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2000 Superman Festival - Metropolis, Illinois.

Thursday June 8th to Sunday June 11th.

Margot Kidder at the George Awards Guests who attended the celebration were Margot Kidder and Marc McClure from the "Superman" motion pictures, Mike Carlin - Editor of DC Comics, Jeph Loeb - writer of the Superman comic book and also well known for the writing chores on Superman For All Seasons, Ed McGuiness - the current artist on the Superman comic book, Doug Hazelwood - Inker of the Adventures of the Superman comic books and Noel Neill - Lois Lane from the 1950's TV series The Adventures of Superman.

The celebration began on Thursday, June 8th and ran through Sunday, June 11th. On Friday night there was a film festival at the Merv Griffin Theater in Metropolis. In 1998, they ran Superman: The Movie and in 1999, they ran Superman II with all of the cut footage, thanks to some good editing from Jim Bowers. This year, we showed the top 10 Adventures of Superman episodes from the original 1950's series. These were chosen by fans of the show and of George Reeves. Fans submitted their choices to John Field via email. The prints were shown in 16mm. The Marathon included classic Fleischer Superman cartoons and other "Super-Themed" cartoons for over six hours!

On Saturday night, the SuperMuseum hosted the 5th Annual Superman Celebration Auction and 2nd Annual "George" Awards Dinner in the Merv Griffin Theater.

As always the auction exclusively featured exceptional Superman-related memorabilia, ranging in price from $5 to $5,000 and more. Some of the types of items on auction were costumes from the Superman movies, original Joe Shuster artwork, old and rare comic books, hard to find Superman toys and much, much more. Last year, Superman fans purchased such items as the 1940s Superman Krypto Ray Gun, original artwork from guest artists Alex Ross and Kerry Gammill, an original Superman stencil by Joe Shuster, and an original Superman: The Movie costume worn by Christopher Reeve.

Throughout the evening there was a dinner buffet, drinks, music, door prizes, free gift giveaways and a chance for Superman collectors and fans from across America (and the world) to socialize and just have a whole lot of fun.

At the start of the auction, the Owner and Curator of the SuperMuseum, Jim Hambrick, presented the "George" award to David Olsen. David has been the celebration auction organizer since 1998. He is also Editor of SuperPlanet Chronicles on SupermanCollectors.com. This annual award is presented to an outstanding individual who has displayed selfless commitment to the promotion of the annual Superman celebration and its many worthwhile events. The "George" award is a gold statue made in the likeness of George Reeves, who portrayed Superman in the 1950s TV series, The Adventures of Superman.

Superman Festival Information:

For hotel information and general town/celebration details contact Jim Hambrick at supermuseum@hcis.net or the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce at metrochamber@hcis.net or on (800) 949-5740.

For celebration auction information, contact David Olsen at davidgolsen@cs.com.

For film showing information, contact John Field at vidrare@earthlink.net.