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2005 Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois

Metropolis, Illinois - Thursday the 9th through Sunday the 12th of June 2005.

Metropolis Illinois There are Carnival Rides, Superman Celebrity Guests, Street Vendors, Superman Games Music, Entertainment and much more!

This year's Celebrity Guests include John Schneider (Jonathan Kent on "Smallville"), Margot Kidder (Lois Lane in the Christopher Reeve "Superman" movies), and of course, the lovely Noel Neill (THE ORIGINAL LOIS LANE FROM THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN & The First Lady of Metropolis). Also making a special guest appearance is Mark Waid (writer of "Superman Birthright").

Highlights of the four day festival include the Ribbon Cutting ceremony at the Superman Statue, the Superman Drama, Award Ceremony, Superman Jeopardy Trivia Competition, Celebrity Autograph Sessions, Super Auction Dinner, and of course tours of the Super Museum itself.

Tickets for the auction dinner are $30.00 and are selling quick. Anyone interested in purchasing a ticket should call Connie on 618 524 5518 after 10:00am PST Monday to Friday.

For further information regarding the Annual Superman Celebration please call the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce on 1-800-949-5740 or email them at metrochamber@hcis.net.

Superman Festival Information:

For hotel information and general town/celebration details contact Jim Hambrick at supermuseum@hcis.net or the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce at metrochamber@hcis.net or on 1-800-949-5740.