernan directed the episode written by Derek Simon & Nicki Holcomb.

Supergirl — “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” — Image Number: SPG415b_0621b.jpg — Pictured: Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor — Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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March 8, 2019 6:03 pm

This is going to be good!

March 9, 2019 7:35 am

For Mr. Cryer, this ain’t Two and a half Men anymore. His Luthor is evil, demented, yet charismatic…a sure Gene Hackman vibe. Then again, Cryer was Luthor’s nephew in that 4th Superman film which I do not want to mention. [OT rant…Thing is, though, the progressive globalist writers will use Jon Cryer, who blasted Trump after declaring his CONSTITUTIONAL AND LEGAL NATIONAL EMERGENCY WHEN IT COMES TO THE BORDER, as a Trump clone. Then again, in one ethos, Luthor wants to be POTUS. If you ask me the one who is the real life Lex Luthor, is Jeff Bezos, owner… Read more »

March 9, 2019 10:56 am
Reply to  RobertAnthony

You’re so in the bunker.