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Superman Ride

Superman Kiddie Ride

British Children's Ride manufacturer, Jolly Roger Limited have the following "Superman: More Powerful than a Locomotive" kiddie ride available for lease.

Length 60" (1525mm)
Width 34" (865mm)
Height 63" (1600mm)

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Did You Know?

Kiddy Ride

1950s Superman Kiddie Ride

Kiddy Ride There was once a Superman kiddie ride back in the 1950s.

Mark Brosso contacted the Superman Homepage to share with us photos of a restored 1950s Superman Kiddie Ride.

The ride is a full size prone Superman with arms and legs stretched and a cape flying where the person sits or lays on Superman's back for the ride.

This ride has been painstakenly restored to the highest standards, and while Mark is not willing to part with it at the moment, he says he may consider auctioning it off one day.