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2004 Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois

Metropolis, Illinois - Thursday the 10th through Sunday the 13th of June 2004.

Metropolis Illinois There are Carnival Rides, Superman Celebrity Guests, Street Vendors, Superman Games Music, Entertainment and much more!

This year's Celebrity Guests include Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk & Former Mr. Universe), Jackson Bostwick (TV's Capt. Marvel form the SHAZAM TV Series), and of course, the lovely Noel Neill (THE ORIGINAL LOIS LANE FROM THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN & The First Lady of Metropolis). Also on display will be the 1966 Batmobile (Replica from the Batman TV Series).

"Super Sites" & Events:

  • Celebrity Question & Answer on the Main Stage at Superman Square. Get your questions ready for your favorite Super Celebrity.

  • Jim Hambrick's Super Museum: This has to be the largest collection of Superman memorabilia under one roof. Doesn't matter whether you're a George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Kirk Alyn, Dean Cain, or Bob Holiday fan, there's something for everyone. Browse through the gift shop for your Super Souvenirs. 517 Market Street. Admission is ONLY $3.00!

  • Hollywood Icons Museum: If Humprey Bogart or Marilyn Monroe is more your taste, then don't pass by this location. Full of Hollywood costumes, props, and Movie Memorabilia, this Museum has it all and admission is free of charge. Located on Market Street.

  • Chamber of Commerce (Metro*Chamber) located at 607 Market Street. The offical Host of the Superman Celebration. The friendly staff can answer any questions you have about events during the celebration and will help you find the perfect Superman Souvenir.

  • Information Stand located under the main tent on Superman Square. Superman Celebration Volunteers can help you locate events and have Celebration T-Shirts availabe for sale.

  • Superman Statue at Superman Square: 15 FOOT Bronze Statue. What a great photo op!!

  • Superman: Don't be surprised if you run into "The Man of Steel" himself. Always on the look-out for villains and keeping a watchful eye over the city of Metropolis, Superman is never too far away!

The Annual George Award and Super Museum Auction and Dinner is scheduled for Saturday Evening, 12 June 2004.


Looks like trouble, as the Green Giant visits Superman's hometown! Luckily Captain Marvel, the 1966 Batmobile and the original Lois Lane will be on hand to help the Man of Steel!

The city of Metropolis, Illinois will be having their annual Superman Celebration beginning Thursday, June 10. Special fist time Saturday guests include Lou Ferringo, star of the INCREDIBLE HULK TV series of the 1970's, along with SHAZAM! star Jackson Bostwick. As a special treat, the original Lois Lane, Noel Neill, returns to the festival.

In addition to the celebrity guests, other family fun activities include carnival rides, Superman Jeopardy, concerts, costume contests, weightlifting competitions, a pool tournament, and a tractor pull. And the Supermuseum is always ready to educate those hungry for more knowledge about the Man of Steel. Lots of souvenirs are available as well, including non-lethal samples of Kryptonite.

Superman himself will be patrolling the city, posing for pictures and ready if any supercriminals should try to rob one of the city's banks. Look for him near the 15-foot-tall statue of Superman at Superman Square. The original 1966 BATMOBILE will be parked nearby, even if Batman isn't scheduled to appear.

One of the big events this year is a costume contest for people 15 and up dressed in DC and Marvel superhero costumes. The first prize is $1000 and the contest is set for Saturday afternoon.

Returning guest Noel Neill was the original Lois Lane on film, beginning with the serial SUPERMAN in 1948 as well as it's sequel ATOM MAN VS SUPERMAN in 1950. On the second year of THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN television show, she resumed the role she had originated, playing Lois for the run of the series. She has also had roles in SUPERMAN THE MOVIE and the 50th Anniversary TV special. She recently authorized the Larry Thomas Ward book, TRUTH JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY, about her adventures as Lois Lane.

Lou Ferringo was already a champion bodybuilder when he won the lead role on THE INCREDIBLE HULK TV show, sharing billing with Bill Bixby. The series ran for several years during the 1970's and he reprised the role in three TV films. In addition to these accomplishments, Lou also played the lead in a HERCULES theatrical film. He was most recently seen in a cameo with Stan Lee in the big budget HULK movie.

Jackson Bostwick was only the second Captain Marvel on film when he won the title role in the Filmation TV series SHAZAM!, which was most recently seen on TV Land. His athletic abilities and charismatic stage appearance served him well in the children's series. He has been making convention appearances for some time, in addition to preparing an autobiography. At a Dallas convention in the 1970's, he wore his Marvel costume for a series of pictures with original film Superman Kirk Alyn, who was loaned a costume for the occasion.

The City of Metropolis has been Superman's Hometown since 1972, and has been sponsoring the annual festivals since 1979.

For more information, contact Perry White (OOPS!), Metropolis Editor Clyde Wills at clyde@metropolisplanet.com or visit the Celebration website.

2004 Superman Celebration

2004 Metropolis Illinois Superman Celebration Report

The 2004 Superman Celebration (June 10-13) was reportedly the most successful on record according to the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce.

Even though the celebration was visited by some rain and thunderstorms, the 2004 celebration managed to break all attendance records. People came in from everywhere. All but 18 U.S. states were represented, with lots of collectors from abroad making the journey to Metropolis as well.

The banquet dinner was a sell-out, the carnival broke all records for every single ride, the new "Smallville" exhibit in the SuperMuseum was a huge hit, and the superhero costume contest attracted a lot of attention, with Josh Boultinghouse dressed as Superman the ultimate winner.

The auction was a huge success, with all but 6 items sold - a record 235 items sold!

Karla Ogle of Metropolis won the "Noel Award" for 2004.

Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) enjoyed his visit inside the Super Museum, admitting that his first hero was Superman. Noel Neill posed for photos atop the Superman Motorcycle that was on show and later displayed as one of the items on auction.

Hugh Troyer won the prestigious "George Award" for 2004, for his contributions to the Metropolis Superman Celebration.

Visit the SuperMuseum website for a gallery of photos from the 2004 Superman Celebration.

Superman Festival Information:

For hotel information and general town/celebration details contact Jim Hambrick at supermuseum@hcis.net or the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce at metrochamber@hcis.net or on 1-800-949-5740.

For celebration auction information, contact David Olsen at davidgolsen@cs.com.