Phillip Kennedy Johnson Talks About Writing “Action Comics”

Action Comics #1033

With a new era of Superman comic books underway this week, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, who remains as the writer on “Action Comics,” spoke about what it’s like writing Superman, and how the current story line will see Superman take off into space to confront the situation on Warworld.

“By far the best part of writing Superman is having his voice in your head all the time, inspiring you to be more than you arem,” explains Johnson. “That’s what makes me want to write Superman as long as DC will let me—I never want to give up that feeling. But for me personally, tied for first place is getting to write Superman stories at a time when Superman has a son, and at a time when that relationship is hugely important to the events of the book. The issues with Phil Hester and Scott Godlewski have been unapologetic love letters to my son and I’m eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to tell stories that held such personal significance.”

This week’s new issue of “Action Comics” (#1033) sees a massive confrontation taking place in Atlantis that is threatening to break out into all-out war, but for Superman the real issue is taking place off-world in far off Warworld.

“As the arc title ‘Warworld Rising’ suggests, and as we saw in Future State: Worlds of War, Clark Kent is about to do something off-world that’s extremely important to him. We’ll still be seeing plenty of Clark in the pages of Action Comics, but while he’s off-world, Earth’s going to get a Superman for a new era in Superman: Son of Kal-El, as told by Tom Taylor and John Timms. Jonathan Kent will be handling the Superman-level threats on Earth in his father’s absence, but not necessarily in the same way that Clark would have.”

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